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CBP – Chapter 29

Tatiana was flabbergasted, she really was humbled by the invite and had a certain exchange student who looked like a Greek god hadn’t happened across her path she would have been excited. Had her two-second fresh vision not showed her that Mortimer and Bella were to marry she would have been even more enthusiastic. Yet, saying ‘no’ would hurt young Mortimer and she wasn’t sure telling love-crazed Bella that her one true partner was asking her best friend to the dance was a great idea. Where were her boring days of yesteryear? Oh, how she missed them so….

Tatiana cleared her throat, “I guess we are going to homecoming…” she added a very weak, “Yay!” for good measure.

01-21-17_7-38-41 PM.png

Enrique was not amused. He arrived at the cafeteria two seconds too late, “Curses.” ‘Well now time for plan B’, if he couldn’t ask Tati to the dance then Bella would be his date, that way he could ensure being close to his self-proclaimed case assignment.

01-21-17_7-40-16 PM.png

“Good the two ladies I wanted to see. Do you have any plans for homecoming, I was wondering if…”

Bella stood at attention, hand theatrically waving in the air, “Oh me me! Pick me, I’ll go! Tati and Mort are already going together, you and I can partner up, it will be a double delicious date!!”

01-21-17_7-49-49 PM.png

Enrique laughed heartily, “Good, when should I pick you up Bella?” Tatiana frowned, how could he be so nonchalant regarding this situation? Did their study thing last night mean nothing to him? She shook her head, realizing how territorial and silly her inward dialog sounded.

01-21-17_7-51-12 PM.png

Mortimer excitedly added, “How about I provide the limo for all of us that night, it will be fun if we all go together.”

01-21-17_7-50-57 PM.png

Enrique didn’t wait to respond, “Fantastic my friend.”

Enrique was truly not amused, why was he feeling unhinged on the inside? This was all but fantastic and if he was going to be painfully honest with himself he hated that Mortimer and his Tatiana were going together. Not because he wasn’t able to do his job, but because if truth be told, his desire was to be her date and no one else’s. Creator, he was in trouble.

01-21-17_7-50-50 PM.png

Later that afternoon…

After school, Tatiana walked in on her mother having a serious conversation on the phone. She could only hear Juliette’s side of things but her curiosity was definitely peaked.

01-21-17_7-55-06 PM.png

Juliette was tapping her fingers on her thigh, whilst chewing on the inside of her lips, “No, this is most inconvenient…No, I do not think that to be a wise idea…Sacre Bleu, you are being unreasonable for the love of the creator! This is not a good time for us. ‘ave you even thought this through? No, I cannot ‘ave this discussion right now, good bye.” She almost whispered the latter part of the conversation.

01-21-17_7-55-27 PM.png

Tatiana walked in on a weirdly agitated Juliette and was unsure of what or who could trigger such a reaction from her mother, “Hi mom, who was that?” She asked as she placed her books on the table.

Juliette was clearly not enthusiastic about sharing anything with her at the moment and changed the subject, “No one in particular mon ange, can I get you something to eat?”

01-21-17_7-56-03 PM.png

Tatiana let it rest for now, but was very curious and would bring it up to her at a later date, “Guess what mom?”.

Juliette made way to the kitchen to prepare food regardless of Tatiana’s response, “What is it mon amore?” She asked preoccupied.

01-21-17_7-57-22 PM.png

“I am going to homecoming apparently, and with Mortimer Goth as my date. Yay .”She added sarcastically.

Sacre Bleu you sure that is a good idea? Why not go with cute toochie guy? What is his Name Osvaldo?”

01-21-17_7-57-41 PM.png

Tatiana giggled, “His name is Enrique. I would’ve loved to go with Ricky mom, but Mort got to me first and what’s worse is Bella is going with Ricky instead…”

Juliette wiped her hands on her skirt, “That will be well, something to behold eh?” She abruptly stopped what she was doing and turned to her daughter,”Listen, I ‘ave to tell you something too my sweet.”

Tatiana stole a sample of their meal, “Sure thing mom, what’s up?”

“Your father has reappeared after all these years…he wants to meet you.”

01-21-17_7-58-15 PM.png

To Be Continued…


CBP – Chapter 28

The school was buzzing with excitement over the soon approaching homecoming dance. The girls nervously awaiting the boys invites to the fanfare. The boys were nervous to ask because let’s face it there was always a 50/50 shot at rejection. Yes, everyone was excited except two people; Nancy Landgraab and Tatiana Thibodeaux, although for very different reasons. Nancy, because of her recent break-up with one of the most swoon-worthy teens in the school and Tatiana because her entire world was a snow globe all shaken up.

01-03-17_8-01-36 PM.jpg


Nancy rolled her eyes when Mortimer ignored her in the school’s hallway. She stepped away from her locker and followed him a few steps, “Mort we need to talk…”

01-03-17_8-02-13 PM.jpg


Mortimer sighed and paused, “No Nancy, I was pretty clear the night of the movies, we have grown apart, we aren’t middle schoolers anymore and you refuse to grow up. Besides this is our last year in high school, do you really want to spend it in a miserable relationship?”

01-03-17_8-03-58 PM.jpg


Nancy flushed red, adrenaline on high, lips trembling, “Are you saying I’m miserable to be around Mort?”

01-03-17_8-02-42 PM.jpg


Amazingly calm, Mortimer answered her question, “No, I am saying you and I don’t work. I’m saying I hate the drama that follows you. You and your band of merry-women are the epitome of theatrics. Moreover, I am saying I don’t love you, hell I don’t know if I like you. Now, if you excuse me, I have a test to take.”

01-03-17_8-05-02 PM.jpg


Nancy, while extremely offended had an epiphany, “Oh My Creator! You are falling for that trailer trash hussie aren’t you!?”

01-03-17_8-05-29 PM.jpg


Mortimer scowled, then sighed heavily, “I have a million comebacks that would belittle and leave you emotionally scarred for quite sometime. However, I am going to refrain because I will not stoop to your level, not now nor ever.”

01-03-17_8-06-11 PM.jpg


“You’re going to regret this Mortimer,” She clenched her teeth and continued, loudly, “I will always be the one who got away Mort!”


Mortimer smiled smugly, “Excuse me, I have to go ask Tati if she will go to the dance with me.”

