CBP – Chapter 37

Tatiana’s head was reeling, Sophia Jinn was a supernatural! Banished into another dimension by her own ancestor Abigail?! The Goths are descendant from Kings??! Bently was also linked to all of this, was he connected to her best friends lineage somehow, but wouldn’t that potentially make her and Bella family?

Ch 37 Eps 1.jpg

HOLY wiggling honey badgers she thought to herself, I am going to need a drink when I get home!! Instantly she was teleported to her time. Technically it was her time only it was the beginning of the school year, she was in Eliza’s bedroom.

Ch 37 Eps 2.jpg

Eliza was the way she remembered her before becoming a Queen Bee. Mousy, braces and scraggly hair. She was talking to herself in the mirror about a necklace she found in the flea market in San Myshuno during her last trip there.

Ch 37 Eps 3.jpg

She dusted it off and cleaned it, when Sophia was released from its prison…She looked at her surroundings and immediately started to sob. She was no longer ‘home’, she was somewhere else and someone other than King Goth was her master.

Ch 37 Eps 4.jpg

Sophia seethed, she tried to turn Eliza into a lizard but couldn’t tap into her powers since they were for her own selfish motives. Something Abigail removed from her abilities long ago.

Sophia surrendered to her newest lot in life and sank in a chair, “You have three wishes, so make them good.”

Ch 37 Eps 5.jpg

Eliza’s wide eyes were full of joy and hope, “What do you mean like a Jeanie?”

Ch 37 Eps 6.jpg

“No, like a Jinn you freak of nature, creator what year is this?” Realizing the young lady in her presence spoke and dressed differently.


“Nevermind I do not care to know.” She dismissed.

Ch 37 Eps 7.jpg

Sophia was not amused, she forced herself to calm down and take in the fact that she had been trapped in the necklace for a very long time. What happened to King Goths promise? She may never know.

Ch 37 Eps 8.jpg

Eliza not realizing Sophia’s melancholy continued, “What is a Jinn?”

Sophia answered catatonically almost robotically as if she had practiced this definition a million times before.

“The Creator made four beings The Guardians, The Fae, The Jinn, and Humanity which include humans and aliens…Jinn are not as strong as Guardians or Fae but they have more power than humans. Jinn were created from fire and smoke to be the Creator’s worker bees. They performed all of his micro level projects such as ensuring the flora and fauna do not go extinct and pools of water and air are never polluted. Regrettably, Jinn became selfish, they cared little for such matters and slowly separated themselves from the Creators control…He grew exasperated and wiped out the majority of the Jinn’s save for my family line…for my founder was ever faithful, and now here I am to serve thee.”

Ch 37 Eps 9.jpg

Eliza not believing her ears, “Wow, Holy Creator!! That is such an amazing story, what’s your name?”

Ch 37 Eps 10.jpg

She still possessed her husband’s surname, Grimme, but refused to share it for she left that old life long ago for her lover Goth, the King, the man that abandoned her and allowed the witch to imprison her in the necklace for centuries…”my name is Sophia Jinn.”

Ch 37 Eps 11.jpg

Eliza couldn’t help but be bug eyed and truly excited. She loved fairy tales and this was her very own fairy tale come true…three wishes, oh boy! She thought of all the boys she could have Sophia magically like her, or all the money in the universe! This was going to be epic, and she couldn’t wait to show off her very own Jeanie to the world. Eliza was bursting with questions so she decided to just cut to the chase with her new found friend.

Ch 37 Eps 12.jpg

“When can I start wishing, and can I wish for more wishes, and will you go back into your necklace to sleep at night, oh and why do you have the lion the witch and the wardrobe accent, do you know the lion the witch and the wardrobe? Oo do they live in the necklace too, can I go in there with you sometime huh? Can I tell people about you?”

Ch 37 Eps 13.jpg

Sophia was dizzy, “ENOUGH you insulant peasant…mediocrity hovers over thee and I already hate that thou art my new master…If thee must know I have an accent because I am technically royalty. This is how we spoke during my time. Also nay, thou cannot wish for more wishes, thou cannot tell a soul what I am. I have no idea who ‘lion the witch and the wardrobe’ is and if I ever see a witch again I shall scratch her eyes out…as for the necklace, no one will ever set foot in it again as far as I am concerned. Thus, put it away.”

Ch 37 Eps 14.jpg

Eliza thought the entire thing was wondrous, a new magical friend, wishes to plan for and did she mention a new friend? “Ms. Sophia you are welcome to stay with me in my home. I assume if you aren’t going to go back into the necklace to sleep you are going to need a place to stay, right?”

Ch 37 Eps 15.jpg

Sophia was overcome with warmth, a feeling she seldom felt. Especially while she was trapped in the other dimension she loathed so much. She pretended not to be touched by Eliza’s outreach and simply nodded acceptance.

Ch 37 Eps 16.jpg

Elizas curiosity continued, “Hey, what happens to you when the wishes are gone?”

Sophia knew there was more to her story and she regretted Bently not allowing Abigail to finish the rules tied to this current situation she was in, “I do not know, the witch that sent me away never said, I guess we shall find out together.”

Ch 37 Eps 17.jpg

Tatiana was silenced by the privilege to see into Sophia’s history, it made her understand them more and even felt a twang of compassion for the pair. As she was watching the exchange her present vision was swapped for a new one.

Ch 37 Eps 18.jpg

Same time frame but this time they were at a park. A park that Tatiana remembered being in not that long ago, in fact there she was fishing with Bella Bachelor in the background, seeing the past version of themselves was eerie…her observations of herself were interrupted by Eliza and Sophia’s conversation.

Ch 37 Eps 19.jpg

Sophia asked Eliza, “Why are you watching those girls so intently?”

Eliza pointed, “See that girl by the water source?”

Sophia confirmed, “Yes, good heavens why people fish in those germ infested waters I shan’t ever know. I should have rid the world of fish had I had a second chance at selfish powers.”

Ch 37 Eps 20.jpg

Eliza frowned, “You really should work on ridding yourself from that accent it makes you stick out like a sore thumb, you are going to start school tomorrow and people will ask too many questions, if you want to remain incognito, then fix it.”

“Well, I shall try my best but go on…what about those girls…which by the by, seems most familiar to me.”

Ch 37 Eps 21.jpg

Eliza bowed her head in grief, “One of them is my sister, I found some pictures in my dad’s office and questioned him, my dad hit me for snooping and told me to keep it a secret. I hate her because she is prettier than me and has friends…If only  I was more popular than her…”

Heart racing, Sofia was compelled to question, “Tis this yond’s first wish?”

Eliza still staring at the pair of friends fishing stated, “I think so.”

Ch 37 Eps 22.jpg

“Then, thy wish is my command…”

Ch 37 Eps 23.jpg

To Be Continued…



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    1. Yes, she knew but their father made her promise not to tell by force (he was not such a great man), she always felt inferior to Tatiana and is why she bullied and tormented her. She has just wanted to feel accepted all along just went about it the wrong way 😦

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