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Simtation Island Challenge Rules

Simtation Island Challenge – (inspired from the original TV show ‘Temptation Island’) four random couples are struggling to make their relationships work for different reasons, all get invited to the magical island of Simtation to confront their issues with their significant others and either grow a stronger bond with one another (highly encouraged), find love with another on the island (this is irrationally also encouraged) or forever separate (if this happens…we are so despicably sorry).

Create A Sim Rules

Create or borrow 4 couples, the wackier the better with absolutely no skill points or aspiration/reward traits linked to the sims. Recommend a variety of traits to make your sims interesting, however, we endorse the romantic trait as a commonality. Couples should arrive at the island at the same time. Challenge begins immediately upon arrival. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, cheating is kinda the theme here so money cheats are also allowed!

Island Set Up 

You can download the ‘Small Island Home’ created by SophSims HERE. You will need to add several items to ensure the challenge is achievable and entertaining (boring sims that eat cereal and poop all day is not my idea of fun, seriously). Firstly, I added flirty lamps all over the island. If you don’t have access to that you can utilize the ‘VIP bucket’ from buy/build mode hidden objects items (you can find the tutorial on how to HERE).

The intent here is to ensure all your sims are annoyingly and disgustingly flirty all the time, seriously pixelated beings, get a room. Oh, speaking of rooms…add rooms in the basement 3 bedrooms if you want more misfortunes to occur (and let’s be honest…sleepy Sims are hilarious to watch amiright?) , 4 bedrooms for less misfortunes to occur (booorrriiinnng).

Also, you will need to build a ‘time-out’ room to place the Sim that loses the weekly skill up mini-challenge or a sim that has obnoxious interactions like fighting or a mean interaction that was totally uncalled for (but rib-tickling to observe), your call as the MC. The isolation room should only have a toilet/bush. This will prevent your naughty little Sim(s) from skilling up that day, tsk tsk they should be better at virtual life, just saying. If you’re a nice MC you could put a plate of food in there if you feel compelled to…damn your moral compass!

Additional items to add for skilling setup.

  • observatory – in case they want to see the stars or act like one hehe (devlish smile inserted here)
  • easel – in case they want to paint a nudist or paint in the nude…or both…awkward!
  • gym object – for more gun flexing opportunities
  • chess table – really? Does this object have to be everywhere? Who even plays chess anymore?
  • yoga mats – STRETCH IT
  • microphone – everyone’s a comedian amiright?
  • dance floor – ‘raising the roof’ is not just a builders prerogative anymore
  • a stereo/boombox – how can one dance without music?
  • bookshelf – …I got nothing
  • an instrument of choice – listen a Sim that can play an instrument well should auto-win in my estimation.
  • a bar – This challenge should be played whilst juiced irl anyway soooo
  • any other skill up item you can fit in your destination

**we recommend not having a computer but a tv on the island is ok, if you absolutely must. Also note you can create your own paradise of sorts if you’d rather.**

Point System:

Any skill points earned = 10 pts each

General Accomplishments (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = 20 pts each

Misfortunes (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = (-)15 pts each

Whims completed (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = 10 points each

Romantic relationships (get you some)= 25 pts each

Friendly relationship = 10 pts each

Enemas, I mean, Enemies = (-) 15 pts

I created a Points Tracker you can utilize HERE

Club Set Up (because virtual life is uneventful without this system)

**you may bypass this section if you do not have the Get-Together Expansion Pack**

  • Create 2 clubs one for the men and one separate club for the women. These clubs run all the time.
  • Club activities should include romantic, hug, kiss, and woohoo. The last activity is completely up to you and optional.
    • ensure the club only performs the activities with the opposite club members.
  • Perk, Vibe, and Club Management Selections: we recommend the following perks
    • Romance Bonus
    • Flirty Club Vibe
    • Rally The Troops and Networked club are allowed
  • If you decide on selecting a skills perk, ensure the other club has them too (Just because cheating is the theme of this challenge doesn’t mean we need to be unfair, Wait…that made no sense…moving on…).

