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CBP – Chapter 20

Mamie was roasting marshmallows by the fire while Tatiana told her about the tragedy that was Professor F and the school’s escapades of the day. Tatiana’s collection was getting bigger and she was becoming more and more concerned that she would never be able to fix it and that the three souls on their dresser would remain figurines forever.

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“Do not beat yourself up mon ange, you cannot ‘elp it, ‘ormones coupled with a new path, you are bound to slip up from time to time, it is expected.”

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Tatiana was appalled! These were people’s lives she was stunting! There was nothing OK about it, “Mamie! These are not mannequins we are talking about, these are human beings with lives and families, they have people that love them and will miss them, what am I to do?!”

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Before Mamie answered a car pulled up to the house and a polished Mortimer Goth made his way towards them, Mamie nodded at Tatiana as an indicator that she would leave them to their discussion.

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“I will make some lemonade if you are thirsty, perhaps if you get ‘ungry later we can ‘ave some supper, you too Mortimer.” Juliette’s subtle invitation to stay for dinner was noted.

Mort and Tati sang in unison, “Thank you.”

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Mortimer turned to his classmate ready to say hello but was muted by her sheer presence. He started wondering if Tatiana knew how ethereal she looked. Then he mentally slapped himself for allowing his brain to wander when he was in a relationship. A relationship he really hated and now with his parents gone…he interrupted his morbid train of thought with a simple hello, “Hi Tatiana, I am sorry you had to stay after class today. I feel like it is my fault.”

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Tatiana’s hands started to sweat and heart began drumming restlessly. Just the mere thought of school got her adrenaline on max levels. ‘Get your crap together Tati’ she scolded herself inwardly. “No, it’s n-not don’t worry about it, listen…we haven’t talked since, well you know, how you holding up?”

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Mortimer, grateful to be away from his prude of an Aunt, she meant well but was annoyingly nebby, it was infuriating. He ran his neatly manicured hand in his full head of hair and forced himself to relax. He noted that being in Tatiana’s presence was calming. However, there was a question he was wanting to ask since his last visit, “How’d you know Tati? About my house?”

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Tatiana knew exactly what Mortimer was asking about. Her vision or ‘now-vision’ whatever the hell that was that she hated she could do. Does she deny it and change the subject or does she go with it? Who would believe Mortimer if he told the truth to someone else? Would it be risky? ‘The heck with it’ she determined, “I don’t really know how to explain it Mort, I just saw it.”

Mortimer placed more wood on the fire, and both the kids said nothing for what seemed like forever. After much thought he turned back to Tatiana with urgency, “Look I believe in the supernatural, I think you and I have that in common.” He said without judgment in hopes it would be reciprocated.

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Tatiana felt weirdly at ease after that comment. Truth be told, she hated that she thought so much about what others thought of her. Knowing such a pillar in the community thought her ‘normal‘ was a nontangible gift he gave her. Even still she had to probe further, “What are you talking about Mort?”

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Mort squirmed in his seat with her questioning. “Don’t laugh and please don’t judge me for what I am about to share.” he somewhat pleaded.

Tatiana almost laughed out loud, if anyone needed to be judged it was her, she thought, “Trust me, you get no judgments from me!” She promised wholeheartedly.

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“I went to my old house a week after the fire, I wasn’t supposed to since it is still classified as a potential terrorist act, but I had to.” Tatiana wondered if the FBI had anything to do with the classification of terrorism, but she quickly brushed away the thought to focus on Mortimer’s confession.

“I was rummaging through some debris when I heard some strange voices that weirdly sounded like my parents fighting. I thought maybe I was cracking, my therapist said…”He paused realizing all of this was too much information. He was a little embarrassed he admitted to seeing a shrink and was kicking himself.

“Mort,” Tatiana caught on that he was a little abashed by his previous comment, “It’s ok really.”

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Mortimer nodded his head in thanks, closed his eyes and continued, “My Therapist said, I still may be going through my denial phase of grief, but it was so real.” Mortimer’s pause was deafening. Yet, Tatiana refused to interrupt, “I walked down what use to be the hallway leading to their bed chambers when I saw them.”