01-03-17_8-09-00 PM.jpg


Nancy lost her cool with the recent news and kicked the lockers only sending pain up her toe…she wobbled to the nurses office slinging snot all the way there because although she didn’t know if her toe was broken she was certain her heart was.

Later that afternoon in the school cafeteria Bella and Tatiana were sitting in their usual spot, in the very back of the room. The Queen Bee’s where also huddled at their table minus one very absent Nancy.

01-03-17_8-21-05 PM.jpg


Bella played with her lunch and whispered, “Hey, did I tell you how much you mean to me? I mean how kick ass is it you saved me and my families life? How did you know Tati?”

01-03-17_8-11-16 PM.jpg


Tatiana was in la la land, willing the day to be over, she wanted a hot bath and a long nap before studying tonight. When Bella asked her question she was removed from her reverie. She shrugged, “Thanks Bella, you know I would do anything for you, you would have done the same for me. As for knowing, I saw it, this time as I was sleeping.”



Bella perked up, “Did you see who it was Tati, who delivered the pizza? Mom said whoever delivered it had a baseball hat on and never looked her in the eye.”

01-03-17_8-12-54 PM.jpg


Tatiana frustrated with her capabilities whispered, “That was the only thing I couldn’t see Bella, I am sorry.”

Bella felt bad for pushing Tati to look beyond her gift so she switched topics, “Did you hear Mort broke up with Nancy after the movies last week-end? I am surprised it took him this long to do it.”

Tatiana stared blankly at her food, “Hmm had no idea, Mort deserves better though.” Tatiana began what she started calling her vision ritual, she got gooseflesh and a heavy dizzy feeling…when black and white photos took place of her reality…

01-03-17_8-14-28 PM.jpg


Adult Bella with Adult Mortimer.


01-03-17_8-25-22 PM.jpg


Then back to her normal reality…Hopping Hippos should she tell Bella? She had a current track record of accuracy when she had her visions and hey! This was one of her first true future sights!! Could this mean she was finally finding a way to manage her resources appropriately?

01-03-17_8-14-56 PM.jpg


Bella didn’t miss a step, “Good grief, you look like you saw a frog in a bikini, you’re so pale Tati, need some juice?”


Tatiana was going to respond when Mortimer sat next to her.

01-03-17_8-16-26 PM.jpg

Mortimer was unusually happy. He hadn’t felt this ‘unburdened’ for quite sometime,”Hi guys,” He called out to the girls,  “I know this is kind of unexpected and if you already have plans I will understand, but Tatiana I would love to have you at my side at homecoming.”

Bella cried with enthusiasm, “OH M C how romantical!!! Of course she would love to!”

01-03-17_8-18-21 PM.jpg


To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 27

The interrogation room was anything but welcoming, the drab colors of the cement walls and the lack of décor made her even more depressed about her current situation. How did this get so out of hand again, she asked herself. Mamie was in a different room going through her own set of paranoia, Tatiana was sure of it.

11-05-16_6-53-35 PM.jpg

The officer shuffled the papers in his folder before standing and asking his train of questions, “Tatiana, you know why you are here right?”

Tatiana nervously responded. “I have no idea officer, my best friend almost died tonight and I was carted off to the police station. So please tell me why it is you have me here?”

11-05-16_6-53-10 PM.jpg

The officer cleared his throat, took a swig of coffee before he continued,  “That is the very reason why you are here young lady. How is it that this town’s unexplained events are all tied to you?”

Tatiana swallowed hard, “Come again?”

Officer placed all the pictures of the crime scene in front of Tatiana, “Gunther Goth, Officer Buddy from the FBI, Professor F, The Goth’s manors fire, now this? I guess we are trying to understand how you did all of this, are you working alone, is your grandma involved?”

11-05-16_6-51-44 PM.jpg

The word grandma, hit a chord with Tatiana, she just recently found out her grandmother was really her mother, she just looked incredibly old because of the ‘Exchange’ with the Reaper. and she never stopped calling her Mamie. How do you stop calling someone something you called them your whole life? She knew this was a very random place and thought to have, but, sometimes randomness just hits you in the most awkward scenarios thought Tatiana and this was one of them.

11-05-16_6-53-57 PM.jpg

“My grandm…my mother has nothing to do with any of this, I don’t have anything to do with any of this,”  Tatiana told the officer as straight faced as she could. “I am not super well versed in the arts of ‘detectivery’ however, I know you guys are just pulling at straws because you have no proof just silly assumptions about a teenage girl and her horrible timing with people you are looking for. Why would I hurt anyone? I have no motive.

11-05-16_6-51-23 PM.jpg

I live a quiet life trying to get a scholarship to the damn ivy league school of my choice, my life is consumed by school work and goals, not whatever it is you think I did…If there is a coincidence in me knowing all of these people it’s simply because this town is too damn small and quite honestly there are too many townspeople that could have done any of these allegations you are trying desperately to link me to because all of us at some point came in contact with your file of quote unquote victims…”

11-05-16_6-57-08 PM.jpg

Officer collected the contents of his file and placed them back in his folder, “interesting speech Tatiana, how do you explain knowing that Mortimer’s parents were in a fire? How is that when an entire family gets poisoned you happen to be there?”

11-05-16_6-49-29 PM.jpg

Tatiana sighed and did something that was especially bold, “Look, I will be completely honest. Not that you care what’s the truth or not, but I get visions, I don’t understand them. Most of the time because they don’t seem to tell me what will happen but what’s happening currently, I couldn’t have set the fire at the Goths I was in my garden and talking to Mortimer at that very moment, and I couldn’t have poisoned the Bachelors. For one they are my favorite people outside of my grandm…my mother in this entire planet and tests will prove they had been poisoned for hours before we got to their house and called emergency. So, unless you have any evidence at all pointing to me or my gran…my mom then I really have to get back to the hospital my best friend and her family need me!”

11-05-16_6-50-15 PM.jpg

Officer stared in astonishment, “Visions? Hahahaa that’s creative…” He wiped the tears of comedy coming out of his tear ducts. “However, begrudgingly, you are correct. I can’t hold you for much longer but know you’re at the top of our list of suspects we will be contacting you again Ms. Thibodeaux.”