Challenge Gameplay

Cannot control any of the couples, (THOU SHALT NOT INTERVENE), except for the date events, and completion of whims. Which is a perfect segue to the next gameplay rule…

Must complete at least one whim per sim every day. Can only complete whims between 12 – 4 pm, But be fair and complete whims for each sim (I know we all have our favorites, that one sim that can do no wrong, but spread the love, I’ll be watching).

Sim with the least collective points for the week will be at a disadvantage and placed in the penalty room for an entire sim day the following week, you choose when.

The Sim with the most points at the end of the sims week, will win an opportunity for a date out on the town and the player can choose to allow friends to help vote/poll who to date (must date a sim that is part of the challenge) or can take the next sim with the most points to an outing, up to the player.

Winner at the end of 8 Sim weeks gets 500,000 simoleans! They can share it with their significant other, whether current one or new love (sharing is caring people) or keep it for themselves (that would be so deliciously selfish and hilarious).

Last but not least…HAVE FUN


This challenge was created by my sis in law and myself during the 4th of July weekend this year (2017). We had the best long weekend playing the sims together. Couldn’t ask for a better P.I.C.!

I am currently play-testing this challenge, I am going to go for an eight-sim-week trial to start with and see how this goes. will update the rules as we progress.

If you decide to play this challenge please tag me on any social media platform. I am excited to see how your stories/challenge plays out.

Virtual Hugs



CBP – Chapter 35

‘Such beauty no one has ever seen’, she knew castles existed but this…this was just out of this world, beautiful. This structure was so high she could swear the towers could reach the Garden of Life without hesitation. Tatiana was never told witches could travel to different places, she was to be a seer, not a teleporter, and this was….an abrupt surprise!!

ch 35 1.jpg


Noticeably, her flesh started to become a bit translucent, not understanding what this all meant, she became frightened.

eps 35 2.jpg


Without a warning, Tatiana was sucked into the castle walls like a vacuum and found herself listening in on a conversation with what looked like a king and an adviser!

eps 35 3.jpg


Both these people had an air of familiarity but she could not pin point where she had seen them before. Her vision was becoming more complex as she started to smell the humidity within the castle walls and feel it’s eery chill.

eps 35 4.jpg


“Thy Highness, if truth I am allowed to speak, thee has trusted my council for many moons anon. ‘Tis with wondrous haste that I urge an audience of thee. Tis a most delicate matter.”

eps 35 5.jpg


“Of course Bently, whatever could be the matter that you have rushed this conversation so?”

“Tis in regards of thine mistress.”

“Hath something happened to her Bently!?”

eps 35 6.jpg


“Nay king of course not, tis not what harmeth hast cometh upon h’r but what harmeth the lady is causing the kingdom sir.”

“Art thee inf’rring yond mine own love caused anyone harm, the mistress is sweet and quaint! what possible evil can a lady cause a state Bently, thou art trying mine own patience?” The King was quite irritated, Tatiana feared for the poor adviser.

eps 35 7.jpg


“My liege, I have proof of the varying incidents. Because of her jinn nature and want of constraint, sir, the lady hast single-handedly (clears throat) ceased all the seasons saveth for summer from occurring, made every animal disappeareth saveth for birds and insects and hast obliterated spiral staircases from the existence as well…your most sov’reign king…”


eps 35 8.jpg


The adviser continued, “The seasons have ceased because I quote “All other stations ruins my hair”, she rid herself of all the animals because “they smell” her words my Lord…she removed the spiral staircases because “the incessant loops made her queasy”, also her words…”

eps 35 9.jpg


“But without the seasons the crops will die? Without livestock we will starve as well, I do agree about the staircases, however. Bently, Jinn are tricky creatures; the ladies mother was one as well. They are selfish, narcissistic beings, but so fair to behold, it is hard to say nay to them understand, I share with thee my weakness towards Sophia because I trust thee and trust you have a wise solution to this problem.”

eps 35 10.jpg


“We do My Lord, we need to put her hence until it is safe, until we can, ahem…fix these problems…There is a witch that knows much about the Jinn and their weaknesses. The Lady can make it so that Sophia’s powers are thwarted.