Tatiana sure as heck had to interject now, “Them?”

Mortimer nodded and looked at the green blades of grass dancing  by his boots, “Yes Tati, I saw my mother and father.”

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His eyes finally found bravery enough to meet Tatiana’s “No very dead…they were ghosts. I-I know its crazy…” He stood up quickly, he realized verbalizing it sounded like lunacy! “I am sorry to burden you Tati, I should probably go.”

Tatiana stood up with him in support, the cool afternoon air wiping the sweater around her knees and her hair undulated behind her neck hugging her very actions, “No, Mort I believe you, really I do, what happened next.” Her words requested for him to continue.

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Relief washed over him like a wave would a surfer, “Oh thank the Creator you believe me, because I…” Tatiana patted his shoulder for encouragement.

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The two faced each other and he resumed his story, “They said something about the Reaper not being around to collect them or something…then they asked about Gunther. They kept trying to tell me he wasn’t there. I was so scared I ran away like a wuss. I feel like this is all a bad dream, I mean if I could just figure out where Gunther is I will feel some restitution, some closure but Tati…I feel like I have lost everyone I cared about in one fell swoop! So if you know anything, anything at all about Gunther please let me know.”

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Mortimore began to sob quietly in Tatiana’s presence. If she could turn Gunther and the rest of the collection of souls she had sitting on her dresser back to human form right now she would do it, to hell with whoever knows the truth about her. She was willing to pay the price for who she was. Ironically, she was just like her multiple great grandad in a way, she too was a collector of souls.

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To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 18

Mamie was caught off guard; she wiped her hands on her pants and continued cleaning every surface in the kitchen, humming the lullaby that Tatiana loved. Bella tiptoed in behind them as she was starving and served herself a plate. The Thibodeaux ‘s hardly ever fought but when they did it was a spectacle to behold.

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Tatiana looped around in order to force Juliette to look at her face, “Oh no, no no you don’t! Answer me, are… you… my… mother??!!”

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Bella was confused by the question and was going to interject with a question of her own but thought better of it. The fact that Juliette could be Tatiana’s mother was not the most exciting piece of news in the day. Intriguing true, but not the most exciting. In Bella’s estimation, the fact that Tatiana was a witch was much much more thrilling.

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Mamie desperately tried to divert the conversation, fiddling in her pantry, “Oh look I forgot the preserve, Bella sweetie you like the strawberry one correct?”

Bella adored the french cuisine she was so accustomed to at the Thibodeaux’s. In between mouth fulls, she asked, “Is that the homemade stuff you make? Hecks’ yeah sign me up!!”

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Tatiana was annoyed at both Bella and Juliette for their lackadaisical attitude towards this very important question she clenched her fists tighter and spat air loudly, “Mamie I swear on a yellow plumbob if you don’t come clean now I will turn you into a figurine!”

Bella with mouthful stated, “Ooh snap!”

Mamie and Tatiana both yelled at Bella in unison, “SHUT UP!”

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“Oh my daaaayuummm don’t mind me…I’ll just be over here minding my own business if you need me just holla!” She kept watching the verbal dance between Tatiana and Juliette and continued enjoying her delectable meal.

Tatiana would lead with a question getting louder and louder, while Juliette continued to ignore her by making herself busier and quieter and quieter.

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Mon ange look…” It wasn’t that Juliette didn’t want to have this conversation, it was that she dreaded what it would mean to their current beautiful relationship. When Juliette finally resolved to speak the truth Tatiana interrupted.

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“You know what, you don’t need to say anything your body language says it all… I’ll be in the  bathroom until Grandpa Creeper comes to get me and makes me old and pruney. At least he won’t beat around the bush with pretenses.” Tatiana left the room dramatically in a very non-typical way. Bella noted that she was rubbing off on her friend and smiled inwardly.

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Bella’s mouth still full added, “Love the play on words Tati, ha ha she is good isn’t she?” She looked to Juliette for affirmation.

Juliette frowned, “Bella, please eat en silence.” She contemplated whether to come out with the news once and for all in front of Bella or should she wait until Tatiana was calmer.

