CBP – Chapter 33

What Tatiana didn’t anticipate is that Juliette would put her into a deep sleep with her magic fairy powers as soon as she turned Freddy into a figurine. You see fairies are able to manipulate desires and needs.

cbp 33 1.jpg

They can manipulate basic biological necessities or any other varying basic desire save for love. Because they are incapable of manipulating such a complex emotion.

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Once Tatiana fell into a deep slumber Juliette forged a letter from Freddy to his current household. It read:


Juliette planned to pop the letter in Freddy’s mailbox the night of homecoming which was only three nights away.


Desperate for help, Juliette called Bella to the local cafe a few days later to discuss Tatianas current condition. It had been a few days since the incident with Freddy and Tatiana refused to talk, eat or function at all.

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In fact, Juliette couldn’t recall the last time her beloved daughter took a shower. Oh, heavens this was bad.

Thankfully, Bella arrived promptly. Juliette could tell Bella was concerned. She was pretty sure Tatiana was not returning any texts or calls, the last time that happened, Bella showed up at their doorstep ranting.

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“Sup Mamie,” Bella still called Juliette ‘grandma’ even though she knew she was Tati’s mother. It was what she always called her since the day they met, and a hard habit to break free from.

“Precious one ‘ow are you?”

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Bella furrowed her brows and looked impatiently at Juliette, “Look I know Tati is going through some rough stuff but is she going to sulk forever? It’s been two whole days and the dance is tomorrow!”

“I know dear Belle, I know. ‘owever there was an incident with her father a few days ago…”

cbp 33  6.jpg

Exasperated Bella interrupted, “Wait, what?! Your baby daddy is alive?!!”

Juliette tried to summarize the situation, however, she wasn’t great at building a synopsis, “Tati’s father was never dead, ‘e just disappeared, ‘e reappeared a few days ago and she refused to see ‘im. ‘e, in turn, the stubborn mule that ‘e is, showed up to the ‘ouse to see Tati regardless.”

cbp 33  7.jpg

Bella was really getting into the drama that she was hearing, it reminded her of her mother’s soap operas, the ones she pretended to hate just to spite her mom, it was just too good. “Oh Mamie, does he want to get in your pants again?”

Juliette got flustered and ignored her interrogation. “Good ‘eavens no! It gets worse, Tati ‘ad a vision that revealed that ‘er father ‘ad a family in town ‘e was a part of…”

cbp 33 8.jpg

“You mean he has been in town this whole time? Of all the deficient people I have ever met…what a slime bucket!”

Oui, and can you believe ‘er bully all these years is ‘er ‘alf-sister!”

Bella covered her face after that bit of news in sheer shock, “Fat heifers you have got to be kidding me?! Eliza!! Her Sister??!!”

cbp 33  9.jpg

Oui, the worst part is Tati did not accept ‘is forgiveness and ‘e was so taken aback ‘e insulted me for ‘er behavior towards ‘im which set Tatiana off…”

Bella braced herself, “Oh red plumbobs, she didn’t, tell me she didn’t, did she?!” She pleaded with the sim gods under her breath that Tatiana kept her cool. The thought of another figurine was unbearable even if it was a sleaze ball like her father.

cbp 33 10.jpg

“Sadly, That she did…” Juliette looked at her lap, she couldn’t bear the thought of what happened to both Freddy and Tatiana.

cbp 33 11.jpg

Bella’s wheels started turning, so much happened in the last few days she could barely keep up with all of the pandemonia. The police already have their suspicions of Tatiana’s involvement with these disappearances. She is going to be top of the suspect list for sure now, “…wh-what do we do?”

Juliette lifted her eyes securely fixed on Bella, “We do nothing mon Bella. I know ‘ow to fix this. I just need you to ‘elp Tati come out of this unscathed, please.”

cbp 33 12.jpg

Confused she answered, “Sure I will help Tati no question about it, but how will you fix this?!”

“It is better if you do not know what I will do to safeguard your best friend, but I implore you to cheer ‘er up I do not know ‘ow she will recover from this one…” Bella agreed with Juliette if only to ensure Tatiana stays out of legal trouble.

cbp 33 13.jpg


When the night of the dance arrived Juliette drove to Freddy’s house and completed her task of delivering the letter, but as she was going to turn around to leave, she could hear faint whispers and aroma of a weakened celestial fragrance. The distinct smell of a supernatural…yet it wasn’t Fae…

cbp 33 14.jpg

To Be Continued…

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