The Lady shall never be able to utilize her powers for her own selfish motives again. The witch can even make it so that she will be banished temporarily until it’s safe to bring her back…”

eps 35 11.jpg


“Witch!!??! Banished!!!?? We are Simtians Bently our kingdom cannot be associated with hags there art laws against such paganism!!”

“My liege, tis either that or die, our neighboring kingdoms are plotting against thee they know thy weakness, but know this witch will take very good care of her and banish her in the most comfortable place imaginable your highness until the time is right. But know that this spell, the witch will cast, will only allow her to be released by the finder of her new home.”

“Stop speaking in riddles valorous one, what does yond mean?”

eps 35 12.jpg


“The witch will expel her within a costly piece of jewelry. It will look like a mere necklace to others but within its prisms is the dimension the witch will be sending Sophia for ah, safe keeping. If anyone finds it, touches it, she will be released, thankfully with only the ability to grant the finder of the necklace three wishes and then the ladys powers will be exhausted forever more.”

eps 35 13.jpg


“The plan is, thy highness, to have thee set her free within a fortnight so we can sort out the neighboring kingdoms and then by thy hand have the Ladys spells annulled.”

eps 35 14.jpg


“Ah Brilliant Bently! So this witch will make it so I will be able to release her and make me her master?”

“Of Course my Lord…”

“Brilliant, so let it be written, so let it be done.”

eps 35 15.jpg



eps 35 16.jpg

To be Continued…



CBP – Chapter 34

The day of the dance arrived. Every parent in town was ready for this event to be over because the teen hormones were taking over the city and it was exhausting keeping up with all the emotions linked to this day.

Ch 34 1.jpg


Juliette was still nowhere to be found. Tatiana would typically assume she was playing a comedy gig somewhere. However, her mom didn’t even text her to have a good time tonight or anything, this in itself was very unlike her. Also, she needed comfort from the recent events in her life that only her mother could provide.

Ch 34 2.jpg


Thankfully, it only took two days for Tatiana to sulk about the news of her half-sister and what she did to her father. She forced herself to move on, and pushed herself to get ready for tonight’s event.

Ch 34 3.jpg


She was happy to spend the evening with her friends. The thought of normalcy tonight cheered her up. the idea of seeing Enrique made her heart bloom with a fragrance of bliss. Oh how she wanted to be accompanied by Enrique instead of Mortimer, she hated that she felt that way, but she was being perfectly honest with herself.

Ch 34 4.jpg


Her accessories were the final piece to completing her ensemble. Her mother’s prized earrings, and a little lip gloss to finish the look. With one last look at herself in the mirror to ensure everything was in place. “This is as good as it is going to get, but it will do.”

Ch 34 5.jpg


Enrique was not surprisingly the first one to arrive at her house. He was the picture of perfection in his contemporary attire. He seemed a bit anxious and distracted before stepping into her home.

tense ricky.jpg


As soon as he walked inside and focused his eyes on her, it was as if he was cured of all his tension. His eyes fixed on her made her blush, which in turn made him smile profoundly.

Ch 34 6.jpg


“I did not think you could be more beautiful Tati, but here you are proving me wrong again.” His Freudian slip did not fall on deaf ears, she wondered what he meant by the word “Again” and just as she was going to ask him, he stepped closer into her personal space.

Ch 34 7.jpg


Eyes misty, voice trembling, “I have to tell you something querida, something import…” His urgency was palpable, his breath sweeping her face like a feather, yet he was interrupted by another knock at the door.

“Please Tatiana,”

Ch 34 8.jpg


“Ricky you want me to tell Bella and Mort we aren’t going tonight? You seem so distraught.” Her concern was evident and canceling the dance would not even phase her. This was one of the many reasons Ricky admired Tatiana. He hesitated to answer, he wanted to say ‘yes, let’s cancel, let’s go to the lighthouse instead, there is so much I need to tell you, so many truths untold. So much…’

Ch 34 9.jpg


Instead, his verbal response betrayed his tormented eyes, “No, please let us enjoy this evening together, what I have to say can wait querida.” He did his customary sweeping of her hair behind her ears, whilst his thumb traced her lovely face.

