Tatiana was feeling the fatigue of carrying a vision for as long as this one had lasted. Although she enjoyed knowing the depth and breadth of the Queen Bee duo she was ready to call it quits when her vision decided on one last detour.

Finale pic 1.jpg


Eliza was at the mall looking for a dress for a party, no longer sporting frizzy hair or braces, it was the popular Eliza, leader of the Queen Bees in their Senior year. Her first wish transformed her appearance, and voice along with her popularity levels, “I think I am going to ask Bob Pancakes out, he will have to say yes because I am the Queen Bee” she tittered.

Finale pic 2.jpg


Sophia was jealous but tried to play it off, “Seriously, that buffoon? He can’t even think for himself without mummy dearests permission. What do you see in that gargoyle anyway?”

Eliza remarked, “He is the school’s star jock, and aren’t the schools top jocks and future prom queens supposed to hook up?!”

Finale pic 3.jpg


“I do not know about this century and their weird antics but if that is what you really want then wish it. You have two more wishes left you know?”

Eliza reacted quickly, “No!” She softened, “I mean, I can do this myself.”

Sophia picked up on the hesitation and questioned it, “What are you afraid of Liza?”

09-09-17_9-31-22 PM.png

Eliza sheepishly answered, “We don’t know what will happen to you if I consume the last wish…it could be bad, death even…we don’t know! So I will never use it. You are my best friend in this entire stupid planet and I don’t want to live my life without you.”

Finale pic 5.jpg


Sophia was completely moved, this was the first human that she had feelings for flaws and all. A human that had sacrificed their own ulterior motives just to be her friend…She never loved Adriel, or King Goth, that was just a power play, a strategic move for security.

Finale pic 6.jpg


Sophia had grown to like her master but that was quickly overshadowed by this new emotion she was feeling for her Eliza…love

Finale pic 7.jpg


Sophia approached her friend and kissed her, no one and nothing else in the world mattered more to her than her Liza …and this felt right.

Finale pic 8.jpg


Eliza was caught off guard,”What was that for?”

Sophia acted as if it were planned, “I figured you should practice for when you have to kiss Bob, he will want a proficient kisser.”

Finale pic 9.jpg


“Oh, you’re so smart, Sophie…can we do it again?”

Sophia smiled devilishly.

Finale pic 10.jpg



Tatiana was removed from the mall scene and placed in the hospital where she was seeing herself lying asleep in a hospital bed. She was accompanied by Mortimer, he stole away a few minutes to silently pray for her to wake up. Not that he knew how to pray granted but he was willing to give it a shot if it meant Tatiana waking up. Closing his eyes he felt a presence.

Finale pic 11.jpg


Mortimer witnessed a horrendous stench and raised his head to where it was coming from. The Reaper was surprised a human could see his form without a loved one being harvested near them. Tatiana was still alive, ironically, he was ensuring it, then why could Mortimer see him?

You? You’re the one my parents are waiting for? Why haven’t you given them rest?”

Finale pic 12.jpg


“I do not need to explain myself to you, but I am interested in why you can see me…” Adriel floated ominously towards the human. “There must be more to the Goth’s lineage than one can see…even still you are a bother and I am now quite irritable…”

Finale pic 13.jpg


He pounced on Mortimer and drained some of his essences to prove his theory. Making Mortimer age slightly, “Interesting indeed…”

Finale pic 14.jpg


Mildly empowered and satisfied by his findings, he vanished into thin air leaving an adult Mortimer even more perplexed. He stumbled out of the room in search of Bella for support.

Finale pic 15.jpg


Tatiana was mortified, she didn’t know what led to this strange meeting in the first place but the fact that Adriel harmed her friend was heartbreaking. She was trying to figure out the connection between Mort and the supernatural world when Sophia and Eliza walked into the room silently.

Finale pic 16.jpg


“I don’t think this is a good idea, Sophia, I don’t think Tatiana is a witch, she would have proved it to us a long time ago if she was. Turned us into frogs or something. How does stumbling over each other at the dance prove that?”

“Nonsense, beloved, I should have known sooner. Her presence was telling, when she touched me at the dance I felt the supernatural connection. I should have known that fairy the other day was connected to Tatiana too. However, I was distracted by the dance, the Goths, the Bachelors, and you.”

Finale pic 17.jpg


Eliza stopped in her tracks, “Wait, did you have anything to do with their misfortunes?”

Sophia deceitfully denied her involvement and Eliza was appeased, “Well ok, but you aren’t going to hurt Tatiana, are you? I mean I hate her and all but she is my sister.”

Finale pic 18.jpg


In an instant, Enrique in his full Guardian glory walked in on the pair, “What are you doing here Sophia?”

“What in the…” Eliza shocked, was ignored by Enrique.

“I know about you, I know your hand in the Goths deaths, your attempted murder of the Bachelors, and I can only assume it was your hand that took Juliette from Tatiana.”

Finale pic 19.jpg


Sophia, was actually quite proud of her deeds, in her mind, it served them right for their ancestors imprisoned her so long without a care, “They were all so deserving! Now it is Tatiana’s turn!”

Finale pic 20.jpg


Enrique dashed to corral Sophia, she was powerless she knew this. He grabbed Sophia by the arm, with great force and began his heart manipulation procedure. His eyes and hands began to intensely glow. It was to replaced her hatred of so many with indifference instead.

