CBP – Chapter 36

Tatiana witnessed the most outrageous theme, a conversation between a king and his adviser, regarding a mistress that was ruining the kingdom with her powers…powers that only a witch could stop. Curiously, the mistresses name was very much the same name that belonged to one of Tatiana’s biggest tormentors back home…

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She was growing increasingly concerned for her propagating translucence. The more time she spent in this place, whatever this was, she was growing physically fainter, and could not reverse the effects. The fact that she didn’t know what that meant for her dimensionally speaking, was overwhelmingly distressing.

Ch 36 2.jpg

At once, Tatiana was taken to the room where Bently, the King, Sophia and the witch were preparing for the banishment.

Abigail was at attention in the presence of the king and looking past him as a sign of respect. Looking in the eyes of someone in such a high station was frowned upon. Bently, the king’s adviser was making introductions, “Your highness, may I present the witch, Abigail, daughter of Celeste and Adriel Grimme.”

Tatiana was elated she was seeing her family member, who would have guessed that she would witness her thrice great gran in action?

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“Ah, thou art the daughter of the good doctor, yes, yes very good.” Having a prestigious family connection was important in this era. Tatiana remembered from her ancient literature course in school.

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Once the king addressed her it released her from the impersonal stance. Abigail humbly responded, “Aye, the very one King.” Abigail bowed her head, she did not seem pleased with the connection, but it allowed her to do her work for the kingdom, which Tatiana could tell was a thing of pride for Abigail.

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Without a moments hesitation the royal guards brought in Sophia, kicking and screaming, “Unhand me thee metal clanging buffoons!” She glared at the King demanding he did something about her freedom…She noticed the guests in the room, then focused on the King, “What is this, mine love, why have I been treated so poorly in your presence?”

ch 36 6.jpg

“Please, fair one, I doth this to protect mine people, and protect thy well being. thou has’t runneth a muck in mine kingdom and now we art the target of many nations. This young lady, is the valorous doctors daughter, Adriel, the lady wilt…”

ch 36 7.jpg

Sophia screamed, “ADRIEL!!?? Does thee not see mine liege, Adriel is mine former husband, ’twas he I hath left for thee! Thy King musn’t trust this peasant with me, surely the lady is colluding with her father to beest mine undoing! Please mine love I beg of thee.”

ch 36 8.jpg

The King grew anxious, if this was true, Sophia claimed to have suffered whilst wed to the very same Doctor. His mixed emotions were observed by everyone in the room. Troubled Abigail whispered to Bently, “The King should really not be in here, I can cease Sophia’s magic but the King is her link and is captive to her charm. Please remove him.”

ch 36 9.jpg

“I heard that witch! it does not surprise me Adriel had a witch for a daughter, the venomous snake!” Sophia flicked her wrist in her attempt to harm Abigail but multiple Jeanie crystal diffusers spread about the room were preventing Sophia from performing her magic. Sophia became angry and tried to walk to the door when Abigail charmed her to remain rooted for the spell ceremony to take place.

ch 36 10.jpg

Sophia plead one more time in a most intimate and desperate manner, “Darling, please, save me?”

The King looked away as Bentley urged him to take leave. Before he left the chamber he stated,”I promise thee mine love, I taketh no joy in what I am allowing these kings servants to do. After a fortnight, I shalt free thee and thee wilt beest safe in mine arms forever more.”

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Bently pledged, “King, thy first priority is thy kingdom, thy musn’t forget, Abigail is doing thee and the entire country a favor. Please just step outside until it is completed.”

The King recognized the truth in his words, however painful. “Forgive me Sophia, very well, do what you must.”

ch 36 12.jpg

He removed himself from the room and planted himself outside the door…praying to the creator that his mistress, however horrible, would be spared from death from an incantation gone wrong, for forgiveness for such pagan utilization and for ignoring his kingdom in such a manner for his own passion and selfishness…

ch 36 13.jpg

Inside the room, Sophia was seething, “Did Adriel marry a Fey in my absence? He always worked beneath his station. ‘Tis why I truly left him you know? He was too focused on the village and their disgusting people. Working for free, how was he going to support me that way?”

ch 36 14.jpg

She paused and assessed Abigails pained look at the mention of Adriel, “You wouldn’t know about that, would you? I can sense he was not part of your life, was he?” She hoped the probing would distract the witch from continuing the incantation. And, it worked, albeit temporarily.

ch 36 15.jpg

“I seem to remember it is the Jinn that are beneath our station. Were you not selected the worker bees of the Fey before the betrayal? Is your family not the last descendants of the Jinn lineage because of said treachery? The only reason you are still alive is because of your grandmother’s last favor to the Garden of Life, never forget your frailty.” She never spoke of Adriel, however, her testimony was enough to quiet the quivering lips of Sophia.

ch 36 16.jpg

“Bently, did you invite anyone to witness this event?” Abigail whipped her head directly at the wall where Tatiana was currently located.

Ch 36 17.jpg

Bently answered while eyeing Sophia to ensure she didn’t do anything stupid, “No, mine love, just you and I.” His affection was not lost on Sophia nor Tatiana. What worried Tatiana more was being seen. So far she thought this was just a vision, did her thrice great grandmother know she was there?

Ch 36 18.jpg

“So, you two are in collusion? Adriel put you up to this, did he? Trust me witch and faithful adviser Bentley Bachelor,” She declared the latter sarcastically, “I will come out of this unscathed and I will kill thee, and if thine plan should have me enslaved for longer, I shall obliterate every one of your descendants from this planet, mark my words!”

Ch 36 19.jpg

Abigail did not seem frightened by Sophia’s foreboding, she commenced her ritual without hesitation. In three seconds a blue substance was removed from Sophia’s body, “Sophia, please know that what just transpired has eliminated the potential for you to make magic for yourself, forever.”

Ch 36 20.jpg

She held an elaborate necklace in her hands and recited, “Inside these prisms aging wilt halt and when thou art released thou will be bound to the one that finds the necklace. Once released from thy new home thine powers will lessen to but three wishes and only at thy masters request.”

Ch 36 21.jpg

Sophia’s eyes developed a deep blue hue, the color of her otherworldly essence. With a knot in her throat, she bristled, “That will be my King and he will release me tonight, I know it!”

Ch 36 22.jpg

Abigail gave Bently a concerned look and continued her set of instructions. “Understand, that once the third wish is granted…”

Bently interrupted her, “Mine love, enough with the details…Do it now before King Goth repents and kills us both!”

Ch 36 23.jpg

To Be Continued


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