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CBP – Chapter 19

A few non-eventful weeks passed after finding out Juliette was really Tatiana’s mother. The first day back at school she tried hard to continue to focus on her grades but she was desperately distracted with her new set of circumstances. It became even more of a struggle when she started getting more adept with her capabilities of seeing into the future. There was also the whole turning people into figurines that were constantly derailing her thoughts too, it was all so overwhelming.

08-25-16_7-24-53 PM.jpg

When Tatiana came out of her reverie she found herself in her favorite of all her classes with a concerned professor F glaring at her. Professor F was a much older person compared to her other teachers but he was brilliant at all things science. He was known as being a firm but fair instructor, and Tatiana’s inspiration for the field of science.

08-25-16_7-47-32 PM.jpg

“Mmm Tatiana, I haven’t seen such a glaze in ones stare since I caught my trophy fish last week. Whatever is the matter?”

08-25-16_7-48-13 PM.jpg

Tatiana was mortified he singled her out in front of her peers, and quietly responded, “Oh, nothing Professor F, I am good…”

Professor F noticed Tatiana’s discomfort with the attention and reverted his attention to the new student in his classroom.

08-25-16_7-50-10 PM.jpg

“Our very own transfer student from Spain will be giving us his oral report on copper. Most of you have already met him since he has been with us for several weeks but before you start young man, please tell us a little more about yourself.”

The transfer student stood up confidently and took residence in the front of the classroom. He was odd, beautiful and strangely mellow for a student Tatiana decided. She studied him intently, his mannerisms, his accent, which was beautiful by the way, and his attire.

08-25-16_7-56-16 PM.jpg

These superficial things truly meant nothing to Tatiana, however, they all lead to the core of a person in a way. See, generally speaking, a high maintenance person wears nothing but name brands and the like. While a humble person would not, but this new guy was not your average student, he wore better than average clothing but seemed incredibly down to earth and relaxed…

08-25-16_8-07-13 PM.jpg

One would think with beauty like his he would constantly be showing off his muscular frame and luxurious hair by tousling it for sheer attention. But he didn’t, the entire length of time he stood in front of the class, he was confident yet humble.

The new kid’s voice was like aloe on a wound, cool, refreshing and exotic, “Hello to everyone, my name is Enrique Flores, I am from España, no I do not have a lisp, it is how we speak the language back home.” The gaggle of hens called the female populace of the class giggle unabashed.

08-25-16_8-10-27 PM.jpg

He continued, “I am here to learn more English and become better acquainted with the culture as I hope to go to Llama U next year to study the arts. Thanks to all of those who have welcomed me to your school already I very much appreciate it and hope to spend more time with all you in the very near future. As professor F mention I will be discussing the element of copper for my oral report today…”

08-25-16_8-07-29 PM.jpg

Tatiana never focused on petty things like exterior looks or had any normal impulses like other teens did when it came to the opposite sex or the same sex for that matter, she really loved that about herself. The dictionary would categorize Tatiana as a demisexual, though why people need to be categorized at all was always beyond her. Yet, understanding herself is what makes Tatiana that much more focused on her long term plans.

Even still, if you pressed Tatiana long enough she would have told you that Enrique was by all rights the most handsome person she had ever laid eyes on, and well every girl in school thought so too.

08-25-16_8-08-47 PM.jpg

Maybe it was the way he rolled his tongue with every word that had an ‘r’ in it. Maybe it was the way he gained a dimple on his cheek when he searched for a word he was clearly translating before he spoke them. Whatever it was, he was simply put, damn sexy…Tatiana, for the first time ever, never paid attention to a word said in the front of the science class. Enrique finished his report, sat down and Tatiana had no idea what he said. The only thing she memorized was that damn dimple and she hated herself for it.

08-25-16_7-57-32 PM.jpg

Professor F continued, “Very well, welcome again, where were we, ah yes ‘Ecological Succession’…”

08-25-16_8-12-03 PM.jpg

Curiously, Mortimer was sitting next to her the entire time Enrique did his introduction and Tatiana barely even noticed! He leaned her way during Professor F’s lecture with a “Hey.” She thought to herself how she needed to be more aware of her environment.

Tatiana put her focus back to the front of the class not before quickly asking, “Hi, h-how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been better; I was hoping to talk to you after school…would you mind?”

08-25-16_8-14-26 PM.jpg

Professor F interrupted them both, “I have a better solution, how about you talk to each other after class hmm and not during my class?”

