CBP – Chapter 35

‘Such beauty no one has ever seen’, she knew castles existed but this…this was just out of this world, beautiful. This structure was so high she could swear the towers could reach the Garden of Life without hesitation. Tatiana was never told witches could travel to different places, she was to be a seer, not a teleporter, and this was….an abrupt surprise!!

ch 35 1.jpg


Noticeably, her flesh started to become a bit translucent, not understanding what this all meant, she became frightened.

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Without a warning, Tatiana was sucked into the castle walls like a vacuum and found herself listening in on a conversation with what looked like a king and an adviser!

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Both these people had an air of familiarity but she could not pin point where she had seen them before. Her vision was becoming more complex as she started to smell the humidity within the castle walls and feel it’s eery chill.

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“Thy Highness, if truth I am allowed to speak, thee has trusted my council for many moons anon. ‘Tis with wondrous haste that I urge an audience of thee. Tis a most delicate matter.”

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“Of course Bently, whatever could be the matter that you have rushed this conversation so?”

“Tis in regards of thine mistress.”

“Hath something happened to her Bently!?”

eps 35 6.jpg


“Nay king of course not, tis not what harmeth hast cometh upon h’r but what harmeth the lady is causing the kingdom sir.”

“Art thee inf’rring yond mine own love caused anyone harm, the mistress is sweet and quaint! what possible evil can a lady cause a state Bently, thou art trying mine own patience?” The King was quite irritated, Tatiana feared for the poor adviser.

eps 35 7.jpg


“My liege, I have proof of the varying incidents. Because of her jinn nature and want of constraint, sir, the lady hast single-handedly (clears throat) ceased all the seasons saveth for summer from occurring, made every animal disappeareth saveth for birds and insects and hast obliterated spiral staircases from the existence as well…your most sov’reign king…”


eps 35 8.jpg


The adviser continued, “The seasons have ceased because I quote “All other stations ruins my hair”, she rid herself of all the animals because “they smell” her words my Lord…she removed the spiral staircases because “the incessant loops made her queasy”, also her words…”

eps 35 9.jpg


“But without the seasons the crops will die? Without livestock we will starve as well, I do agree about the staircases, however. Bently, Jinn are tricky creatures; the ladies mother was one as well. They are selfish, narcissistic beings, but so fair to behold, it is hard to say nay to them understand, I share with thee my weakness towards Sophia because I trust thee and trust you have a wise solution to this problem.”

eps 35 10.jpg


“We do My Lord, we need to put her hence until it is safe, until we can, ahem…fix these problems…There is a witch that knows much about the Jinn and their weaknesses. The Lady can make it so that Sophia’s powers are thwarted.

The Lady shall never be able to utilize her powers for her own selfish motives again. The witch can even make it so that she will be banished temporarily until it’s safe to bring her back…”

eps 35 11.jpg


“Witch!!??! Banished!!!?? We are Simtians Bently our kingdom cannot be associated with hags there art laws against such paganism!!”

“My liege, tis either that or die, our neighboring kingdoms are plotting against thee they know thy weakness, but know this witch will take very good care of her and banish her in the most comfortable place imaginable your highness until the time is right. But know that this spell, the witch will cast, will only allow her to be released by the finder of her new home.”

“Stop speaking in riddles valorous one, what does yond mean?”

eps 35 12.jpg


“The witch will expel her within a costly piece of jewelry. It will look like a mere necklace to others but within its prisms is the dimension the witch will be sending Sophia for ah, safe keeping. If anyone finds it, touches it, she will be released, thankfully with only the ability to grant the finder of the necklace three wishes and then the ladys powers will be exhausted forever more.”

eps 35 13.jpg


“The plan is, thy highness, to have thee set her free within a fortnight so we can sort out the neighboring kingdoms and then by thy hand have the Ladys spells annulled.”

eps 35 14.jpg


“Ah Brilliant Bently! So this witch will make it so I will be able to release her and make me her master?”

“Of Course my Lord…”

“Brilliant, so let it be written, so let it be done.”

eps 35 15.jpg



eps 35 16.jpg

To be Continued…



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