11-05-16_6-57-32 PM.jpg

Tatiana knew she was right, the fact that they didn’t read her Miranda rights and that they were digging meant they had a suspicion but no links tied to her and she was going to maintain her innocence even though she wasn’t entirely. Yet, how to explain to the cops that the missing people aren’t truly missing just dolls in her storage chest back home? That she would gladly try and reverse the spell or whatever it was but didn’t know how? Yes, it was better to leave well enough alone.

11-05-16_6-49-14 PM.jpg

While Tatiana was heading out of the precinct Enrique was hiding around the corner observing their departure, hoping he would remain unseen, and he did. The Thibodeaux’s were focused on hightailing it out of the precinct without any more compromises. “That was close”, he murmured.

11-05-16_7-01-15 PM.jpg

Tatiana breathed in some fresh air before turning to Juliette, “Hey,Mamie? Can I ask you a question? Would you mind it terribly  if I start calling you mom instead?”

11-05-16_7-02-22 PM.jpg

Tatiana’s words were so impactful to the both of them. That coupled with the close brush with the law and exhaustion, they couldn’t help but break down together.

Juliette placed one of Tatiana’s hair wisps behind her ear, “That would make me so proud mon ange.”

Tatiana whispered, “I love you more than science mom.”

“I love you more than my ‘and buzzer mon petit chou.”

11-05-16_7-04-24 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 25

It was well into the wee hours of the morning, Enrique and Tatiana put a good dent into their studies, even though sometimes they would trail off into weird segments of stare offs and giggles, but the pair enjoyed being together it curiously felt right.

10-29-16_6-13-41 PM.jpg

For Tatiana, it was an unexpected crush she truly had no time for, and after tonight she would not give it a second thought.

10-29-16_6-12-07 PM.jpg

For Enrique, it was an opportunity to befriend the source and the reason for this case, but he would be lying if he said he was not enjoying her company.

10-29-16_6-11-45 PM.jpg

He kept telling himself all night that this was wrong leading her on like this he was truly way older even if he was pretending to be her age and looked her age, he wasn’t and had to tread lightly. Yet, Tatiana turned out to be an incredibly intelligent young woman, with an incredible personality, her laugh, and those eyes…holy creator they were…’stop it Enrique Flores…say good-night, shake her hand…walk away…’

10-29-16_6-14-41 PM.jpg

An awkward pause ensued before he ended the evening, “I really should go, I have overstayed my welcome but I thank you for your company and hospitality, I learned quite a bit from you Tati.” He said in earnest.

10-29-16_6-15-19 PM.jpg

Tatiana couldn’t even respond to his smooth silky voice, she was infatuated, entranced, skipping koalas she was toast, “No, uh no thank you for your eyes, I mean mouth I mean hair…I mean good night, morning…bye.” ‘Damn it Tati’ She thought to herself so flustered she couldn’t even look his way.

10-29-16_6-19-14 PM.jpg

Enrique hesitated intentionally, kissed her hands…

10-29-16_6-21-15 PM.jpg

and departed…when he left the home Mamie rounded the corner and proclaimed,  “‘e ‘as a nice tooshie.”

10-29-16_6-23-49 PM.jpg

Tatiana was appalled at her mother’s assessment of her study partner, “How long have you been standing there, and why in the name of inappropriateness were you staring at his rear?”

10-29-16_6-27-20 PM.jpg

“Long enough to ‘ear your pathetic excuse for love words,” Mockingly she added, “No, thank you for your eyes, I mean your mouth, I mean your…” She giggled.

10-29-16_6-26-39 PM.jpg

Tatiana embarrassed anew recognized, “ok ok for Creators sake, I suck at flirting. I get it but can you help me? I have been a nun up until this point he is the first guy I think is attractive.”

10-29-16_6-25-44 PM.jpg

Maime busied herself in the kitchen putting dishes away, “Well Thank goodness you like someone I was starting to worry.”

“Maime please it was just harmless flirting.”

10-29-16_6-27-37 PM.jpg

Enrique walked about a block away from the home before he called his friend back home. “C, I don’t have much to share at the moment. I just inserted myself into her life to get more facts…I know I know I was to only observe but that only belabors the issue at hand…Ok, I know it’s dangerous and outside of protocol but I can take care of myself…We cannot risk any errors this is not your typical 17 year old, I will call you with more details soon…”

10-29-16_6-29-47 PM.jpg

To Be Continued...

CBP – Chapter 24

Enrique was her late night visitor and he looked like he was there to pick her up for a date. She wondered if she miscommunicated. There was a language barrier so it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

10-11-16_6-42-04 PM.jpg

Uncanny heart palpitations were occurring within Tatiana’s organ chambers and she wished to the Creator that they would go away. Her life was too complicated to add one more thing to the ever-increasing laundry list of situations to figure out, she did not need…oh damn…too late, this guy was HOT. When he walked into her house it was as if a summer garden followed him  inside, he smelled like a dozen different flowers all at once.

10-12-16_6-23-05 PM.jpg

Thick head of hair, full chewable lips, chiseled facial features it was amazing how golden his eyes were it’s like she could see the Garden of Life from within them, don’t get her started on his body – it made her knees noodley and she was ever so thankful she was holding the door or was the door holding her….

10-12-16_6-20-09 PM.jpg

“Hotness confirmed…” She mumbled.

“Excuse me?” He questioned.

Tatiana started picking on the thread of her pajama bottoms and quickly countered, “I mean it’s sweltering outside want to come in? I mean it’s late but please come in, I was going to make cuteness, tea, juice, coffee…umm…all three because I can never decide what I really am thirsty for so I make all three then I decide, have you decided…what to drink…perhaps…” She rambled horrifically.

10-12-16_6-15-51 PM.jpg

Enrique couldn’t help but chuckle, she was nervous, she liked him, he could pick up on her adrenaline, dilated pupils and high pitched voice and he…was pleased that she did, this meant he had an in. He could use this to his advantage to get to know her better and get Intel. Find out what he needed to finish the case and get back to his beloved home he missed so much.

10-12-16_6-17-14 PM.jpg

Enrique got surprisingly close to Tatiana’s face, “Sure, some tea sounds perfecto.”

10-12-16_6-22-13 PM.jpg

Tatiana awkwardly filed into the kitchen to prepare the tea, “What are you doing here so late, I thought you had a party tonight?”