Guardians know that hate and obsession is the most destructive of all emotions, this is their reason for existing, to thwart the damage and chaos it causes. Little by little Sophia was softening in very small doses…the transfiguration was painful, for the roots of hate ran profound.

Finale pic 21.jpg


Before Enrique was half-way finished with his work, Eliza not understanding what was happening, and thinking that Sophia was being attacked, in a panic commanded…”I wish we were far away from here, where Enrique can never find us!”

Finale pic 22.jpg


Sophia’s eyes bled translucent blue she laughed maniacally, “Your wish, my love, is my command.” Both Eliza and she were teleported to Windenburg. Enrique could never finish his transformation of Sophia’s heart, and he was never able to find her again.

Finale pic 23.jpg


Tatiana remained silent, heartbroken with the news of Juliette. Tortured by the fact Sophia remained on the loose, and weak from her dream-state. Last but not least, amazed at the realization of Enriques revelation and true state.

Finale pic 24.jpg


Just when she thought she was about to pass out, she felt a warm presence next to her, “Mon Ange when you awake you must ‘ide! Let the Guardian take you away from Willow Creek, move to Oasis Springs. There is a group of gypsies I know there, they will keep you safe. Promise me!!”

Finale pic 25.jpg

Before she could run to Juliette to hug her, she disappeared the same way she arrived, quickly. Her soul was sucked back into her body. Enrique was rattled to see Sophia won this round but was excited to see Tatiana stir in her hospital bed.

Finale pic 26.jpg

Learning they were soulmates was finally sinking in, he loved Tatiana, passionately. Always had since he saw her, she was all he ever wanted. The rest of it didn’t matter to him at that very second, he just wanted Tatiana well.

Finale pic 27.jpg


Enrique was thrilled to see her vitals stronger and color spilling over her fair face. “Thank the creator, querida…I can tell you everything now. Starting with this, te amo.”

Finale pic 28.jpg


Six years later…Bella and Mortimer…

Bella would get a call from her best friend once a month whilst they were on the move and only for what seemed like seconds. She was heartbroken at the fact she could never spend real time with her anymore, it was too risky. Mortimer had 24 hr protection for himself and Bella in case Sophia tried anything stupid. Which, she hadn’t thus far.

Bella gave Tatiana news on Eliza’s marriage to Bob Pancakes, and how Sophia and Charlie Briggans the recent lottery winner, were engaged in Windenburg. It made local news.

Finale pic 29.jpg



She and Mortimer became closer after the saga with Sophia, they even started to work on their family history together after Tatiana told them how they were linked in the past somehow.

Finale pic 30.jpg


Bella learned she and Tatiana were distant cousins and that pleased her so. Mortimer learned that the Goths lineage dealt with some secret society called the ‘S’ Hunters. Something about trackers of supernaturals, but that is a story for another day.

Finale pic 31.jpg


For now, know that the pair are quite smitten for each other. Bella stood by Mortimer through the whole aging ordeal, and was such an incredible young lady, he wished he’d noticed sooner. He was making up for lost time.

Finale pic 32.jpg


…Tatiana and Enrique…

Tatiana and Enrique were back from their trip to Sunset Valley. Being part of the gypsy crew was quite the lifestyle, they adored it. It gave them the freedom they desperately needed, the ability to stay incognito, and the time alone with each-other they yearned for.

Finale pic 33.jpg


The gypsy arrangement allowed Tatiana to utilize her gifts to help humanity under a guise which was also liberating. Enrique, however, was on borrowed time. They both knew he would soon be beckoned back to the Garden to continue his enlistment there. There was no way out of it.

Finale pic 34.jpg


It became harder now that they had a son together, that was all things good and pure on this dimension. The fact that Tatiana bred with a Guardian allowed her to bypass the curse of a female first born child. This was their hope, that the curse was broken. That the Grim Reaper would now be bested and his powers wain because he would not be able to exchange with a non-Fey.

Finale pic 35.jpg


Humberto, their son, showed no signs of supernatural abilities, this was a blessing to both Tatiana and Enrique. A child that could live a normal life was all anyone could ask for. A child that was not burdened by the trials of the Fey or the call of enlistment into Guardianship. Relief, peace, joy, it was incredible.

Humberto was a musical prodigy, he lived and breathed music even at such a tender age. His parents were quite proud of their little man.

Finale pic 36.jpg



Yet, there was one last heartbreak, one last tear to shed, one final goodbye. The day Enrique left to complete his draft with the Guardians, he left his heart with his family. He truly had no choice in the matter. Just like the ECD had no control over his love of them.

Finale pic 37.jpg


He hoped he would return, but he made no promises. The other dimensions were full of hate and corruption. Just like any soldier that enlisted in any war, it would be a miracle if he returned, and if he did, would he be the same?

Finale pic 38.jpg

Return…he did not…but a new story began…a story of a young girl who wanted all the attention in the world. A young girl who cursed her sister…A sister that Tatiana’s Humberto would love unconditionally…His very own Cursed Beauty…

Finale pic 41.jpg



You may be wondering about the souls trapped as figurines. What happened to them? Well, Adriel has them. He made a special trip to Tatiana and Juliette’s home and found them all tucked away in a chest…silly Fey…he learned of Tatianas early failed attempts at controlling her powers. How she accidentally figurined so many souls, and ironically it pleased him…

Finale pic 39.jpg


For it gave his wife Celeste new friends to commensurate with. If she could not find freedom, then he promised neither would they, besides he was a collector of many things…

Finale pic 40.jpg





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