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CBP – Chapter 26

Tatiana woke up with the worst vision she had in a long time…Bella, she had to get to her house she had to…IF anything happened to her friend she would never forgive herself, for what good is having powers if you couldn’t do anything to prevent bad situations from happening.

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Mamie stopped her before she went to her garden in the middle of the night, “Where are you going mon petit chou? It is 3 in the morning!”

Tatiana didn’t even glance at her mother she continued to her backyard. She had to pluck some of her herbs, “Oh Mamie, I have to save Bella! I had a dream, a vision a…I have to get some herbs together will you help me?”

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Mamie looking concerned, “Whatever for mon ange?”

“I was dreaming but, it was real, someone tried to hurt her and her entire family, tries to…Mamie, I have to go get this concoction ready, I don’t know why but someone tried to poison the Bachelors this herbal brew is the only thing that will help, the doctors will not be able to identify this poison…Hurry!” Her urgency was real, her gift was precise, Mamie questioned her vision no further. However, now she wanted to know the why’s.

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Mamie continued helping Tatiana as she brewed her solution, “‘ow do the Bachelors consume poison mon amore?”

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Tatiana furrowed her brow, “Someone leaves a pizza at their doorstep they all eat it and get horribly ill, I have to go, but there is something I need to do before I finish this.” She closed her eyes and hovered her hands over the solution. Her eyes became focused and her hands glowed warmth and healing over the brew. “…I’m done let’s go!”

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Mamie stated, “I will drive come on.”

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When they arrived at the Bachelor residence, everything was eerily quiet, the hair on Mamie’s arms were standing at attention. She did not feel good about the scene they would walk into but she had to be strong for Tatiana, her daughters Fae abilities were getting stronger and this was proof.

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Tatiana opened the door to the Bachelor home and called out for them one by one…no answer, Jacosta, Simis, Michael, Bella??!!

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Tatiana was too late the pizza boxes were evidence of her vision and the sabotage, the Bachelors were all passed out in an un-elegant manner on the floor, they hadn’t severed, so death had not yet arrived, but they both knew it was only a matter of time.

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Mamie didn’t tarry , “Give them your solution, I will call emergency mon ange…”

Tatiana forced herself to move, she had never been around an actual tragedy. Then there was the reality that her true nature was stabilizing. Tatiana finally found her tongue, “Hurry Mamie, I don’t know how long they have…” She began pouring her solution in the Bachelor’s mouth one by one. Massaging their throat to help coax the solution down their esophagus.

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The rest of the day was a whirlwind. News got out that the Bachelors were all in a coma induced by a poison. The Doctors could not identify the drug nor the poison they consumed, but they were working on the results. Luckily, the Bachelor’s vitals were stabilized and alive.

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Tatiana could not stand by and do nothing. She felt as though she needed to continue her hand in saving her best friend and her family. Eyes turning once more and this time body glowing, she became entranced, levitated and began muttering words in an ancient Fae language. One by one the Bachelor’s opened their eyes.

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Mamie and Tatiana’s relief was evident their happiness was cut short by the arrival of the police. “Tatiana and Juliette Thibodeaux? You will need to accompany us to the station now. We have some questions for you…”

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To be Continued…





Disappointed from his failed shoe purchase yesterday afternoon was written all over his face. After his disastrous date with his first Angel Jennie, he was hopeful to catch Amber before her shifts end at the retail shop. Only to find out his new friend was not only, no longer on her shift, but never worked there! He scratched his head and thought he perhaps dreamed the whole thing up because weird things like this have happened to him his entire life. For example;

Ergo, if Amber only existed in his head then it was what it was. He quickly diverted his attention to the small grocery list he created on a notepad app in his phone, and figured he would attempt cooking himself a nice meal for a change. He was used to the magnificent meals his daughter Kaliani would whip up, but now that he was on his own, he would have to get used to cooking for himself. The new found independence made him extremely proud of how far he has come.

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When his SIMber arrived at the grocery store he noticed the jungle of cars and carts strewn about the parking lot. He was grateful for not owning a vehicle any longer, one less thing to fight for. Parking space. Chuckling to himself he thought about an analogy his father once told him as a kid, “Son, women are like parking spaces in a lot, the good ones are taken, the ones left behind are either far away or handicapped.” The only thing his father ever said that actually made sense.

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He was hankering a nice fish meal, perhaps tilapia. He wandered to the sea food deli and immediately became overwhelmed at all the selection. Grossed out at all the fish eyeballs staring back at him.

03-19-16_7-37-04 PM.png
Dead Fish Thoughts: “What’s this fool staring at?”

“You don’t need to give the fish the ‘death stare’ Charlie, they have already met their maker.” That familiar voice brought warmth to every cell in Charlie’s body. When he turned to face the owner of the voice his smile widened with genuine happiness.

03-19-16_7-37-19 PM.png

“Amber! You’re real!”

03-19-16_7-38-33 PM.png

“Not the usual salutation I receive, but good to see you too Charlie. I am glad I ran into you again. How was your date?”


“Oh my, but I thought it was an ‘important’ date.”

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“Me too Amber, alas, here I am having a stare off with ‘Gilly the Fish’ here.” Charlie pointed to the very unfortunate looking victim in the display.

Amber laughed heartily. It made Charlie extremely proud to be the instigator to such a brilliant smile. He continued to ask her questions about tilapia and how to choose the best cut. Amber was gracious to Charlie and helped him select the best cut of fish for his meal. She even assisted him with the other ingredients on his list via his phone.

03-19-16_7-39-35 PM.png

“Dancing freezer bunnies Amber, I didn’t think this would be rocket science! Why do you need plants for fish?? Really??!! Basil??!! My daughter made this look so extremely easy, I have more to thank her for apparently. How in grilled cheeses do you know where everything is? This is mind boggling!”

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“Sweet, clueless Charlie, if you need assistance with any other purchases in your life, call me, I will be happy to assist.”

She gently slipped her business card in his hands, her skin momentarily touched Charlies and sent shivers up and down his spine…(yes, like the Peppermint Pattie Commercials from yesteryear). “Thank you.” ::gulp:: is all Charlie managed to say.

03-19-16_7-45-29 PM.png

He watched her body move as she walked away. It was feminine, genuine, holistic, and beautiful.

03-19-16_7-46-58 PM.png

Once out of view he was able to force his gaze to something other than her silhouette, her business card. Amber Williams – Forest Ranger – 555-221-4231 Yibbs Campgrounds.