08-25-16_8-19-41 PM.jpg

Tatiana stammered, embarrassed, “Oh Professor F please, I…”

Professor F was deeply concerned about Tatiana’s behavior as of late. She was acting weird with what missing school for an entire week, not having kept up with her assignments, not even asking for makeup work. Now, she is distracted by the opposite sex and talking in class? No, Professor F thought quickly to himself, he was going to get to the bottom of this asap, “Or, maybe detention will help prove an environment better suited for conversations?”

08-25-16_8-21-00 PM.jpg

Tatiana officially mortified tried to plea for forgiveness, anything but detention. She thought about the impact of a bad mark on her record it would hinder her prospects at a full ride scholarship, “No, professor F we…I…” That was not very smooth, She thought to herself.

08-25-16_8-18-02 PM.jpg

Professor F pretended to be annoyed in order to sell his intervention, “Two days…”

Tatiana almost in tears, even Mortimer tried to chime in, “Really professor F…”.

08-25-16_8-23-30 PM.jpg

“Three days!! Tatiana meet me after class I am worried about your recent distracted nature and your lack of respect for my time and your peers time in this classroom today.” Mortimer apologized to Tatiana as best he could non-verbally.

Tatiana with all resignation stated, “Sure, ok..”

08-25-16_8-26-22 PM.jpg

She felt herself become unstable. She never got detention, never was called out in front of her peers, this was her favorite class her favorite professor what was going on in her life everything was different she thought. When the class was finally over and her peers shuffled themselves out of the classroom door, Tatiana was left by herself with only the professor as her audience.

08-25-16_8-28-00 PM.jpg

He positioned himself in front of her desk and interrogated her, “I was wondering Tatiana, whatever is the matter with you? You missed school, you barley got an average grade on today’s pop quiz, you have social discussions in class.”

“No Professor F I have just been under the weather, I promise I will make up today’s grade.” She said sincerely.

08-25-16_8-30-24 PM.jpg

“Perhaps I should make this grade permanent so you can snap out of whatever it is your doing. Not focusing on your future and this nonchalant attitude in class will make you lose out on a perfectly good full ride scholarship, young lady.”

08-25-16_8-30-20 PM.jpg

She did not take the advice lightly. She felt overwhelmed, defeated, and lost complete control of all her emotions, just like she felt she was losing complete control of her life and plans for her future! The adrenaline started coursing through her entire body, her eyes lost their original green hue and Professor F turned into a figurine right before her…”NO! oh no oh no oh no!!” She cried in despair!

Professor F Conversion.jpg

Thinking on her feet, she scooped him up in a frantic scurry and with an impulse shoved professor F in her backpack…

08-25-16_8-36-45 PM.jpg

…Tatiana scurried down the hall. She shoved the solidified figure within the metal prison she called her locker until further notice…

08-25-16_8-39-27 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 16

Bella had not heard from her friend Tatiana in almost a week. Tatiana was absent from school the entire time and would not answer her phone calls. Her sweet grandmother kept intercepting the phone calls and distributing excuses like they were llama stamps, rude!


She was over being ignored, she had her brother Michael for that, so she hightailed it to Tatiana’s house to break her free of whatever funk she was going through. Does she even know about the Goth’s in the fire and the missing Gunther Jr?  Tatiana hasn’t even seen the new exchange students in all their beautiful glory, how dare she have to endure their gorgeous exteriors and not have anyone to giggle about it with, that was what best friends were for and Tatiana was anything but that this last week.

CH 16 II.jpg

Bella became even more bothered when she reached for the door handle and found it was locked…LOCKED! That front door was never locked, this sleepy town never warranted such need for protection and Bella was always welcome. She was becoming furious with the Thibodeaux’s behavior, what was happening to her town’s consistency? Everything changed overnight she just had this creepy gut feeling she couldn’t shake.

CH 16 III.jpg

Tatiana always made fun of Bella’s weird affinity to the supernatural but Bella was always drawn to things that were ‘different’ maybe why she was so drawn to the Goths. Maybe why she believes in UFO’s and the like.

CH 16 IV.jpg

Bella finally stooped to ringing the doorbell, when Juliette answered the door, “Hi Mamie,” She hugged Juliette as was their custom since Bella could remember.

CH 16 V.jpg

Juliette was about to kindly ask her sweet Bella to leave, this was not the best time, Tatiana was still consumed with the recent news of her legacy, however Bella interrupted her thought process, “Please Mamie, I know she is in there I need to see her, I wanna help, please?”