Ch 34 10.jpg


He wasn’t making her opening the door very easy, but somehow she managed. Bella and Mort had been standing outside for at least ten minutes discussing something that looked equally as enthralling as what was happening inside with Ricky and Tati. They seemed flustered as they entered but each of them hugged or shaked hands and the excitement for the dance continued.

Ch 34 11.jpg


They took many pictures of themselves in varying poses for her scrap book. When it was Bella, Tati and Enrique’s turn to take a picture together, Enrique clutched Tati’s hand behind their backs and wished they didn’t have to let go.

Ch 34 12.jpg



At the dance hall the students arrived as if it were the Grammies, the photographer had their work cut out for them because the kids were demanding. One by one they filled the hall.

Ch 34 13.jpg


The Queen Bees made up by Sophia, Eliza, Dina, Nina, and Nancy, and their dates Charlie Briggans, Bob Pancakes, Michael Bachelor, Don Lothario, and Geoffrey. Other miscellaneous teens continued arriving including the chaperones of the evening, Mrs. Pancakes Bob’s Mother, and Mr. Langraab.

Ch 34 14.jpg


For a split second Tatiana considered confronting Eliza. Ask her why she never told her about their connection, the fact that they were sisters. However, that would compromise her. It would prove she saw Freddy, that they talked. It would prove her guilt.

Ch 34 15.jpg


Mortimer disrupted her contemplative state to ask her for a dance, and Tatiana had no recourse but to accept, he had been wonderful to her all night, and quite honestly she felt like she owed Mort a dance at the very least for what she did to his brother after all.

Ch 34 16.jpg


“You are the most beautiful girl in the entire hall Tati.”

Tatiana blushed and thanked him for his kindness.

“I just wanted to thank you.”

“Good grief Mort whatever for?”

“You really helped me out through my darkest days, you listened, you were always there for me, it means so much to me. More than words can say.”

Ch 34 17.jpg


“Gosh Mort, I really wish you wouldn’t thank me,” her inward dialogue took over, ‘especially if you knew your brother was in my storage chest’. She continued outwardly, “I am glad for your friendship too.” She meant that, sincerely. Mort was a class act and she was better to have known him and befriend him.

“About that…”

Ch 34 18.jpg


Just as Mortimer was about to get deeper with his conversation, Sophia bumped into Tatiana whilst they were dancing. They held onto each other as not to fall or trip, but when Tatiana touched Sophia’s flesh she was sent spiraling into a funnel of visions.

Ch 34 19.jpg


These visions were not her normal everyday photo montage that she was used to, those visions were void of sound and color, this vision was crystal clear, vivid and full of sensory overload…

Ch 34 20.jpg


“HOLY Cow plants! Did I just teleport to the Garden of life?!”

Ch 34 21.jpg

To Be Continued…

Author’s note: Prom & Castle build created by HatsyYT





CBP – Chapter 33

What Tatiana didn’t anticipate is that Juliette would put her into a deep sleep with her magic fairy powers as soon as she turned Freddy into a figurine. You see fairies are able to manipulate desires and needs.

cbp 33 1.jpg

They can manipulate basic biological necessities or any other varying basic desire save for love. Because they are incapable of manipulating such a complex emotion.

cbp 33 2.jpg

Once Tatiana fell into a deep slumber Juliette forged a letter from Freddy to his current household. It read:


Juliette planned to pop the letter in Freddy’s mailbox the night of homecoming which was only three nights away.


Desperate for help, Juliette called Bella to the local cafe a few days later to discuss Tatianas current condition. It had been a few days since the incident with Freddy and Tatiana refused to talk, eat or function at all.

cbp 33 3.jpg

In fact, Juliette couldn’t recall the last time her beloved daughter took a shower. Oh, heavens this was bad.

