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CBP – Chapter 29

Tatiana was flabbergasted, she really was humbled by the invite and had a certain exchange student who looked like a Greek god hadn’t happened across her path she would have been excited. Had her two-second fresh vision not showed her that Mortimer and Bella were to marry she would have been even more enthusiastic. Yet, saying ‘no’ would hurt young Mortimer and she wasn’t sure telling love-crazed Bella that her one true partner was asking her best friend to the dance was a great idea. Where were her boring days of yesteryear? Oh, how she missed them so….

Tatiana cleared her throat, “I guess we are going to homecoming…” she added a very weak, “Yay!” for good measure.

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Enrique was not amused. He arrived at the cafeteria two seconds too late, “Curses.” ‘Well now time for plan B’, if he couldn’t ask Tati to the dance then Bella would be his date, that way he could ensure being close to his self-proclaimed case assignment.

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“Good the two ladies I wanted to see. Do you have any plans for homecoming, I was wondering if…”

Bella stood at attention, hand theatrically waving in the air, “Oh me me! Pick me, I’ll go! Tati and Mort are already going together, you and I can partner up, it will be a double delicious date!!”

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Enrique laughed heartily, “Good, when should I pick you up Bella?” Tatiana frowned, how could he be so nonchalant regarding this situation? Did their study thing last night mean nothing to him? She shook her head, realizing how territorial and silly her inward dialog sounded.

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Mortimer excitedly added, “How about I provide the limo for all of us that night, it will be fun if we all go together.”

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Enrique didn’t wait to respond, “Fantastic my friend.”

Enrique was truly not amused, why was he feeling unhinged on the inside? This was all but fantastic and if he was going to be painfully honest with himself he hated that Mortimer and his Tatiana were going together. Not because he wasn’t able to do his job, but because if truth be told, his desire was to be her date and no one else’s. Creator, he was in trouble.

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Later that afternoon…

After school, Tatiana walked in on her mother having a serious conversation on the phone. She could only hear Juliette’s side of things but her curiosity was definitely peaked.

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Juliette was tapping her fingers on her thigh, whilst chewing on the inside of her lips, “No, this is most inconvenient…No, I do not think that to be a wise idea…Sacre Bleu, you are being unreasonable for the love of the creator! This is not a good time for us. ‘ave you even thought this through? No, I cannot ‘ave this discussion right now, good bye.” She almost whispered the latter part of the conversation.

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Tatiana walked in on a weirdly agitated Juliette and was unsure of what or who could trigger such a reaction from her mother, “Hi mom, who was that?” She asked as she placed her books on the table.

Juliette was clearly not enthusiastic about sharing anything with her at the moment and changed the subject, “No one in particular mon ange, can I get you something to eat?”

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Tatiana let it rest for now, but was very curious and would bring it up to her at a later date, “Guess what mom?”.

Juliette made way to the kitchen to prepare food regardless of Tatiana’s response, “What is it mon amore?” She asked preoccupied.

01-21-17_7-57-22 PM.png

“I am going to homecoming apparently, and with Mortimer Goth as my date. Yay .”She added sarcastically.

Sacre Bleu you sure that is a good idea? Why not go with cute toochie guy? What is his Name Osvaldo?”

01-21-17_7-57-41 PM.png

Tatiana giggled, “His name is Enrique. I would’ve loved to go with Ricky mom, but Mort got to me first and what’s worse is Bella is going with Ricky instead…”

Juliette wiped her hands on her skirt, “That will be well, something to behold eh?” She abruptly stopped what she was doing and turned to her daughter,”Listen, I ‘ave to tell you something too my sweet.”

Tatiana stole a sample of their meal, “Sure thing mom, what’s up?”

“Your father has reappeared after all these years…he wants to meet you.”

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To Be Continued…


CBP – Chapter 28

The school was buzzing with excitement over the soon approaching homecoming dance. The girls nervously awaiting the boys invites to the fanfare. The boys were nervous to ask because let’s face it there was always a 50/50 shot at rejection. Yes, everyone was excited except two people; Nancy Landgraab and Tatiana Thibodeaux, although for very different reasons. Nancy, because of her recent break-up with one of the most swoon-worthy teens in the school and Tatiana because her entire world was a snow globe all shaken up.