10-12-16_6-23-27 PM.jpg

“Yes, it was getting too out of control, so I asked Bella what you were up to. She said you’d be pulling an all-nighter for your make-up test, I would rather do science too. So I invited myself over, Bella told me where you lived.”

10-12-16_6-24-21 PM.jpg

Tatiana looked as if she was affronted by Bella’s audacity. What if this guy was a stalker, a sociopath, a Gunther Jr part II. Bella is an incredible judge of character but, they didn’t know this dreamboat from Adam. She would need to talk to Bella about this.

10-12-16_6-25-43 PM.jpg

Enrique noticed her mulling over the information, “Do you mind? I hope I am not being too impulsive if I have overstepped…”

10-12-16_6-26-27 PM.jpg

Tatiana reconsidered her previous dramatic reflections, “It’s studying for a test not your hand in marriage Enrique, you’re fine to stay and study If you want.”

10-12-16_6-26-54 PM.jpg

“You can call me Ricky.”

“Everyone calls me Tati”

Enrique muttered, “You are beautiful.”

“What did you say?”

“Your name, I said it is beautiful.”

10-12-16_6-25-58 PM.jpg

Enrique was furious with himself, two minutes in her presence and he was already spewing sonnets and terms of endearment to the unsuspecting soul…he needed to get his crap together and fast. This girl wasn’t as innocent as she appeared, he discerned. Now, to get to the bottom of her true story, “SO Ecological Succession…”

10-12-16_6-29-48 PM.jpg

Tatiana wasn’t simple minded, she heard him correctly, or was she just utterly losing it? She really didn’t need this in her life but, he was beautiful, “Yeah, Ecological Succession…”

10-12-16_6-33-42 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…



CBP – Chapter 22

Tatiana was completing her homework when the world became hazy and her adrenaline kicked in… her surroundings became black & white again indicating another vision she would be privy to. Tatiana would just assume say ‘no thank you I am good’ and walk away from the gift of foresight but she was never in control of her powers.10-08-16_7-45-33 PM.jpgShe found herself staring at another version of herself but she was older and talking to a cute little kid that seemed to look up to her…03-05-16_10-30-43 PM.jpgHe grabbed the violin and played a haunting song that seemed to come from his very soul.03-05-16_10-24-56 PM.jpgOnce the song ended the young man hugged her, making her feel intense love for him.03-05-16_10-34-06 PM-3.jpgWhen she was transported to her present day she felt an immediate loss without the boy’s existence. She was out of sorts, melancholy so she picked up her cell phone and called Bella immediately…but there was no answer so she left her a message…10-08-16_7-48-11 PM.jpg“Um, Hey, uh it’s me…I um was just checking on you and ok well this is a lame message but wanted to hear your voice…chat with you soon.” She hung up the phone and sighed. She immediately received a text message back that read: iphone message.PNGLater that afternoon the two friends met at the Simmal Cinemas for the long awaited horror flick sequel that all the teens were raving about called “Twinkle – The Vampire Tales.”10-08-16_8-00-45 PM.jpgTatiana barely frequented the movies or any other extracurricular activity as she was drowning in school work most of the time but after the vision she had, it was important for her to spend time with her best friend. She needed to feel normal and going out with Bella was as close as she was going to get to normal.Suspicious.jpgWhile the two girls purchased their tickets and snacks, Tatiana smelled that familiar aroma she couldn’t place, she knew Sophia was not too far away with the Queen Bees lead by Eliza. Mortimer was accompanying them …The new guy Enrique happened to be there too but he was with another group of students that looked to be transfers as well.7.jpg“Well, If I would have known the whole school would be here I would have planned an after party!” Bella stated cheerfully.

Sophia looked disgusted with Bella and Tatiana. As if their sheer presence was offensive to her, “If you would have planned an after party we would have said ‘love to go really'” She replied sarcastically. “Bella I have told you in the past how you can always join us, but that pathetic girl you call ‘friend’ is of no use to us.”8.jpgBella and Tatiana had a million conversations in the past and could never figure out why Sophia hated them so. They assumed it was just her affiliation with Eliza, and how much Eliza has hated Tatiana since they were in elementary school. It was situations like this that reminded them both how shallow and silly the Queen Bees were, not to mention infuriating!10-08-16_8-08-23 PM.jpgThe Queen Bees were snickering and giving Tatiana the stink eye. Sophia’s problem was she never knew when to call it quits. The club members support of Sophia’s ridiculous confrontation did not help matters. “Honestly, we thought you would get over your terrible taste in friends because they are pitiful.”10-09-16_1-10-17 PM.jpgTatiana could sense Mortimer was fuming as if he wanted to jump to her aid. It was apparent she didn’t deserve this treatment, yet he was a coward. His girlfriend was really close by and defending Tatiana in front of her club mates would be a recipe for disaster. She understood and did not hold it against him.10-08-16_8-15-39 PM.jpgBella on the other hand, lived to confront these monsters, she actually looked forward to them starting crap, it was her ‘superpower’ she called it. Tati was the smart and kind one, she was the ‘defender of the innocent’ – Bella once told Tati when they were kids.10-09-16_1-18-04 PM.jpgRed faced she got real close to Sophia’s face with raised voice, “Why would I ever join your fake-ass club with your fake-ass pretentiousness? Why would I ever degrade my morals and values just to be labeled popular? To be a part of this group of lunatics? I would rather be in the company of a person that has more value in her pinky than you all do collectively, so f….” Tatiana grabbed her to pull her back…the last thing she wanted was a fight. There were too many of them, Bella and herself would surely lose.10-08-16_8-10-00 PM.jpgEnrique was getting closer to the gaggle of raised voices he was concerned for the underdogs, it was none of his business but he would not hesitate to jump in if he absolutely had to. He could use it as an excuse to get closer to Tatiana anyways.10-08-16_8-11-03 PM.jpgEliza enraged at the last insult against her best friend stepped in front of Sophia to have her turn against Tatiana and Bella, but Sophia shoved her out of the way. By the looks of it, Sophia was way stronger than the scrawny Eliza.

Tatiana could feel that sick prickly sensation indicating her lack of control, she looked away just in case she made a public spectacle of who she truly was…10-08-16_8-17-50 PM.jpgMortimer finally interjected in hopes to defuse the problem, “Sophia, Eliza please let’s just all head inside the movies and chill.”