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Confrontations were not Juliette’s strength, humor, and laughter that was more her speed. Life had been anything but as of late. An appropriate setting for a household where one of the inhabitants was experiencing the selection of her ‘Path’ and learning the lore of what that means. “Tres Bien, I shall speak the truth…” She whispered to no one in particular.

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Juliette knocked on the bathroom door but Tatiana refused to open it for her so she resorted to talking through the door instead…

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Mon ange, it is a very difficult thing you are going through, it was for me too, well later in life especially. I ‘ad dreams too you know?”

08-24-16_7-17-27 PM.jpg

“I was part of an increasingly popular variety show act in Paris, the very first teenage act of my time, it was so exciting!”

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“Little did I know that the show would acquire a little magic and that the magic was not going to be just the eternal rabbit out of a ‘at trick, but real Fae magic. When my Path came to be I was selling out in all of our venues and was requested to travel all over the world.”

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“I was a ‘ousehold favorite and like you chose to not settle down, except  one day, when I became a bit older, I realized ‘ow ‘appy I was with my road manager, in truth ‘e was ‘appy being with me too.”

“It came out of the blue,  I knew it was the pairing of the Fae but I did not care because ‘e gave me you. You, mon belle ange.”

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“I decided to stop touring and take care of you, and shortly after you were born The Reaper came to visit, and the exchange ‘appened…”

“Your father was mortified at ‘ow quickly I aged. ‘e could not ‘andle the elderly star both in business and at ‘ome, so ‘e left me alone with you.”

08-24-16_7-30-09 PM.jpg

I know ‘ow cruel the children at school are and so I became your mamie to protect you from ridicule, I could not bear anyone ‘urting you mon petit chou. Moreover, I could not bear if you rejected me too.”

08-24-16_6-41-46 PM.jpg

Bella had been in the hallway this entire time overhearing the explanation Juliette was trying to convey…

“OMG Mamie that was the most tragic story!! I will never reject you!!!!”

08-24-16_6-43-06 PM.jpg

Bella wailed and ran over to Mamie and hugged her fully, “Tatiana Thibodeaux if you don’t come out and hug this beautiful woman who happens to be your mother I will haunt you the rest of your days!”

08-24-16_6-44-10 PM.jpg

Tatiana slowly unlocked the bathroom door…

08-24-16_6-41-24 PM.jpg

She stared at her sweet aged mother and hugged her for what seemed like hours…

08-24-16_6-45-20 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 17

When Bella woke up she was surrounded by the concerned Thibodeaux women…


Bella rubbed her eyes and sat up on the bed, feeling hazy and confused. “Now I know what my fish feel like in the tank at home. Please Tati, don’t stare, your eyes scare the living orange plumbobs out of me. What the cow plants was that!!??”


Juliette immediately busied herself to give the girls an opportunity to talk, “I will make dinner for us”, before leaving her bedroom she pulled Tatiana aside and whispered, “Tati think of the consequences of someone knowing the partial truth of who we are and the whole truth of who we are…the decision is yours. Understand, who we are is a burden for others to shoulder.”


Tatiana understood Juliette’s concern but the cat was out of the bag wasn’t it? Her best friend was an ‘eyewitness’, no pun intended, to the most recent catastrophe.  “Yeah, I don’t know what to do about that, but, I trust Bella Mamie.”

Juliette nodded in confirmation, “…and I trust you mon ange.”


Bella was tapping her foot behind them aware of the whispering that just transpired between Tatiana and Juliette, “Seriously Tati, what the heck?!” As Bella was weakly demanding an explanation she eyed the figurine on the dresser, “OMG, I wasn’t dreaming was I!?”


Bella ran to the corner of the room, wide-eyed, to glare at the FBI agent that was displayed on Juliette’s bedroom dresser. She wanted to touch the statuette but feared what may happen to her if she did. She obviously didn’t know how any of this worked.


Although Tatiana was grievously embarrassed, she gave Bella room to process the recent events, “I promise if you want to know I will tell you everything, but you will probably want to sit down first.”