CH 16 VI.jpg

Juliette knew Tatiana would not feel comfortable in sharing her news with Bella, it was a sensitive topic and downright kooky but she couldn’t stand around watching Tatiana cry her eyes out day and night, “Oui, perhaps you can snap ‘er out of ‘er current situation. Come on in, I will brew some tea.”


Bella scurried to Tati’s room, she absolutely loved Mamie’s and Tati’s house more than her own, her house was stuffy and perfect, this was warm and inviting, it possessed a level of love she would never feel anywhere else in the world. It was as if the house absorbed the emotions of the very two individuals that lived there. One thing Bella will always be forever grateful to Jacosta and Simis is that they moved to Willow Creek from Pleasant View all those years ago, she would be lost without Tati.

CH 16 VII.jpg

When Bella reached the top of the stairs she stood at Tatana’s bedroom landing and began her silly banter, “Hey girl, have you seen my friend Tati? I lost her somewhere between lunch on Friday and now so any info in the matter will help you know?”

Tatiana answered with nothing but silence…

CH 16 VIII.jpg

Bella continued, “She is this hella hippie girl about so high and smells like roses…she is smart and funny and happens to be my bestest best friend in the whole universe so you know, if you see her tell her I miss her…”

CH 16 IX.jpg

Tatiana finally pipped up in between sniffles and runny snot, “You forgot to mention she is lost without her bestest best friend, maybe you’ll find her with that added to your descriptors…”

Bella quickly ran to Tatiana and sat beside her, “That’s my girl I missed YOU!! Why are you all puffy eyed and serious?! Where the hell have you been Tati and why the llama spit haven’t you returned my calls?”

CH 16 X.jpg

Tatiana responded, “Because I am going through some serious stuff Bella and I do not want to be a burden on any one.”

CH 16 XI.jpg

“Hello?! That’s what friends are for…to burden! How many times have I come running to you for help when my parents or Michael are getting on my last nerve huh?”

CH 16 XII.jpg

“No offense Bella, but this is…”

CH 16 XIII.jpg

Tatiana’s conversation was interrupted by a knock at the front door. Off in the distance she could hear Mamie’s footsteps leading to the unannounced guest and her faint conversation with said person.

Oui can I ‘elp you?”

“Hi yes my name is special agent Buddy, I am here to talk to your granddaughter Tatiana regarding the disappearance of Gunther Goth Jr. and the fire at their estate.”

CH 16 XIV.jpg

Mamie wanted to shut the ‘special agent’ out, she realized at that moment Tatiana would constantly be reminded of who she is and what she’s done. Her poor Tatiana had no way out would she? Thinking better of it she let the agent in and remained calm through it all, “Oui, do come in, I ‘ave just finished brewing some tea may I offer you some?”

CH 16 XV.jpg

Special Agent looked around quickly, the colors of the walls began hurting his retinas but politely responded, “Yes, m’am that would be lovely, no cream or sugar thanks.”

CH 16 XVI.jpg

“Tati, you ‘ave a guest who would like to chat with you mon ange…she will be right down Special Agent, Buddy, you said?”

“Uh, Buddy, yes, and  thank ya m’am, whooo wee this here is a colorful house.”

CH 16 XVII.jpg

Tatiana cautiously entered the room with Bella dragging behind, she wanted more time alone with Tatiana and having this weirdo at the house made that impossible, as soon as Tati saw the guy standing in her kitchen, she greeted and asked, “Hi there, can I help you?”

CH 16 XVIII.jpg

“You sure can little lady. I am special Agent Buddy from the FBI…”

Tatiana’s nerves became frayed, the FBI!! The FBI!! Really!?! The Goths skipped the police and went straight to the FBI!!?? Did the FBI know about her? Would they haul her off to some weird and secret lab to dissect her and see how fallen angels worked? !

Her eyes started to lose their tint altogether and an all too familiar sensation took over her spirit,

CH 16 XiX.jpg

lasers shot out of Tatianas eyes and turned Buddy the Agent into Buddy the figurine right in front of Bella Bachelor’s presence. Bella overcome by what she witness fainted face first on the kitchen floor..

