Vet & Home Challenge w/ Side Challenges

Vet & Home Challenge w/ Side Challenges:

Must have Cats & Dogs Expansion to complete the Main Challenge

Must have San Myshuno Expansion to complete one of the Side Challenges


  • Build a home worth at least 50k simoleons 2 beds and 2 baths (this amount subject to change after playtesting this challenge) – Completion = 1000Pts
  • Have a 5 star vet clinic on a different lot – Completion = 1000Pts
  • Have 16 perfect dragon fruit plants (ok to harvest from spice festival in fact, encouraged!) – Completion = 1000Pts
    • EXTREME CHALLENGE – graft the dragon fruit yourself
    • ALTERNATIVE – plant another high simoleon plant (like the sixam kind)
  • Complete the ‘Friend of Animals’ Aspiration – Completion = 250 Pts per milestone
  • Level Vet Skill – Completion = 1000Pts
  • Level the Pet Training skill to 5 – Completion = 100Pts per level
  • Level Handiness to at least level 5 – Completion = 100Pts per level
    • Purchase two cheap rumbas and upgrade all items – Completion = 100Pts per Upgrade
    • Keep all plumbing parts scavenged/harvested in your inventory, not allowed to sell them
  • Complete the feathers collection twice! (more details below) – Completion = 500Pts per collection
  • Have a pet gain 1500 followers via the simstagram addition – Completion = 1500Pts
  • Additional Side Challenges Below!



YA possesses ‘Friend of the Animals’ aspiration and any three traits you desire them to have. Ok to turn off aging during this challenge.

After purchasing your home lot (any size lot is acceptable) ensure you lower your simoleons to 0. No cheats allowed after this point.

  • Can live anywhere and own a vet anywhere not forced to live and work only in Brindleton Bay.
  • Cannot own or adopt a pet right away.


General Gameplay:

  • Gain enough money to have small and cheap facility to live in (plot of land can be any size you want)
  • Must harvest/collect and sell harvestables/ collectibles within 24 sim-hours of collecting. Frog Breeding is allowed, and the only collectible your sim is allowed to keep in their inventory indefinitely, outside of their earbuds. (also not you are to keep all plumbing parts as read in the summary above)
  • **Exception – Allowed to keep one of every nip herb harvested if completing the side challenge. See below for more details.
  • Gardens are to be planted at your home lot ONLY 😉 –
    • Hiring a gardener is allowed after accomplishing a 3 star rating at your sims vet clinic.
  • Save enough money to buy a vet clinic.


Specific Gameplay:

  • If your sim has no Clinic or a One Star Rating Clinic your Sim may:
    • Purchase one check-in station, one cheap crafting table (crafting table should be placed on home lot), and one cheap exam station for the Clinic
    • Purchase a low quality, bed, plumbing and appliances for your sims home
    • Decorate Vet & Home to your liking no rules in this space
    • Purchase pet items to prepare for your pet adoptions


  • 2 Star Rated Clinic (and given enough simoleons) your Sim may:
    • Upgrade the bedroom at home
    • Add a living room at home
    • Add another exam station at the clinic
    • Decorate to your liking no rules in this space
    • Adopt a cat preferably a stray


  • 3 Star Rated Clinic (and given enough simoleons) your Sim may:
    • Upgrade your kitchen at home
    • If you have the laundry stuff pack – you may add a laundry room
    • Add a surgery station at the clinic
    • Adopt a dog preferably a stray
    • Decorate to your liking no rules in this space
    • Hire Services for home, i.e. gardener, butler or maid


  • 4 Star Rated Clinic (and given enough simoleons) your Sim may:
    • Upgrade your bathroom at home
    • Add one extra room build of any kind to your home
    • Add another exam station at clinic
    • Decorate to your liking no rules in this space.


  • 5 Star Vet Clinic, there are no limitations to upgrading your vet and/or Home lot.


Additional Items to Watch For:

  • Not allowed to replace appliances or plumbing – repair everything.
  • You cannot live on your vet clinic lot, although you may have a bathroom and a kitchenette at the location.
  • You are only allowed to physically work at your clinic M,W,F (you can open the clinic T, TH, Sat, however, your sim will manage it remotely).
  • Only allowed to work on your garden T, TH, S.
  • Sundays your sim will craft treats for the clinic, you can do whatever else needed except you cannot open clinic nor garden.
  • Once you level handiness to 5 you must buy two of the cheapest rumbas
    • One rumba for your home lot
    • One rumba for the office
    • Complete all upgrades required
  • You are not allowed to purchase upgrade parts on a computer.
  • Complete the feathers collection twice! – No feather selling until two collections are completed
    • Assemble an owl with one collection
    • Complete the item frames with the other
    • Once collection is completed twice you are allowed to sell all other feathers

Don’t forget!!

  • Level pet training skill,
  • Complete aspiration,
  • Build a home worth at least 50k
  • Gain 1500 followers on your pets simstagram!


Side Challenges:

These side challenges can be performed in conjunction with the main challenge.

Nip Herb Side Challenge Completion = 1000Pts: Your Sim wants to experiment with the fancy herbs they found in Brindleton Bay. What reaction do these herbs have on our furry friends?

  • Have your sim level all four of the nip herbs to perfection (only need one of each):
    • Napnip, madnip, nuzzlenip, and catnip
    • Give a fully leveled nip herb of every category to four of your pet patients

Every Recipe Side Challenge Completion = 3500Pts: Your Sim is a food connoisseur; they are wanting to impress their friends and family with the magical recipes found in the city of San Myshuno and Brindelton Bay.

  • Have your sim learn all 31 recipes from San Myshuno and Brindelton Bay’s Food Stalls.
  • Have your sim create all the pet meals for their household pets
  • Have at minimum 5 dinner parties to show off their culinary prowess

Sim Has it All Side Challenge Completion = 1000Pts: Your Sim has needs (many of them), having a mate is one of them.

  • Have your sim befriend at minimum 5 other sims
  • Have your sim date 5 sims
  • Have your sim marry the one sim they have the highest friendship & relationship bar with
  • Have your sim have at minimum one nooboo with them whether adopted or regular way.


Download Points Tracker – HERE

7 thoughts on “Vet & Home Challenge w/ Side Challenges

      1. I played some last night. I have never played in the new town so felt lost at first. but wanted to have my sim start there to make the challenge more fun and new for me.I’m going to read the rules again 5 times so I know exactly what I am doing. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hahahaha totally take your time and at your own pace – and dont feel bad if the challenge isnt for you, thats the beauty of sandboxy games – you can do your own thing at any point hehe ❤


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