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Dining Drama Eps 15

~ Finale

12-03-16_4-00-53 PM.pngJason arrived at their home knowing Lee was probably at one of the five restaurants they now currently owned.

He decided to finish up one of his engineering projects at the house since his deadline was fast approaching.

12-03-16_4-01-31 PM.png

Once he completed his work for the day he sat in their living room thinking about how far his wife had come this year, how successful her five restaurants were. How everyone in their city was cramming to get a chance to taste her grandmother’s love through her recipes.

12-03-16_4-07-29 PM.png

And how excited he was to share her story with their soon arriving nooboo!

12-03-16_4-11-12 PM.png

A/N: No, I am not pregnant in real life LOL! However, Thank you all for joining the Dining Drama journey with me. It was a great challenge – thank you Jes, for creating it for the community. Also, one of the best game packs to own I highly recommend it!

I am ending this story on a positive note. I am sure Virtual ~ Lee and Jay’s baby will be ADORABLE, and they will continue to enjoy their virtual lives in private.