Simtation Island Challenge Rules

Simtation Island Challenge – (inspired from the original TV show ‘Temptation Island’) four random couples are struggling to make their relationships work for different reasons, all get invited to the magical island of Simtation to confront their issues with their significant others and either grow a stronger bond with one another (highly encouraged), find love with another on the island (this is irrationally also encouraged) or forever separate (if this happens…we are so despicably sorry).

Create A Sim Rules

Create or borrow 4 couples, the wackier the better with absolutely no skill points or aspiration/reward traits linked to the sims. Recommend a variety of traits to make your sims interesting, however, we endorse the romantic trait as a commonality. Couples should arrive at the island at the same time. Challenge begins immediately upon arrival. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, cheating is kinda the theme here so money cheats are also allowed!

Island Set Up 

You can download the ‘Small Island Home’ created by SophSims HERE. You will need to add several items to ensure the challenge is achievable and entertaining (boring sims that eat cereal and poop all day is not my idea of fun, seriously). Firstly, I added flirty lamps all over the island. If you don’t have access to that you can utilize the ‘VIP bucket’ from buy/build mode hidden objects items (you can find the tutorial on how to HERE).

The intent here is to ensure all your sims are annoyingly and disgustingly flirty all the time, seriously pixelated beings, get a room. Oh, speaking of rooms…add rooms in the basement 3 bedrooms if you want more misfortunes to occur (and let’s be honest…sleepy Sims are hilarious to watch amiright?) , 4 bedrooms for less misfortunes to occur (booorrriiinnng).

Also, you will need to build a ‘time-out’ room to place the Sim that loses the weekly skill up mini-challenge or a sim that has obnoxious interactions like fighting or a mean interaction that was totally uncalled for (but rib-tickling to observe), your call as the MC. The isolation room should only have a toilet/bush. This will prevent your naughty little Sim(s) from skilling up that day, tsk tsk they should be better at virtual life, just saying. If you’re a nice MC you could put a plate of food in there if you feel compelled to…damn your moral compass!

Additional items to add for skilling setup.

  • observatory – in case they want to see the stars or act like one hehe (devlish smile inserted here)
  • easel – in case they want to paint a nudist or paint in the nude…or both…awkward!
  • gym object – for more gun flexing opportunities
  • chess table – really? Does this object have to be everywhere? Who even plays chess anymore?
  • yoga mats – STRETCH IT
  • microphone – everyone’s a comedian amiright?
  • dance floor – ‘raising the roof’ is not just a builders prerogative anymore
  • a stereo/boombox – how can one dance without music?
  • bookshelf – …I got nothing
  • an instrument of choice – listen a Sim that can play an instrument well should auto-win in my estimation.
  • a bar – This challenge should be played whilst juiced irl anyway soooo
  • any other skill up item you can fit in your destination

**we recommend not having a computer but a tv on the island is ok, if you absolutely must. Also note you can create your own paradise of sorts if you’d rather.**

Point System:

Any skill points earned = 10 pts each

General Accomplishments (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = 20 pts each

Misfortunes (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = (-)15 pts each

Whims completed (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = 10 points each

Romantic relationships (get you some)= 25 pts each

Friendly relationship = 10 pts each

Enemas, I mean, Enemies = (-) 15 pts

I created a Points Tracker you can utilize HERE

Club Set Up (because virtual life is uneventful without this system)

**you may bypass this section if you do not have the Get-Together Expansion Pack**

  • Create 2 clubs one for the men and one separate club for the women. These clubs run all the time.
  • Club activities should include romantic, hug, kiss, and woohoo. The last activity is completely up to you and optional.
    • ensure the club only performs the activities with the opposite club members.
  • Perk, Vibe, and Club Management Selections: we recommend the following perks
    • Romance Bonus
    • Flirty Club Vibe
    • Rally The Troops and Networked club are allowed
  • If you decide on selecting a skills perk, ensure the other club has them too (Just because cheating is the theme of this challenge doesn’t mean we need to be unfair, Wait…that made no sense…moving on…).

Challenge Gameplay

Cannot control any of the couples, (THOU SHALT NOT INTERVENE), except for the date events, and completion of whims. Which is a perfect segue to the next gameplay rule…

Must complete at least one whim per sim every day. Can only complete whims between 12 – 4 pm, But be fair and complete whims for each sim (I know we all have our favorites, that one sim that can do no wrong, but spread the love, I’ll be watching).

Sim with the least collective points for the week will be at a disadvantage and placed in the penalty room for an entire sim day the following week, you choose when.

The Sim with the most points at the end of the sims week, will win an opportunity for a date out on the town and the player can choose to allow friends to help vote/poll who to date (must date a sim that is part of the challenge) or can take the next sim with the most points to an outing, up to the player.

Winner at the end of 8 Sim weeks gets 500,000 simoleans! They can share it with their significant other, whether current one or new love (sharing is caring people) or keep it for themselves (that would be so deliciously selfish and hilarious).

Last but not least…HAVE FUN


This challenge was created by my sis in law and myself during the 4th of July weekend this year (2017). We had the best long weekend playing the sims together. Couldn’t ask for a better P.I.C.!

I am currently play-testing this challenge, I am going to go for an eight-sim-week trial to start with and see how this goes. will update the rules as we progress.

If you decide to play this challenge please tag me on any social media platform. I am excited to see how your stories/challenge plays out.

Virtual Hugs



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