Thankfully, Bella arrived promptly. Juliette could tell Bella was concerned. She was pretty sure Tatiana was not returning any texts or calls, the last time that happened, Bella showed up at their doorstep ranting.

cbp 33  4.jpg

“Sup Mamie,” Bella still called Juliette ‘grandma’ even though she knew she was Tati’s mother. It was what she always called her since the day they met, and a hard habit to break free from.

“Precious one ‘ow are you?”

cbp 33 5.jpg

Bella furrowed her brows and looked impatiently at Juliette, “Look I know Tati is going through some rough stuff but is she going to sulk forever? It’s been two whole days and the dance is tomorrow!”

“I know dear Belle, I know. ‘owever there was an incident with her father a few days ago…”

cbp 33  6.jpg

Exasperated Bella interrupted, “Wait, what?! Your baby daddy is alive?!!”

Juliette tried to summarize the situation, however, she wasn’t great at building a synopsis, “Tati’s father was never dead, ‘e just disappeared, ‘e reappeared a few days ago and she refused to see ‘im. ‘e, in turn, the stubborn mule that ‘e is, showed up to the ‘ouse to see Tati regardless.”

cbp 33  7.jpg

Bella was really getting into the drama that she was hearing, it reminded her of her mother’s soap operas, the ones she pretended to hate just to spite her mom, it was just too good. “Oh Mamie, does he want to get in your pants again?”

Juliette got flustered and ignored her interrogation. “Good ‘eavens no! It gets worse, Tati ‘ad a vision that revealed that ‘er father ‘ad a family in town ‘e was a part of…”

cbp 33 8.jpg

“You mean he has been in town this whole time? Of all the deficient people I have ever met…what a slime bucket!”

Oui, and can you believe ‘er bully all these years is ‘er ‘alf-sister!”

Bella covered her face after that bit of news in sheer shock, “Fat heifers you have got to be kidding me?! Eliza!! Her Sister??!!”

cbp 33  9.jpg

Oui, the worst part is Tati did not accept ‘is forgiveness and ‘e was so taken aback ‘e insulted me for ‘er behavior towards ‘im which set Tatiana off…”

Bella braced herself, “Oh red plumbobs, she didn’t, tell me she didn’t, did she?!” She pleaded with the sim gods under her breath that Tatiana kept her cool. The thought of another figurine was unbearable even if it was a sleaze ball like her father.

cbp 33 10.jpg

“Sadly, That she did…” Juliette looked at her lap, she couldn’t bear the thought of what happened to both Freddy and Tatiana.

cbp 33 11.jpg

Bella’s wheels started turning, so much happened in the last few days she could barely keep up with all of the pandemonia. The police already have their suspicions of Tatiana’s involvement with these disappearances. She is going to be top of the suspect list for sure now, “…wh-what do we do?”

Juliette lifted her eyes securely fixed on Bella, “We do nothing mon Bella. I know ‘ow to fix this. I just need you to ‘elp Tati come out of this unscathed, please.”

cbp 33 12.jpg

Confused she answered, “Sure I will help Tati no question about it, but how will you fix this?!”

“It is better if you do not know what I will do to safeguard your best friend, but I implore you to cheer ‘er up I do not know ‘ow she will recover from this one…” Bella agreed with Juliette if only to ensure Tatiana stays out of legal trouble.

cbp 33 13.jpg


When the night of the dance arrived Juliette drove to Freddy’s house and completed her task of delivering the letter, but as she was going to turn around to leave, she could hear faint whispers and aroma of a weakened celestial fragrance. The distinct smell of a supernatural…yet it wasn’t Fae…

cbp 33 14.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 32

Tatiana woke up from what happened to be a very hard sleep. She previously remembered being in the arms of the most fascinating guy she had ever encountered in her short life. If strength and protection were a scent that is what Ricky smelled like and it still lingered on her as if a warm blanket.

08-06-17_9-35-30 PM.jpg


However, all those fantastic emotions and fragrances had to be shelved. For her mother just crushed her musings with the news that her father, the man that abandoned them upon her birth, was downstairs waiting for her.



“Mom, I thought I told you I don’t want to meet him.”

