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CBP – Chapter 27

The interrogation room was anything but welcoming, the drab colors of the cement walls and the lack of décor made her even more depressed about her current situation. How did this get so out of hand again, she asked herself. Mamie was in a different room going through her own set of paranoia, Tatiana was sure of it.

11-05-16_6-53-35 PM.jpg

The officer shuffled the papers in his folder before standing and asking his train of questions, “Tatiana, you know why you are here right?”

Tatiana nervously responded. “I have no idea officer, my best friend almost died tonight and I was carted off to the police station. So please tell me why it is you have me here?”

11-05-16_6-53-10 PM.jpg

The officer cleared his throat, took a swig of coffee before he continued,  “That is the very reason why you are here young lady. How is it that this town’s unexplained events are all tied to you?”

Tatiana swallowed hard, “Come again?”

Officer placed all the pictures of the crime scene in front of Tatiana, “Gunther Goth, Officer Buddy from the FBI, Professor F, The Goth’s manors fire, now this? I guess we are trying to understand how you did all of this, are you working alone, is your grandma involved?”

11-05-16_6-51-44 PM.jpg

The word grandma, hit a chord with Tatiana, she just recently found out her grandmother was really her mother, she just looked incredibly old because of the ‘Exchange’ with the Reaper. and she never stopped calling her Mamie. How do you stop calling someone something you called them your whole life? She knew this was a very random place and thought to have, but, sometimes randomness just hits you in the most awkward scenarios thought Tatiana and this was one of them.

11-05-16_6-53-57 PM.jpg

“My grandm…my mother has nothing to do with any of this, I don’t have anything to do with any of this,”  Tatiana told the officer as straight faced as she could. “I am not super well versed in the arts of ‘detectivery’ however, I know you guys are just pulling at straws because you have no proof just silly assumptions about a teenage girl and her horrible timing with people you are looking for. Why would I hurt anyone? I have no motive.

11-05-16_6-51-23 PM.jpg

I live a quiet life trying to get a scholarship to the damn ivy league school of my choice, my life is consumed by school work and goals, not whatever it is you think I did…If there is a coincidence in me knowing all of these people it’s simply because this town is too damn small and quite honestly there are too many townspeople that could have done any of these allegations you are trying desperately to link me to because all of us at some point came in contact with your file of quote unquote victims…”

11-05-16_6-57-08 PM.jpg

Officer collected the contents of his file and placed them back in his folder, “interesting speech Tatiana, how do you explain knowing that Mortimer’s parents were in a fire? How is that when an entire family gets poisoned you happen to be there?”

11-05-16_6-49-29 PM.jpg

Tatiana sighed and did something that was especially bold, “Look, I will be completely honest. Not that you care what’s the truth or not, but I get visions, I don’t understand them. Most of the time because they don’t seem to tell me what will happen but what’s happening currently, I couldn’t have set the fire at the Goths I was in my garden and talking to Mortimer at that very moment, and I couldn’t have poisoned the Bachelors. For one they are my favorite people outside of my grandm…my mother in this entire planet and tests will prove they had been poisoned for hours before we got to their house and called emergency. So, unless you have any evidence at all pointing to me or my gran…my mom then I really have to get back to the hospital my best friend and her family need me!”

11-05-16_6-50-15 PM.jpg

Officer stared in astonishment, “Visions? Hahahaa that’s creative…” He wiped the tears of comedy coming out of his tear ducts. “However, begrudgingly, you are correct. I can’t hold you for much longer but know you’re at the top of our list of suspects we will be contacting you again Ms. Thibodeaux.”

11-05-16_6-57-32 PM.jpg

Tatiana knew she was right, the fact that they didn’t read her Miranda rights and that they were digging meant they had a suspicion but no links tied to her and she was going to maintain her innocence even though she wasn’t entirely. Yet, how to explain to the cops that the missing people aren’t truly missing just dolls in her storage chest back home? That she would gladly try and reverse the spell or whatever it was but didn’t know how? Yes, it was better to leave well enough alone.

11-05-16_6-49-14 PM.jpg

While Tatiana was heading out of the precinct Enrique was hiding around the corner observing their departure, hoping he would remain unseen, and he did. The Thibodeaux’s were focused on hightailing it out of the precinct without any more compromises. “That was close”, he murmured.

11-05-16_7-01-15 PM.jpg

Tatiana breathed in some fresh air before turning to Juliette, “Hey,Mamie? Can I ask you a question? Would you mind it terribly  if I start calling you mom instead?”

11-05-16_7-02-22 PM.jpg

Tatiana’s words were so impactful to the both of them. That coupled with the close brush with the law and exhaustion, they couldn’t help but break down together.

Juliette placed one of Tatiana’s hair wisps behind her ear, “That would make me so proud mon ange.”

Tatiana whispered, “I love you more than science mom.”

“I love you more than my ‘and buzzer mon petit chou.”

11-05-16_7-04-24 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 26

Tatiana woke up with the worst vision she had in a long time…Bella, she had to get to her house she had to…IF anything happened to her friend she would never forgive herself, for what good is having powers if you couldn’t do anything to prevent bad situations from happening.

11-04-16_11-48-58 AM.jpg

Mamie stopped her before she went to her garden in the middle of the night, “Where are you going mon petit chou? It is 3 in the morning!”

Tatiana didn’t even glance at her mother she continued to her backyard. She had to pluck some of her herbs, “Oh Mamie, I have to save Bella! I had a dream, a vision a…I have to get some herbs together will you help me?”

11-04-16_11-49-27 AM.jpg

Mamie looking concerned, “Whatever for mon ange?”