Nancy noticed Mortimer’s interruption and frowned. Tatiana was aware of Nancy’s hatred toward her. She couldn’t quite figure out why, maybe it was her inability to stand up for herself, maybe it was that she was jealous of her academic prowess, she knew Nancy’s parents always fussed at her for never making the honor roll. Nancy never verbalized her insecurities regarding Tatiana,  she didn’t have to, her body language was a poster board for her disapproval of her.10-08-16_8-19-20 PM.jpgBella broke free from Tatiana’s hold and pounced on her attacker, a shower of slushy escaped her hand and fell on Sophia’s face. Sophia’s eyes burned. Eliza was mortified. Mortimer stupefied. Nancy thankful she didn’t get slushied.10-09-16_1-29-13 PM.jpgEnrique’s concern for Tatiana intensified. They even drew a crowd of spectators. Sophia agitated, and prepared for a physical fight with Bella however Tatiana was able to seize Bella’s attention and escaped the forthcoming battle, “It’s not worth it Bella, let’s go home!” She commanded looking away.10-08-16_8-23-43 PM.jpgTatiana was thankful she could, for the first time keep her emotions in check…progress..she thought to herself…10-08-16_8-28-05 PM.jpgMeanwhile, Mortimer shrugged them all off without an explanation, he was ashamed of his girlfriend and her friends.  He was emotionally spent trying to keep up appearances with Nancy. He simply made his way to his car after the confrontation.10-08-16_8-28-38 PM.jpgNancy quickly noticed his departure and wondered why he didn’t tell her he wanted to go…she was left questioning why he was so offended, surely it wasn’t because of those two losers was it, she must have thought?10-08-16_8-30-26 PM.jpgEnrique decided to make his move, he would go after the two girls that were verbally attacked to ensure they were ok. This would be his in, and he was ready.10-08-16_8-28-55 PM.jpgEliza turned to Sophia and whispered so only she can hear “Oh honey you ok?!” She realized how intimate that sounded and blushed deeply.10-08-16_8-29-32 PM.jpg


To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 21

Tatiana walked to the garden where her mother was painting a portrait as she loved to do as of late. The morning was Tatiana’s favorite of all times of the day, things looked prettier and smelled new, she thought as she made her way to the painting easel.

Juliette’s old hands worked diligently, efficiently. They knew exactly were to work on the canvas and precisely how to sweep the colors chosen. “Morning!”

10-02-16_5-00-16 PM.png

Juliette caught her daughter’s look of concern out of her peripheral, “Oui mon ange, to you too. Did you sleep well?” Juliette knew the answer was no. However, this was her way of prodding for answers.

Tatiana stood by Juliette fidgeting with the thread of her pajama bottoms, “No, actually the figurines stared a hole in my pillow all night.”

Juliette suggested, “Why do you not put them in the storage chest Tati?”

Tatiana sighed, “Because, because seeing them every day reminds me of my failures and my need to figure this whole thing out.”

10-02-16_4-57-48 PM.png

Juliette put her paint brushes down and looked at Tatiana, “Do not put so much pressure on yourself mon petit chou, it will cause you ulcers. You will learn self-control this I promise you. Putting yourself down, and pressuring yourself will not ‘elp you get to that place.”

“You are right Mamie, I just can’t look myself in the mirror right now because I made a mess of everything.” She swatted her herself as she felt a mosquito enjoy its breakfast on her neck. “Hey Mamie, can I ask you something?”

This question stole Juliette’s attention from the easel and onto her daughter, “But of course.”

“What happens to us Fae on earth when we die?”

10-02-16_4-58-39 PM.png

Juliette let the question settle, she heard the ponds water lap as she proceeded to answer, “We go the way ‘umanity used to before the corruption of Grim and Celeste.”

“So we just teleport to the Garden of Life and a rose replaces us here on earth?” This was hopeful, Taiana thought. A way she would very much enjoy ending her time on earth. At least she could count on one good thing happening to her before she departs from this planet.

10-02-16_4-58-50 PM.png

Oui, unless we have the misfortune of ‘aving the demonic path chosen for us…then we simply stop existing after death altogether.”

“Well that sucks, hey I have something else to ask you…Mort shared some peculiar news with me and I was hoping you could confirm it.”

“Whatever could Mortimer tell you that was strange mon ange?”

10-02-16_4-59-01 PM.png

“Well, he claims he saw his parent’s ghosts in the debris of his home.” Tatiana chuckled inwardly as the thought of speaking about anything supernatural just a month ago would have been crazy talk. Now, it was a day to day occurrence.

Juliette made a mental note that it has been years since she had a run in with a ghost, “‘ow dreadful,  I see.” She urged Tatiana to sit by the edge of the pond to continue their conversation. Tatiana complied.

The water was lukewarm and welcoming, “So you believe him too?”

“Oui, they are souls waiting for the Reaper’s harvest.”

10-02-16_5-05-08 PM.png

“That’s what they told Mortimer! But how come Mamie, why did the reaper just leave them here on earth do they have unfinished business before Grim collects them?”

Juliette laughed hysterically, “No, no, it is just a romantic tale ‘umans have created for the phenomenon, ‘owever, there is a much simpler explanation and much less fantastic than unfinished business ‘ere on earth…”

Tatiana loved Juliette but hated her melodramatic pauses…”Ok?”

10-02-16_5-03-21 PM.png

“Tati the Reaper as you know is not a supernatural like you or I, and ‘e is not omnipresent. ‘e is a man that ‘as stolen the very essence of the Fae because of dark magic. He is but one man trying to keep a schedule to collect thousands of souls a day…If a person dies before their scheduled date of death they have to wait for ‘im to collect them.”

“Wait are you saying it wasn’t time for Morts parents to die? Are you implying someone murdered them?” This thought shook Tatiana to her core.

“Perhaps, it was murder.” Juliette said matter-of-factly.

10-02-16_5-03-59 PM.png

Tatiana absorbed the new found knowledge, “Sweet jiggly pandas…So how long do they wait?”

“Depends on the reapers needs, if he is needing more souls to raise his power source then they will be harvested soon, if not they may have to wait until their actual date of departure.”