“Oui, mon ange, I do know what you said but I need you to know there is an urgency to ‘is request.”

The sincere statement from Juliette inspired cynicism in Tati’s next question, “What? It’s not like he was diagnosed with a terminal illness or something, was he?”



Juliette slumped her shoulders, “Your resources are getting sharper mon petite chou, oui ‘e was told by ‘is doctor that ‘e ‘as but a few months to live.”



Tatiana’s world got dark, her gooseflesh returned, her eyes lost their green hue and her photo montage for visions returned…


Visions of her father meeting someone new during his relationship with Juliette…


VISION 1.jpg

Visions of the new baby he had around the same time she was born…

VISION 2.jpg

Visions of that little girl being ignored by him…

VISION 3.jpg

Visions of his daughter’s jealousy of her and Bella’s friendship, envious that her father watched Tatiana more than her…

VISION 4.jpg

The wind was temporarily thwarted from Tatiana’s airways…No, this couldn’t possibly be!! How in the world could this even be real! Her worst enemy in the entire world, her incessant bully, Eliza…is her half-sister!!!?? Tatiana was blinded by her overwhelming vision. Breathe Tati… breath, she coached herself…In a split second, and after calming down she ran downstairs to face the worm that called himself her father.

08-08-17_10-31-19 PM.png

Freddy was not the most patient person in the world, he was about ready to give up on meeting Tatiana when she graced him with her presence. He was everything she expected. A middle aged man who was dressed a decade younger than his age.

Juliette described him as a smooth talker who always appeared to be worth more than he actually was. She reckoned being in the entertainment industry has that effect on people, but this was just ridiculous. Therefore, the attire and accessories he wore confirmed Juliette’s recollection as truth.

08-08-17_10-13-03 PM.pngHe wore the silliest sun glasses, why he didn’t take them off inside the house she couldn’t guess. When he opened his mouth to speak his voice seemed foreign to her, not his accent just lack of familiarity. She was not pleased.

08-08-17_10-05-51 PM.png

“Oh, good heavens you’re a beauty Tatiana, I knew you would be pretty but wow, You look so much like your mom di…listen I know you didn’t, weren’t ready to meet but I don’t know how much longer I have, it’s just that I wanted…no, needed to tell you how very sorry I was for the past…How I never meant to hurt you, trust me I have paid for every minute of that decision and well, I couldn’t die in peace if I didn’t do this…I don’t expect you to trust or forgive me Tatiana, but know I have thought of you every second of every day…and…”

08-08-17_10-08-19 PM.png

Tatiana outraged interrupted, “Stop…you are a piece of work you know that!? You think that you can waltz in here and completely disrespect my wishes in meeting you and further trivialize our meeting by making YOURSELF feel better??!!”

08-08-17_10-13-24 PM.png

“…You hairless llama, know this and carry this with you for the rest of your existence here on this planet. I could care less for your apology, for a split second in my past I wondered how different the dynamic in this house would have been if you stuck around, even if you visited once in a while. However, I got a rare glimpse at life with you and you were no better to Eliza even with your presence. No wonder she is hateful, you ignored her her whole life! She grew up to resent you and this whole time she knew about me didn’t she? That’s why she hated me so much!”

08-08-17_10-16-19 PM.png

Freddy pleaded irritably, “Tati, how did you know about Eliza? Nevermind, look, understand…”

08-08-17_10-06-43 PM.png

Tatiana irate, “Don’t call me that! That name is reserved for my close friends and mother. You are not in either of those categories. Listen,” She tried to dial it back a notch unsuccessfully, “I really am sorry to hear about the terminal illness but it doesn’t get my sympathy vote. Maybe in the Garden of Life we can patch things up but for now, I rather like the thought of saying good bye.”

08-08-17_10-10-46 PM.png

Freddy balled his hands into a fist, “Well Juliette, you did a fine job of raising an impertinent young woman all by yourself…It’s a wonder she is well liked with those manners! Then again she must get her lack of decency from you!”