CH 16 XX.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 15

Interlude: Before Abigail’s Birth – In the Sanctuary…

After Celeste’s escape to earth The Manager of the Division of Balance, Peridot, assigned Charity the case of Celeste and Adriel. Feeling partly responsible for her friend and peer going rogue, Charity became quite obsessed with Celeste’s new life on earth. Horrified by Celeste’s demonic nature and thirst for blood, yet it was like a train wreck Charity just could not look away.08-10-16_8-55-21 PM.jpg

Sometimes, Charity would bypass her other cases and solely focus on her old friends new path, it became even more addicting to oversee, after Celeste and Adriel became romantically involved. The couple together were a force to be reckoned with.

07-16-16_10-56-47 AM.jpg

However,  Charity could tell Celeste’s drive was because of necessity while Adriel was fully driven by the power that corrupted him. What sent Charity over the edge was learning that the couple were with child.

08-10-16_8-54-40 PM.jpg

Chances were the baby would be born Fae, but with Adriel in the picture, it could also mean that it had a slight chance of being born an abomination.

08-10-16_8-56-30 PM.jpg

Charity decided to bring it up in their staff meeting that afternoon. The child threatened an unbalancing on the earth they needed to protect. She had a few solutions to propose and was hoping her peers would support her. However, the decision to leverage yet another curse on the earthbound Fae lineage was ultimately Peridots to make.

08-10-16_8-59-11 PM.jpg


Peridot turned off the projector after her presentation on the upcoming initiatives, “That is all I have for you today, let us do a round-robin and get a sense of how everyone is handling their cases. Yes, Charity, what is going on in your world?”

“Well, lady Peridot, I thought it would behoove the team to know that Celeste and Adriel are married, and are awaiting a child together.”

Peridot replied matter-of-factly, “I saw that coming, he is the reason she left the Sanctuary is it not?” She referred to Adriel, his name was never mentioned out loud amongst the team, particularly because the guardian angels all blamed Adriel for Celeste’s ‘choices’.

08-10-16_8-51-43 PM.jpg

“Why yes, but you know she is a demon now,”

The room gasped in shock at the realization, it may have been a fact to Peridot and Charity but the others were never given the full details of the situation regarding Celeste.

Peridot remained calm and graceful even though the room was still gasping at the news of Celeste.”Yes, I was aware.”

Charity shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she realized she blurted private and confidential information but she couldn’t back down now, “Well, Adriel walked in while one of her feeds got out of hand and, the human, died…”

08-10-16_8-51-38 PM-2.jpg

Peridot stood up abruptly at the news, dumbfounded and confused,”There is no death on earth! Are you saying this human did not teleport to The Garden of Life upon it’s end?!”

Charity gulped and with sweaty hands continued, “Well, you see Adriel had an exchange with Celeste, he now possesses some Fae magic within him as such he now has the capability of ripping souls from human bodies…”

The room gasped again in horror! The news was inconceivable!

08-10-16_8-44-28 PM.jpg

Peridot began to pace with contemplation at the news and quickly started to brainstorm the ‘whys’ this phenomenon could have occured, “This is most disturbing Charity!…There is no way a human can steal Fae essence so is a preposterous notion and highly unlikely!”

08-10-16_8-43-55 PM.jpg

Charity caught Peridots pause, she had her assumptions as to why Adriel was able to steal Fae essence, she was no scholar in the topic but she knew other beings that were. Therefore, Charity gathered more boldness and offered her hypothesis on the matter and potential solutions.

She stood up before her peers and addressed the entire team of Guardian Angels, “I am mostly to blame for this matter,” the crowd in attendance tried to interrupt her but she proceeded. “Please listen, Celeste tried to get help for Adriel and I did not give it the priority it deserved at the time. I am going to do my best to help stave off any other disasters, humanity does not deserve it, but Celeste is still our sister and we must help her anyway we can.” The crowd became silent as Charity’s words struck a chord with them all.

08-10-16_8-48-00 PM.jpg

“I believe I know why the exchange occurred between the couple. I am no expert in the matter but I took it upon myself to consult the ECD.”

It was Peridots turn to gasp, she turned 100 shades of red due to embarrassment. It was not customary to have a Balance Supervisor pull rank on her Manager, it simply was not protocol, “The Emotions and Conduct Division!? Why did you go over my head, why did you not come to me first?!”