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Nancy rolled her eyes when Mortimer ignored her in the school’s hallway. She stepped away from her locker and followed him a few steps, “Mort we need to talk…”

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Mortimer sighed and paused, “No Nancy, I was pretty clear the night of the movies, we have grown apart, we aren’t middle schoolers anymore and you refuse to grow up. Besides this is our last year in high school, do you really want to spend it in a miserable relationship?”

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Nancy flushed red, adrenaline on high, lips trembling, “Are you saying I’m miserable to be around Mort?”

01-03-17_8-02-42 PM.jpg


Amazingly calm, Mortimer answered her question, “No, I am saying you and I don’t work. I’m saying I hate the drama that follows you. You and your band of merry-women are the epitome of theatrics. Moreover, I am saying I don’t love you, hell I don’t know if I like you. Now, if you excuse me, I have a test to take.”

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Nancy, while extremely offended had an epiphany, “Oh My Creator! You are falling for that trailer trash hussie aren’t you!?”

01-03-17_8-05-29 PM.jpg


Mortimer scowled, then sighed heavily, “I have a million comebacks that would belittle and leave you emotionally scarred for quite sometime. However, I am going to refrain because I will not stoop to your level, not now nor ever.”

01-03-17_8-06-11 PM.jpg


“You’re going to regret this Mortimer,” She clenched her teeth and continued, loudly, “I will always be the one who got away Mort!”


Mortimer smiled smugly, “Excuse me, I have to go ask Tati if she will go to the dance with me.”

01-03-17_8-09-00 PM.jpg


Nancy lost her cool with the recent news and kicked the lockers only sending pain up her toe…she wobbled to the nurses office slinging snot all the way there because although she didn’t know if her toe was broken she was certain her heart was.

Later that afternoon in the school cafeteria Bella and Tatiana were sitting in their usual spot, in the very back of the room. The Queen Bee’s where also huddled at their table minus one very absent Nancy.

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Bella played with her lunch and whispered, “Hey, did I tell you how much you mean to me? I mean how kick ass is it you saved me and my families life? How did you know Tati?”

01-03-17_8-11-16 PM.jpg


Tatiana was in la la land, willing the day to be over, she wanted a hot bath and a long nap before studying tonight. When Bella asked her question she was removed from her reverie. She shrugged, “Thanks Bella, you know I would do anything for you, you would have done the same for me. As for knowing, I saw it, this time as I was sleeping.”



Bella perked up, “Did you see who it was Tati, who delivered the pizza? Mom said whoever delivered it had a baseball hat on and never looked her in the eye.”

01-03-17_8-12-54 PM.jpg


Tatiana frustrated with her capabilities whispered, “That was the only thing I couldn’t see Bella, I am sorry.”

Bella felt bad for pushing Tati to look beyond her gift so she switched topics, “Did you hear Mort broke up with Nancy after the movies last week-end? I am surprised it took him this long to do it.”

Tatiana stared blankly at her food, “Hmm had no idea, Mort deserves better though.” Tatiana began what she started calling her vision ritual, she got gooseflesh and a heavy dizzy feeling…when black and white photos took place of her reality…

01-03-17_8-14-28 PM.jpg


Adult Bella with Adult Mortimer.


01-03-17_8-25-22 PM.jpg


Then back to her normal reality…Hopping Hippos should she tell Bella? She had a current track record of accuracy when she had her visions and hey! This was one of her first true future sights!! Could this mean she was finally finding a way to manage her resources appropriately?

01-03-17_8-14-56 PM.jpg


Bella didn’t miss a step, “Good grief, you look like you saw a frog in a bikini, you’re so pale Tati, need some juice?”


Tatiana was going to respond when Mortimer sat next to her.

01-03-17_8-16-26 PM.jpg

Mortimer was unusually happy. He hadn’t felt this ‘unburdened’ for quite sometime,”Hi guys,” He called out to the girls,  “I know this is kind of unexpected and if you already have plans I will understand, but Tatiana I would love to have you at my side at homecoming.”

Bella cried with enthusiasm, “OH M C how romantical!!! Of course she would love to!”

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To Be Continued…