10-02-16_5-03-02 PM.png

Juliette cut their conversation short in response to the neighbors’ gardener waving over the bushes at her. Juliette blushed, excused herself and made her way over to him. Tatiana was left confused. The random end to their discussion was unlike Juliette. What was this all about she thought?

10-02-16_5-12-17 PM.png

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 18

Mamie was caught off guard; she wiped her hands on her pants and continued cleaning every surface in the kitchen, humming the lullaby that Tatiana loved. Bella tiptoed in behind them as she was starving and served herself a plate. The Thibodeaux ‘s hardly ever fought but when they did it was a spectacle to behold.

08-24-16_6-12-38 PM.jpg

Tatiana looped around in order to force Juliette to look at her face, “Oh no, no no you don’t! Answer me, are… you… my… mother??!!”

08-24-16_6-17-11 PM.jpg

Bella was confused by the question and was going to interject with a question of her own but thought better of it. The fact that Juliette could be Tatiana’s mother was not the most exciting piece of news in the day. Intriguing true, but not the most exciting. In Bella’s estimation, the fact that Tatiana was a witch was much much more thrilling.

08-24-16_6-19-55 PM.jpg

Mamie desperately tried to divert the conversation, fiddling in her pantry, “Oh look I forgot the preserve, Bella sweetie you like the strawberry one correct?”

Bella adored the french cuisine she was so accustomed to at the Thibodeaux’s. In between mouth fulls, she asked, “Is that the homemade stuff you make? Hecks’ yeah sign me up!!”

08-24-16_6-22-11 PM.jpg

Tatiana was annoyed at both Bella and Juliette for their lackadaisical attitude towards this very important question she clenched her fists tighter and spat air loudly, “Mamie I swear on a yellow plumbob if you don’t come clean now I will turn you into a figurine!”

Bella with mouthful stated, “Ooh snap!”

Mamie and Tatiana both yelled at Bella in unison, “SHUT UP!”

08-24-16_6-27-57 PM.jpg

“Oh my daaaayuummm don’t mind me…I’ll just be over here minding my own business if you need me just holla!” She kept watching the verbal dance between Tatiana and Juliette and continued enjoying her delectable meal.

Tatiana would lead with a question getting louder and louder, while Juliette continued to ignore her by making herself busier and quieter and quieter.

08-24-16_6-30-13 PM.jpg

Mon ange look…” It wasn’t that Juliette didn’t want to have this conversation, it was that she dreaded what it would mean to their current beautiful relationship. When Juliette finally resolved to speak the truth Tatiana interrupted.

08-24-16_6-32-10 PM.jpg

“You know what, you don’t need to say anything your body language says it all… I’ll be in the  bathroom until Grandpa Creeper comes to get me and makes me old and pruney. At least he won’t beat around the bush with pretenses.” Tatiana left the room dramatically in a very non-typical way. Bella noted that she was rubbing off on her friend and smiled inwardly.

08-24-16_6-32-39 PM.jpg

Bella’s mouth still full added, “Love the play on words Tati, ha ha she is good isn’t she?” She looked to Juliette for affirmation.

Juliette frowned, “Bella, please eat en silence.” She contemplated whether to come out with the news once and for all in front of Bella or should she wait until Tatiana was calmer.

08-24-16_6-33-28 PM.jpg

Confrontations were not Juliette’s strength, humor, and laughter that was more her speed. Life had been anything but as of late. An appropriate setting for a household where one of the inhabitants was experiencing the selection of her ‘Path’ and learning the lore of what that means. “Tres Bien, I shall speak the truth…” She whispered to no one in particular.

08-24-16_6-36-16 PM.jpg

Juliette knocked on the bathroom door but Tatiana refused to open it for her so she resorted to talking through the door instead…

08-24-16_6-39-53 PM.jpg

Mon ange, it is a very difficult thing you are going through, it was for me too, well later in life especially. I ‘ad dreams too you know?”

08-24-16_7-17-27 PM.jpg

“I was part of an increasingly popular variety show act in Paris, the very first teenage act of my time, it was so exciting!”

08-24-16_7-14-12 PM.jpg

“Little did I know that the show would acquire a little magic and that the magic was not going to be just the eternal rabbit out of a ‘at trick, but real Fae magic. When my Path came to be I was selling out in all of our venues and was requested to travel all over the world.”

08-24-16_7-15-37 PM.jpg

“I was a ‘ousehold favorite and like you chose to not settle down, except  one day, when I became a bit older, I realized ‘ow ‘appy I was with my road manager, in truth ‘e was ‘appy being with me too.”

“It came out of the blue,  I knew it was the pairing of the Fae but I did not care because ‘e gave me you. You, mon belle ange.”

08-24-16_7-22-59 PM.jpg

“I decided to stop touring and take care of you, and shortly after you were born The Reaper came to visit, and the exchange ‘appened…”

“Your father was mortified at ‘ow quickly I aged. ‘e could not ‘andle the elderly star both in business and at ‘ome, so ‘e left me alone with you.”

08-24-16_7-30-09 PM.jpg

I know ‘ow cruel the children at school are and so I became your mamie to protect you from ridicule, I could not bear anyone ‘urting you mon petit chou. Moreover, I could not bear if you rejected me too.”

08-24-16_6-41-46 PM.jpg

Bella had been in the hallway this entire time overhearing the explanation Juliette was trying to convey…

“OMG Mamie that was the most tragic story!! I will never reject you!!!!”

08-24-16_6-43-06 PM.jpg

Bella wailed and ran over to Mamie and hugged her fully, “Tatiana Thibodeaux if you don’t come out and hug this beautiful woman who happens to be your mother I will haunt you the rest of your days!”

08-24-16_6-44-10 PM.jpg

Tatiana slowly unlocked the bathroom door…

08-24-16_6-41-24 PM.jpg

She stared at her sweet aged mother and hugged her for what seemed like hours…

08-24-16_6-45-20 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 17

When Bella woke up she was surrounded by the concerned Thibodeaux women…


Bella rubbed her eyes and sat up on the bed, feeling hazy and confused. “Now I know what my fish feel like in the tank at home. Please Tati, don’t stare, your eyes scare the living orange plumbobs out of me. What the cow plants was that!!??”