“Holy pigeon poop Tati you’re scaring me now!” Bella began pacing, “I need gum, I feel like I have the zacklies.” Bella checked her pockets for a stick of gum and came up empty.


“You have the what?”

Bella semi covered her mouth in embarrassment, “You know,” she encouraged,  “When your breath smells ‘zackly’ like your rear.”


Tatiana couldn’t help but giggle, “OMG, Bella even in the most upside down scenarios you still find a way to joke!”


Bella shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, “What can I say, it’s part of my DNA – gum?” She insisted. Truth be told Bella calmed her anxiety by chewing gum, it was her stress reliever.


Tatiana pointed to the immediate area Bella was standing, “Top drawer in the dresser.”

Bella dove into the top drawer avoiding staring down the doll and grabbed her stick of gum. She chewed like she was a starving llama exposed to a field of grass. “K, now I am ready, hit me.”


Tatiana and Bella sat next to each other on the pouf chairs in front of Juliette’s bed, while Tatiana began her short synopsis of her current phase of life, “OK, I’m an immortal  witch. Apparently, what supernaturals call a Fae, I am a fallen angel’s and the Reapers descendant to be exact, I found all this out because I accidentally figureined Gunther Jr. at Llama Lighthouse because he tried to take advantage of me… Just recently, you saw me turn Buddy the FBI agent into a creepy doll thingy which is currently residing on my grandmother’s dresser…Gunther Jr. is upstairs on my dresser. I don’t know how to control any of this! What’s more, I can see things that are happening elsewhere soon to be future things. If that wasn’t bad enough, I will be forced to have a mate chosen for me to which I can only produce one child for and a girl at that…not that there is anything wrong with a girl but the fact that it’s chosen for me is just…”


Bella was unable to really take it all in, her mouth was ajar and her gum almost spilled out of it,  “Fluffy Shittzu you are either deranged or I am dreaming after falling asleep to Twinkle the Vampire Tales…but I can still taste the sugar in my mouth from this horribly old stick of gum…I don’t know what to say, it’s all so weird, fantastical and… AWESOME!!!”


Tatiana stood up in surprise at her friend’s response to her confession. She felt a deep compulsion to defend the gravity of her state of affairs, “It isn’t awesome Bella, far from it. I thought if anyone, you would understand my struggle. I will have very limited control of my life, it’s all fully manipulated by the high and mighty FAE and I won’t even get to choose who I fall in love with, I don’t even want to fall in love with anyone…” She turned to the sky and yelled, “DO YOU HEAR ME YOU SICK DEMENTED JERK-NOZZLES!!”


Bella crossed her arms and lifted her perfectly manicured brows at Tati,”Soooo, tell me how you really feel? I am sorry Tati if I don’t totally understand why you are professor grump-a-lump when you are the one with the most amazing power of the entire universe!! You won’t ever have to study again, you can see the answers with your third eye for crying out loud!! Anyone who picks on you will have to deal with being a stiffy for the rest of their lives!


…and as for the love situation…” she scratched her head and replied as only a true romantic would…”OK, maybe that is the only part that sincerely sucks.”


Tatiana stood in her grandmother’s room aghast at Bella’s skewed perspective, clearly, she was not going to win this argument but she had to try to make Bella understand the severity of all of this, “Unbelievable! OK, how about this one Ms. ‘I have the coolest powers in the universe’ …When I become an adult I will get a visit from Sir Rots-A-lot and he will strip me of my immortality and I will age abruptly…”


A deep pause occurred as a terrifying realization hit Tatiana “…omg..I..will… age… abruptly…”


Tatiana ran out of her room frantically not waiting for a response from her friend and skidded down the hall into the kitchen where her grandmother was preparing their meal for the evening…


Out of breath and heart pounding, she questioned, “Mamie? How old are you? If my hypothesis is correct, you are probably truly in your mid to late thirties aren’t you?”


Juliette acted as if  Tatiana’s was not even in the room and continued cleaning the counter where she just chopped her vegetables, nonresponsive.

“You are ignoring me? The only reason you are ignoring me is because if I am right, then that would make you my mother doesn’t it?”


To Be Continued…