08-10-16_8-35-45 PM.jpg

“Again, I do apologize, yet I felt it urgent to find out if my suspicions were true. Please understand I feel responsible.”Charity continued not allowing Peridot an opportunity to argue. “What I found was that my suspicions were confirmed. The reason he was able to extract Fae essence is because Celeste is his ‘One True Partner’, uh I believe the appropriate term the ECD utilizes is ‘Soulmate’. Apparently, every sentient being has one of these pairings. Something about chemistry within their DNA that allows them to find one another – like  a love GPS or biological connection magnet. Regardless, now that he has stolen Fae essence from his soulmate, he can continue to extract magic at will from any magical being. It is like a pass if you will, once you gain access you have access to it forever.”

08-10-16_8-44-27 PM.jpg

Peridot blinked and remained shaken, the others were equally as shocked.

Charity had everyone in the room riveted and uncomfortably quiet, so she resumed cautiously in order to be distinctly heard, “My concern lady Peridot, is that these ‘soulmate pairings’ do not occur in Celeste’s future lineage, I am requesting permission to manipulate their heart with mates of our choosing, less risky pairings if you will. That is if this child is not born an abomination…If it is, I strongly recommend…termination, for the sake of humanity.”

08-10-16_8-34-23 PM.jpg

At the word ‘termination’ Peridot’ flinched. The thought of taking someone’s life was not at the top of her list of things to do. “You are asking for me to kill a life that is not written in the books to pass on? And you are requesting that I further intervene to arrange marriages for the humans?” Outrage was putting Peridot’s current feelings lightly.

08-10-16_8-41-25 PM.jpg

“Yes to the first part, death to the child if it is born anything outside of Fae or Human, it will prevent an unbalancing in that world, which is our job to uphold. Celeste has turned quite a bit of humans already to more diluted versions of herself and now the atrocity that is the Reaper running a muck on the planet. We will not be able to sustain the extremes of this unbalance if this continues. However, regarding the pairings, I only seek permission to ahem, arrange marriages for Celeste’s lineage.”

08-10-16_8-45-23 PM.jpg

The room agreed with heavy nods and approving grunts.

Peridot had no argument for Charity’s propositions. With a heavy sigh and stately resolve she complied, “Fine, your solutions are extremely sound Charity, I appreciate your unorthodox resolution to find answers to our current ‘situation’. However, assigning and arranging marriages?! We are simply not equipped to handle. The ECD are best left to oversee, what is it that they call the occurrence? Ah yes, ‘One True Pairing’ scenarios. We will need to collaborate. Let’s arrange a meeting with them. Buttercup, please call Eros and set up a meeting.”

08-10-16_8-38-01 PM.jpg

Buttercup arranged a face to face conference with the head of the Organization, Arch Angel Eros.

08-10-16_9-50-28 PM.jpg

And so the partnership began with Emotions & Conduct Division. Once they determined Celeste and Adriel’s child was Fae and not an abomination, the ECD agreed to the terms and conditions to ensure they safeguarded humanity together.

Celeste’s lineage would undergo a fourth set of restrictions starting that day, a forced pairing with someone other than their ‘soulmate’.

08-10-16_9-54-08 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 13

“Have some lunch mon amore while I continue our legacy’s story oui?” Juliette dragged the patent leather chair away from the table to eat their overnight salad and continue their saga. The kitchen was small but cozy as was Juliette’s preference.

07-16-16_9-20-57 AM.jpg

“Yes, of course, sounds good…so Adriel and Celeste met at a random train station and it was love at first sight?”


When Celeste saw Adriel at the station she was immediately reminded of a past that she quickly shed upon descending to earth. She felt deep grief over who she ‘ad become and desperately wanted the wholly good Celeste she was once upon a time. But ‘er ‘unger was an addiction and one she couldn’t satiate. Her favorite case from yesteryear was standing in front of ‘er older and broken…maybe just maybe she could still ‘elp she thought, maybe they could ‘elp each other.

07-16-16_9-25-45 AM.jpg

The odd pair quickly became good friends, they did everything together, long strolls in the park.

07-16-16_9-47-21 AM.jpg

Late night dinners and deep discussions.

07-16-16_9-48-35 AM.jpg

Celeste vowed never to tell a soul what she was but if anyone came close to knowing it would ‘ave been Adriel. She kept ‘er darkness a secret from him for as long as she could and ‘e became more & more self assured with their friendship.