Juliette immediately busied herself to give the girls an opportunity to talk, “I will make dinner for us”, before leaving her bedroom she pulled Tatiana aside and whispered, “Tati think of the consequences of someone knowing the partial truth of who we are and the whole truth of who we are…the decision is yours. Understand, who we are is a burden for others to shoulder.”


Tatiana understood Juliette’s concern but the cat was out of the bag wasn’t it? Her best friend was an ‘eyewitness’, no pun intended, to the most recent catastrophe.  “Yeah, I don’t know what to do about that, but, I trust Bella Mamie.”

Juliette nodded in confirmation, “…and I trust you mon ange.”


Bella was tapping her foot behind them aware of the whispering that just transpired between Tatiana and Juliette, “Seriously Tati, what the heck?!” As Bella was weakly demanding an explanation she eyed the figurine on the dresser, “OMG, I wasn’t dreaming was I!?”


Bella ran to the corner of the room, wide-eyed, to glare at the FBI agent that was displayed on Juliette’s bedroom dresser. She wanted to touch the statuette but feared what may happen to her if she did. She obviously didn’t know how any of this worked.


Although Tatiana was grievously embarrassed, she gave Bella room to process the recent events, “I promise if you want to know I will tell you everything, but you will probably want to sit down first.”


“Holy pigeon poop Tati you’re scaring me now!” Bella began pacing, “I need gum, I feel like I have the zacklies.” Bella checked her pockets for a stick of gum and came up empty.


“You have the what?”

Bella semi covered her mouth in embarrassment, “You know,” she encouraged,  “When your breath smells ‘zackly’ like your rear.”


Tatiana couldn’t help but giggle, “OMG, Bella even in the most upside down scenarios you still find a way to joke!”


Bella shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, “What can I say, it’s part of my DNA – gum?” She insisted. Truth be told Bella calmed her anxiety by chewing gum, it was her stress reliever.


Tatiana pointed to the immediate area Bella was standing, “Top drawer in the dresser.”

Bella dove into the top drawer avoiding staring down the doll and grabbed her stick of gum. She chewed like she was a starving llama exposed to a field of grass. “K, now I am ready, hit me.”


Tatiana and Bella sat next to each other on the pouf chairs in front of Juliette’s bed, while Tatiana began her short synopsis of her current phase of life, “OK, I’m an immortal  witch. Apparently, what supernaturals call a Fae, I am a fallen angel’s and the Reapers descendant to be exact, I found all this out because I accidentally figureined Gunther Jr. at Llama Lighthouse because he tried to take advantage of me… Just recently, you saw me turn Buddy the FBI agent into a creepy doll thingy which is currently residing on my grandmother’s dresser…Gunther Jr. is upstairs on my dresser. I don’t know how to control any of this! What’s more, I can see things that are happening elsewhere soon to be future things. If that wasn’t bad enough, I will be forced to have a mate chosen for me to which I can only produce one child for and a girl at that…not that there is anything wrong with a girl but the fact that it’s chosen for me is just…”


Bella was unable to really take it all in, her mouth was ajar and her gum almost spilled out of it,  “Fluffy Shittzu you are either deranged or I am dreaming after falling asleep to Twinkle the Vampire Tales…but I can still taste the sugar in my mouth from this horribly old stick of gum…I don’t know what to say, it’s all so weird, fantastical and… AWESOME!!!”


Tatiana stood up in surprise at her friend’s response to her confession. She felt a deep compulsion to defend the gravity of her state of affairs, “It isn’t awesome Bella, far from it. I thought if anyone, you would understand my struggle. I will have very limited control of my life, it’s all fully manipulated by the high and mighty FAE and I won’t even get to choose who I fall in love with, I don’t even want to fall in love with anyone…” She turned to the sky and yelled, “DO YOU HEAR ME YOU SICK DEMENTED JERK-NOZZLES!!”


Bella crossed her arms and lifted her perfectly manicured brows at Tati,”Soooo, tell me how you really feel? I am sorry Tati if I don’t totally understand why you are professor grump-a-lump when you are the one with the most amazing power of the entire universe!! You won’t ever have to study again, you can see the answers with your third eye for crying out loud!! Anyone who picks on you will have to deal with being a stiffy for the rest of their lives!


…and as for the love situation…” she scratched her head and replied as only a true romantic would…”OK, maybe that is the only part that sincerely sucks.”


Tatiana stood in her grandmother’s room aghast at Bella’s skewed perspective, clearly, she was not going to win this argument but she had to try to make Bella understand the severity of all of this, “Unbelievable! OK, how about this one Ms. ‘I have the coolest powers in the universe’ …When I become an adult I will get a visit from Sir Rots-A-lot and he will strip me of my immortality and I will age abruptly…”


A deep pause occurred as a terrifying realization hit Tatiana “…omg..I..will… age… abruptly…”


Tatiana ran out of her room frantically not waiting for a response from her friend and skidded down the hall into the kitchen where her grandmother was preparing their meal for the evening…


Out of breath and heart pounding, she questioned, “Mamie? How old are you? If my hypothesis is correct, you are probably truly in your mid to late thirties aren’t you?”


Juliette acted as if  Tatiana’s was not even in the room and continued cleaning the counter where she just chopped her vegetables, nonresponsive.

“You are ignoring me? The only reason you are ignoring me is because if I am right, then that would make you my mother doesn’t it?”


To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 19

A few non-eventful weeks passed after finding out Juliette was really Tatiana’s mother. The first day back at school she tried hard to continue to focus on her grades but she was desperately distracted with her new set of circumstances. It became even more of a struggle when she started getting more adept with her capabilities of seeing into the future. There was also the whole turning people into figurines that were constantly derailing her thoughts too, it was all so overwhelming.

08-25-16_7-24-53 PM.jpg

When Tatiana came out of her reverie she found herself in her favorite of all her classes with a concerned professor F glaring at her. Professor F was a much older person compared to her other teachers but he was brilliant at all things science. He was known as being a firm but fair instructor, and Tatiana’s inspiration for the field of science.

08-25-16_7-47-32 PM.jpg

“Mmm Tatiana, I haven’t seen such a glaze in ones stare since I caught my trophy fish last week. Whatever is the matter?”