“I was dreaming but, it was real, someone tried to hurt her and her entire family, tries to…Mamie, I have to go get this concoction ready, I don’t know why but someone tried to poison the Bachelors this herbal brew is the only thing that will help, the doctors will not be able to identify this poison…Hurry!” Her urgency was real, her gift was precise, Mamie questioned her vision no further. However, now she wanted to know the why’s.

11-04-16_11-57-18 AM.jpg

Mamie continued helping Tatiana as she brewed her solution, “‘ow do the Bachelors consume poison mon amore?”

11-04-16_12-14-56 PM.jpg

Tatiana furrowed her brow, “Someone leaves a pizza at their doorstep they all eat it and get horribly ill, I have to go, but there is something I need to do before I finish this.” She closed her eyes and hovered her hands over the solution. Her eyes became focused and her hands glowed warmth and healing over the brew. “…I’m done let’s go!”

11-04-16_12-16-40 PM.jpg

Mamie stated, “I will drive come on.”

11-04-16_12-18-24 PM.jpg


When they arrived at the Bachelor residence, everything was eerily quiet, the hair on Mamie’s arms were standing at attention. She did not feel good about the scene they would walk into but she had to be strong for Tatiana, her daughters Fae abilities were getting stronger and this was proof.

11-04-16_12-36-10 PM.jpg

Tatiana opened the door to the Bachelor home and called out for them one by one…no answer, Jacosta, Simis, Michael, Bella??!!

11-04-16_12-47-07 PM.jpg

Tatiana was too late the pizza boxes were evidence of her vision and the sabotage, the Bachelors were all passed out in an un-elegant manner on the floor, they hadn’t severed, so death had not yet arrived, but they both knew it was only a matter of time.

11-04-16_12-28-22 PM.jpg

Mamie didn’t tarry , “Give them your solution, I will call emergency mon ange…”

Tatiana forced herself to move, she had never been around an actual tragedy. Then there was the reality that her true nature was stabilizing. Tatiana finally found her tongue, “Hurry Mamie, I don’t know how long they have…” She began pouring her solution in the Bachelor’s mouth one by one. Massaging their throat to help coax the solution down their esophagus.

11-04-16_12-34-25 PM.jpg


The rest of the day was a whirlwind. News got out that the Bachelors were all in a coma induced by a poison. The Doctors could not identify the drug nor the poison they consumed, but they were working on the results. Luckily, the Bachelor’s vitals were stabilized and alive.

11-04-16_3-00-35 PM.jpg

Tatiana could not stand by and do nothing. She felt as though she needed to continue her hand in saving her best friend and her family. Eyes turning once more and this time body glowing, she became entranced, levitated and began muttering words in an ancient Fae language. One by one the Bachelor’s opened their eyes.

11-04-16_3-01-05 PM.jpg

Mamie and Tatiana’s relief was evident their happiness was cut short by the arrival of the police. “Tatiana and Juliette Thibodeaux? You will need to accompany us to the station now. We have some questions for you…”

11-04-16_3-19-55 PM.jpg

To be Continued…




Dining Drama Eps 14

Week 1 Restaurant #2

10-30-16_11-03-02 AM.pngLoss of sleep is not the only thing I am losing. I am also losing my mind! Running two establishments about killed me this week, how in the world will I be able to handle five shops?

My Abuela raised 9 children and a household. I am determined if she can handle that whirlwind of a life I should be able to handle a few establishments at once, right? Anyhoo, here are some highlights, low-lights, personal outlook, and comedic bloopers that occurred this week.


Grandma’s breakfast went from 2 1/2 to  3 1/2 stars…

Grandma's Breakfast Day 2.PNG    Day III.PNG

We had our first critique at our second restaurant, she was a tough nut to crack!

10-30-16_11-54-42 AM.png

However, she was gracious enough to give us a 4-star rating, WOOT!

Good News I.PNG


The clown convention left town but neglected to take with it this precious soul…

10-30-16_12-40-19 PM.png

Towards the end of the week, I received the most grievous news regarding Abuelita’s, here read for yourself…

Bad News I.PNG

It was a timely notice so much so I decided to visit my first lot that very evening…Heavens! I forgot to close down shop for two days!!

Bad News II.PNG

See my look of shame LOL

Our ratings dropped from 4 1/2 stars to 4 stars…however with a little bit of elbow rubbing and social butterflying (What!? it’s a word!) I was able to gain our biggest profit to date the very next day!

Abuelitas Better Days I.PNG

Like I said – the struggle is real!

Personal Outlook:

On the personal front I am starting to make time for myself. Like jogging…

10-30-16_11-31-46 AM.png

Visiting with friends…

10-30-16_12-50-39 PM.png

Lastly, I have started to read one of the most fascinated book series I’ve read in a while. It’s all about love, betrayal, intrigue…of course sexy eye-candy and the like. One of my favorite authors wrote it, Beryl Heffner. I can barely put these books down!

10-30-16_12-24-02 PM.png


This jerk-wad had the audacity to tell me I had a bit of junk in my trunk…don’t worry I circle snapped him.

10-30-16_1-05-39 PM.png

This clown, thought it would be hysterical to wear his ‘sinking shoes’ at the restaurant.

10-30-16_1-02-47 PM.png

Some more sinking shoes acts:

10-30-16_11-17-42 AM.png

The best way to talk about someone is directly behind their back. Seriously, can none talk to people’s faces anymore?

10-30-16_12-33-23 PM.png

My staff was belabored in delivering this couples meals so they took it upon themselves to grab a serving of my personal stash in the fridge! The AUDACITY!

10-30-16_12-18-00 PM.jpg

Well, if anything my Abuelita is laughing up a storm at my journey this week. I too have had my share of giggles, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me next week!


A/N – The CC book my simself is holding is a creation made from Maladi777 for her Generational Simlit called the Heffners. You too can download these works here…Another shout out to Marialein for the artwork ❤