07-16-16_9-50-25 AM.jpg

One day Adriel was bold enough to tell Celeste how ‘e felt about ‘er, ‘e knew there was a chance she would reject him, ‘e was older after all, and she was so full of life still. To ‘is glorious surprise she told ‘im she fell in love with ‘im a long time ago. Adriel ecstatic, got closer to ‘is soon to be lover to steal a kiss, ‘owever something else occurred…an exchange

07-16-16_10-05-01 AM.jpg

Half of Celeste’s Fae essence was removed from ‘er body and transplanted into Adriel’s, ‘e became younger she became older and ‘er immortality was no more, she could feel the divide.

07-16-16_10-09-19 AM.jpg

“So Adriel became immortal?”

No mon ange, just younger and full of stolen Fae magic. Adriel was shocked at this exchange he had no idea what transpired why ‘e felt so young, strong and virile and why ‘is beloved looked older. She sat ‘im down and told ‘im everything, who she was, why she ‘ad originally come to earth and ‘er estimation of what transpired between the exchange. Adriel was shocked, ‘e was a man of science after all. These stories were facts ‘e could not prove but ‘e did not know Celeste to be crazy or a liar ‘is ‘eart didn’t want to believe that. Quite ‘onestly, ‘e felt the most alive ‘e had felt in years. If ‘e could have ‘e would ‘ave performed the exchange again but ‘e feared ‘is beloved would age too quickly and life without Celeste was not an option.

07-16-16_10-11-28 AM.jpg

“What about the fact that she was a vampire did that not scare the llamas breathe out of him?”

07-16-16_10-12-16 AM.jpg

Oui, as a matter of fact! She promised ‘im she would never turn anyone into a demon as long as she was with ‘im and all she needed was a bit of blood to maintain her life force. That bargain worked out beautifully because ‘e was a doctor and ‘ad direct access to blood when they needed it.

Shortly after their exchange they married…


One day, Celeste and Adriel ‘osted a party to celebrate Adriel’s recent good standing in the community as a favored Doctor. They ‘ad many invites, unfortunately, Celeste was feeling particularly ‘ungry that day.

07-16-16_10-20-32 AM.jpg

She temporarily forgot her surroundings and lured an unsuspecting guest to ‘er drawing room.

07-16-16_10-23-27 AM.jpg

She was thirstier than she remembered because all the blood she ‘ad been consuming since her marriage with Adriel, was processed at the ‘ospital, cold and unappealing. This unsuspecting victim was life’s fresh blood…she drank too much, too fast…

07-16-16_10-29-46 AM.jpg

The victim was about to expire when Adriel walked in on them…

07-16-16_10-34-16 AM.jpg

Adriel ‘urried to save the victims life ‘owever, the guest was on ‘is way to the non-existence. Adriel got too close to the body of the expiring ‘uman, ‘is stolen dark magic ignited by getting so close to death…triggered a rendering within the victim where ‘is soul was separated from ‘is body.

07-16-16_10-37-55 AM.jpg

Adriel accidentally consumed his souls energy within him leaving the body listless and crumpled on the floor, and his soul wandering ‘elpless and confused…the ‘Harvest’ as it is called now, coupled with the Fae magic within ‘im, gave ‘im amped supernatural power and ‘e…loved it.

07-16-16_10-40-51 AM.jpg

That is when death began on earth; because of it, ‘umanity now suffers from the divide caused by passing on. The divide that renders the soul from the body. From that moment on the duo became a nightmare together. Celeste quenched ‘er thirst for blood and Adriel became more and more addicted to the power death granted him.

07-16-16_10-56-47 AM.jpg

That, mon petit chou, is how the Grim Reaper came to be.

07-16-16_10-57-41 AM.jpg

To Be Continued...








CBP Chapter 14

After the realization of how the reaper came to be, the house became extraordinarily quiet the only thing she heard were the cardinals and blue jays dancing within the willow trees …Tatiana had to literally process what she heard until she exploded…

08-07-16_7-03-09 PM.jpg

“HOLY RED PLUMBOBS Mamie!! We are the reason the Reaper exists?”

Oui Tati and there is more…”

“I don’t know if I can handle any more!” She proclaimed with pure sincerity.

08-07-16_7-04-19 PM.jpg

“If you would rather we could leave the discussion for another time when you ‘ave processed the rest.” Juliette promised with genuine concern.

“No Mamie, I will go crazy wanting to know it all so please proceed…” her grand-daughter demanded.

Oui, but know that we can stop at any time.”

“I know we can, thank you for your consideration Mamie. However, I really need to know.” Tatiana started plucking at a tattered edges of her jean shorts. She tended to pick at things when under severe stress.