08-25-16_7-48-13 PM.jpg

Tatiana was mortified he singled her out in front of her peers, and quietly responded, “Oh, nothing Professor F, I am good…”

Professor F noticed Tatiana’s discomfort with the attention and reverted his attention to the new student in his classroom.

08-25-16_7-50-10 PM.jpg

“Our very own transfer student from Spain will be giving us his oral report on copper. Most of you have already met him since he has been with us for several weeks but before you start young man, please tell us a little more about yourself.”

The transfer student stood up confidently and took residence in the front of the classroom. He was odd, beautiful and strangely mellow for a student Tatiana decided. She studied him intently, his mannerisms, his accent, which was beautiful by the way, and his attire.

08-25-16_7-56-16 PM.jpg

These superficial things truly meant nothing to Tatiana, however, they all lead to the core of a person in a way. See, generally speaking, a high maintenance person wears nothing but name brands and the like. While a humble person would not, but this new guy was not your average student, he wore better than average clothing but seemed incredibly down to earth and relaxed…

08-25-16_8-07-13 PM.jpg

One would think with beauty like his he would constantly be showing off his muscular frame and luxurious hair by tousling it for sheer attention. But he didn’t, the entire length of time he stood in front of the class, he was confident yet humble.

The new kid’s voice was like aloe on a wound, cool, refreshing and exotic, “Hello to everyone, my name is Enrique Flores, I am from España, no I do not have a lisp, it is how we speak the language back home.” The gaggle of hens called the female populace of the class giggle unabashed.

08-25-16_8-10-27 PM.jpg

He continued, “I am here to learn more English and become better acquainted with the culture as I hope to go to Llama U next year to study the arts. Thanks to all of those who have welcomed me to your school already I very much appreciate it and hope to spend more time with all you in the very near future. As professor F mention I will be discussing the element of copper for my oral report today…”

08-25-16_8-07-29 PM.jpg

Tatiana never focused on petty things like exterior looks or had any normal impulses like other teens did when it came to the opposite sex or the same sex for that matter, she really loved that about herself. The dictionary would categorize Tatiana as a demisexual, though why people need to be categorized at all was always beyond her. Yet, understanding herself is what makes Tatiana that much more focused on her long term plans.

Even still, if you pressed Tatiana long enough she would have told you that Enrique was by all rights the most handsome person she had ever laid eyes on, and well every girl in school thought so too.

08-25-16_8-08-47 PM.jpg

Maybe it was the way he rolled his tongue with every word that had an ‘r’ in it. Maybe it was the way he gained a dimple on his cheek when he searched for a word he was clearly translating before he spoke them. Whatever it was, he was simply put, damn sexy…Tatiana, for the first time ever, never paid attention to a word said in the front of the science class. Enrique finished his report, sat down and Tatiana had no idea what he said. The only thing she memorized was that damn dimple and she hated herself for it.

08-25-16_7-57-32 PM.jpg

Professor F continued, “Very well, welcome again, where were we, ah yes ‘Ecological Succession’…”

08-25-16_8-12-03 PM.jpg

Curiously, Mortimer was sitting next to her the entire time Enrique did his introduction and Tatiana barely even noticed! He leaned her way during Professor F’s lecture with a “Hey.” She thought to herself how she needed to be more aware of her environment.

Tatiana put her focus back to the front of the class not before quickly asking, “Hi, h-how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been better; I was hoping to talk to you after school…would you mind?”

08-25-16_8-14-26 PM.jpg

Professor F interrupted them both, “I have a better solution, how about you talk to each other after class hmm and not during my class?”

08-25-16_8-19-41 PM.jpg

Tatiana stammered, embarrassed, “Oh Professor F please, I…”

Professor F was deeply concerned about Tatiana’s behavior as of late. She was acting weird with what missing school for an entire week, not having kept up with her assignments, not even asking for makeup work. Now, she is distracted by the opposite sex and talking in class? No, Professor F thought quickly to himself, he was going to get to the bottom of this asap, “Or, maybe detention will help prove an environment better suited for conversations?”

08-25-16_8-21-00 PM.jpg

Tatiana officially mortified tried to plea for forgiveness, anything but detention. She thought about the impact of a bad mark on her record it would hinder her prospects at a full ride scholarship, “No, professor F we…I…” That was not very smooth, She thought to herself.

08-25-16_8-18-02 PM.jpg

Professor F pretended to be annoyed in order to sell his intervention, “Two days…”

Tatiana almost in tears, even Mortimer tried to chime in, “Really professor F…”.

08-25-16_8-23-30 PM.jpg

“Three days!! Tatiana meet me after class I am worried about your recent distracted nature and your lack of respect for my time and your peers time in this classroom today.” Mortimer apologized to Tatiana as best he could non-verbally.

Tatiana with all resignation stated, “Sure, ok..”

08-25-16_8-26-22 PM.jpg

She felt herself become unstable. She never got detention, never was called out in front of her peers, this was her favorite class her favorite professor what was going on in her life everything was different she thought. When the class was finally over and her peers shuffled themselves out of the classroom door, Tatiana was left by herself with only the professor as her audience.

08-25-16_8-28-00 PM.jpg

He positioned himself in front of her desk and interrogated her, “I was wondering Tatiana, whatever is the matter with you? You missed school, you barley got an average grade on today’s pop quiz, you have social discussions in class.”

“No Professor F I have just been under the weather, I promise I will make up today’s grade.” She said sincerely.

08-25-16_8-30-24 PM.jpg

“Perhaps I should make this grade permanent so you can snap out of whatever it is your doing. Not focusing on your future and this nonchalant attitude in class will make you lose out on a perfectly good full ride scholarship, young lady.”

08-25-16_8-30-20 PM.jpg

She did not take the advice lightly. She felt overwhelmed, defeated, and lost complete control of all her emotions, just like she felt she was losing complete control of her life and plans for her future! The adrenaline started coursing through her entire body, her eyes lost their original green hue and Professor F turned into a figurine right before her…”NO! oh no oh no oh no!!” She cried in despair!

Professor F Conversion.jpg

Thinking on her feet, she scooped him up in a frantic scurry and with an impulse shoved professor F in her backpack…

08-25-16_8-36-45 PM.jpg

…Tatiana scurried down the hall. She shoved the solidified figure within the metal prison she called her locker until further notice…

08-25-16_8-39-27 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…