08-08-17_10-44-26 PM.png

And that was all Tatiana needed to fuel the anger and anxiety she did so well to control up until that point…her eyes bled yellow and ‘father dearest’ was no longer flesh and blood…



but a delightful little collectable to add to her collection of souls trapped within a plastic cell.



To Be Continued

CBP – Chapter 31

Somehow the trees weren’t singing their usual song of abandon, and the sun rejected her entirely as it decided to hide behind the clouds. Even the wind regrettably denied her company, but so were her emotions, somber and listless. She couldn’t even bring herself to cry. She couldn’t even allow herself to feel anything. What did she do to deserve so much chaos in her life?


Here she was with an opportunity to meet the man that fathered her and she truly had no feelings or desire to meet him. Then there is Eliza Newbie her biggest bully since grade school, losing her father to an illness.


Would news like that change her mind to desire a meeting with her father? If he was terminally ill would she grant a meeting with him? No. No she thought, that would not change her mind, and she was angry at him for making her feel like she was the horrible person for not wanting to meet.


Tatiana’s deep thoughts interrupted by a comforting and caring voice, “I thought I was hallucinating when I saw you by the river, I had to come to verify if my eyes were playing tricks on me. You look grieved. Can I help you with anything Tati?”


Tatiana was a bit disoriented, if not thankful for his presence, she needed someone at this very moment but should she risk burdening her new friend Ricky? “Wh-what are you doing here?”


Enrique knew she was there because it wasn’t by accident he happened upon her, he was following her around still and stole this opportunity she was alone to approach her. The mall was just too busy, this environment was , in short, perfecto.


“Bob Pancakes told me of this place, he has been trying to get me to play football for the school, we have become friends and he learned of my love for fishing so I came here to do just that, it is my alone time activity.”


Tatiana couldn’t respond as quickly as she should have, his presence overwhelmed her she hadn’t realized how much she needed someone to talk to especially regarding her newest circumstance and as much as she loved Bella, telling her would ignite world war three, and her mother shouldn’t be burdened by this either. Yet he stated ‘alone time’ she should just let him be, “Your alone time? I will leave you to your fish then, it was nice…”


He interrupted her, ‘alone time’ what was he thinking? Tatiana was emotionally intelligent and of course she would want to excuse herself, think quick Enrique think quick, “The fish are not biting. Please, would you stay with me a bit? You look like something is troubling you, what is going on?”


Tatiana didn’t skip a beat, he wanted to hear about her problems and she needed to vent, “I found out today that my biological father wants to meet me. A man who left my mother and I to rot over 17 years ago.”

“That is immense news querida, what are you going to do?”


Querida, note to self she thought, was it K-e-r-i-d-a? No, she was sure he meant Q-u-e-r-i-d-a. She would translate this term on her phone when he wasn’t looking, but right now he asked her a question, ah yes, what was she going to do?


“That’s just it Ricky, I didn’t want to do anything about it because he left us when I was just a baby. Left my mother to fend for us all by herself, and she did a damn good job too, I never had a need for him. There were never any void or loss feelings for him because my mother was wonderful at filling all those vacant places in my heart… Does it make me a horrible person if I simply refuse to meet him?”


Enrique wiped the hair that had fallen into her eyes and touched her face with his thumb. The act of tenderness made her melt on his shoulder. IF it wasn’t for this damn case, IF she wasn’t the main suspect of every serious infraction this town was investigating, and IF she wasn’t about to break down on him…


Enrique would have kissed her right then and there, by the mystical sound of the river, by the graceful trees, forcing the lighthouse to bear witness to his awakened emotions. Instead, he held her in his arms and let her sob until the sun set and the owls began their song of ascension. Holding her felt right, pure and intense. Holy Creator he could not continue this charade, but how to without everything falling apart?


Tatiana had fallen asleep in Enrique’s arms. It was the safest she had felt in a while. When she awoke she didn’t open her eyes immediately she allowed herself to smell him on her arms and hands, his scent was incredible and he…


Mon ange, wake up.”


“Mom, what happened, how did I get here?”

You fell in a deep slumber, Edwardo brought you ‘ome…”


“His name is Enrique Mom,” She giggled.

Juliette ignored the banter, “You ‘ave been asleep for almost 22 hours. Also, your father is downstairs waiting for you.”


To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 30

Tatiana had no recollection of her father; there were no memories not even in photos. Her mother formerly known as her grandmother never talked about him until a few weeks ago when she confessed she had been her mother all along but hid it from her because of the age difference.



An age difference that Reaper was the catalyst of, the age difference that made her father run away and abandon his partner and daughter. For all she knew she could go the rest of her life without knowing the piece of refuse. Who would want to have someone in their life that runs away every time something got tough? And this, this “Path’ or whatever the heck she was going through was the toughest thing she had to deal with to date.


Bringing someone into her life now that would hightail it and run was simply out of the question. Funny thing is she was never curious about him, she wasn’t like most people that were raised by one parent; she knew who she was because she loved who she was, an intelligent young lady that was raised by a single mother. A strong, sassy, funny, and most loveable mother on the planet. That is all she needed to know.


Tatiana stated resolutely, “No, I don’t want to meet him.”

“I understand ‘ow you feel mon ange but…”

“Mom, I don’t think it’s a good idea, I have no interest in meeting a coward.” She meant this wholeheartedly.

Juliette tried desperately to negotiate, “But…”


“Mom, you are my mother and father, most importantly you are my best friend, yes even more than Bella, but don’t tell her that. He is a snake in the grass that needs a llama to crap on him. Look, I gotta go meet Bella in the mall, we have to buy our dresses for the stupid dance. You need anything while I’m out? Toilet paper? Hand soap?”

Juliette resigned the attempts at this conversation, “Um, no mon petit chou I went to llama-mart yesterday we are OK for now. Be careful and know that I love you.”


“I love you more.” She kissed her mothers forehead before changing and leaving the house.

Juliette watched her baby girl leave the room. She was irate with herself. She should have pressed the issue harder she should have made her see that perhaps she should meet her father. She didn’t want her to regret her decision especially because of her father’s news. She would find another opportunity before it was too late.



Across town at the mall the teenagers where all congregated to purchase the dress of a lifetime. The dress that would make all the boys drool, the dress that would make their frenemies frown.

Tatiana was so not into it however, she really just wanted to go to llama lighthouse and fish, swim, or collect seeds. She really just wanted to allow the sun to burn her skin while the wind healed the burn with its soft kisses. She wanted to hear the trees song of freedom and give the grass permission to tickle her toes. These were the things she truly cared about doing, dances where just not her style…


While Bella gushed over a dress Tatiana excused herself to go to the food court for a quick drink. Bella knew her friend was preoccupied and let her have her distance even for a minute.


While there Tatiana noticed a mousy teen she knew from school manning the cafe. She went to give him her money for the two lattes when she received a future vision of the kid going from rags to riches.


When he placed change in her hands she asked him his name. He told her his name was Charlie Briggans she proceeded to tell him his luck would change soon and that he would be loved by many in the future.


She tried gathering herself and prayed Charlie didn’t notice her blinding yellow eyes she quickly ran to the bathroom for solitude. While in the stall she smelled that familiar aroma that was linked to the one and only Sophia Jinn. Sophia and Nancy’s voices wandered in the bathroom. Nancy was crying over something serious and Sophia was trying to console her.


“I told you there is a way to heal him my love, you have but to ask of it.”

Eliza snapped at Sophia in a panic, “Will you stop with your terms of endearment I am serious, and please mind your accent… we… you and I can’t be caught! Besides not with my dad’s illness, not while he is still alive. We don’t know how long he has to live Sophia, and you know I will never … I just can’t risk losing you too.”


Tatiana knew Sophia was suspicious, why was she hiding her accent? Why would anyone care she was a foreigner? She stopped thinking long enough to hear what was said next.


Sophia’s voice sounded loving and full of compassion. Tatiana was impressed, she didn’t think Sophia capable of these emotions, “Dear Eliza, you will forever come up with excuses for us, but if there is any other way…I promise I will try and research other possibilities for your father if only for your sake…”


To Be Continued…