08-07-16_7-06-36 PM.jpg

“Very well mon ange. Celeste and the Reaper ‘ad a child together, a little girl named Abigail. By this time, both Celeste and Adriel realized they were unfit parents and they gave the girl to a Simtholic adoption facility to raise, they did not want her growing up around all the death and devastation.”

“Cowplant Roots!!  We are descendants of a vampire and the REAPER??!” The magnitude of what that meant was overwhelming.

08-07-16_7-08-48 PM.jpg

Oui, mon petit chou. Abigail grew up in a ‘ealthy environment although most of the caretakers were strict and cold, the ‘ead caretaker Sister Mary Agatha, was incredibly loving, compassionate and wise.

08-07-16_5-30-44 PM.jpg

Abigail made many friends among the other orphans that became more like ‘er sisters than roommates. Even though the little girl was raised with all this care and attention, Abigail still felt a part of ‘er was missing.”

08-07-16_5-33-48 PM.jpg

“Sister Mary Agatha loved ‘er Abigail as if she were ‘er own child, although she was not supposed to ‘ave favorites she couldn’t ‘elp ‘erself from doting over the affable little girl. She would often read to ‘er in the garden and sing to ‘er by the river.

08-07-16_5-50-29 PM.jpg

“Sometimes Sister Mary Agatha would save ‘er dessert from ‘er own meal to give to ‘er little girl, as the orphanage denied the children sweets as a rule….life for Abigail was peaceful, these genuine attentions and this simple life in the orphanage filled ‘er with unspeakable joy.”

08-07-16_5-45-28 PM.jpg

“Sorrowfully, when Abigail became a teenager ‘er paths initiation was triggered. She, like yourself, went through many uncomfortable situations which ‘er caretakers could not ignore.”

08-07-16_5-57-54 PM.jpg

“What path was chosen for Abigail?”

“Like you Tati, Abigail became a witch, for she ‘ad more good elements within ‘er. but because of the faith linked to the orphanage the leadership at the church deemed Abigail possessed, demonic and was forced to leave ‘er sanctuary. Not even her faithful Sister Mary Agatha could ‘elp ‘er.”

08-07-16_6-00-21 PM.jpg

“Before Abigail left the orphanage Mary Agatha broke the code of ethics and told Abigail who ‘er parents were. Abigail became ‘eartbroken with the knowledge that ‘er parents were still alive. How could they be so selfish that they would give ‘er up for adoption so lackadaisically? How could two ‘umans be so cold-blooded, she thought.

08-07-16_6-09-46 PM.jpg

Everyone she knew in the orphanage feared ‘er when they learned the church labeled her possessed. They all turned their backs on her. Save for Mary Agatha, for the Sister would always love her little girl.

08-07-16_6-18-12 PM.jpg

Abigail was overwhelmed by the Paths initiation for she knew not what ‘ad overtaken ‘er, she ‘erself was convinced she was evil. One day she was normal, the other she was not…yet, ‘er priority was not necessarily understanding her changes, but to confront ‘er parents. As for the orphanage, there was nothing more for ‘er to do there. For all she knew she was in fact possessed.”

08-07-16_6-20-36 PM.jpg

“Teenage Abigail showed up at Adriel and Celeste’s doorstep. She was incredibly jaded because of ‘er parents rejection and abandonment at birth, she wanted answers and she would received them, to ‘er dismay.”

“Yeah she found out she is a Reapire!!”

08-07-16_6-24-04 PM.jpg

“She was a witch Tati, and a very bitter one. After Celeste told ‘er who she was and confessed ‘er legacy she became violently consumed with rage and yelled at ‘er parents she told Celeste that ‘a real mother would never abandon her child!’ the chaos and anger ignited by  ‘er words called upon ‘er powers…

08-07-16_6-31-49 PM.jpg

…and in instant turned Celeste into a figurine.

08-07-16_6-57-56 PM.jpg

Grim’s emotions were heightened; outrage and deep rooted pain were so strong ‘e retaliated against ‘is daughter for ‘e knew ‘e could not turn ‘is beloved back without the spell backfiring. ‘e promised ‘is daughter that when she became an adult she would see ‘im again, she would pay for ‘er mother’s demise and go through the exchange, of course Abigail did not know what that meant.”

08-07-16_6-34-16 PM.jpg

“Upon ‘er adult birthday she found out…

08-07-16_6-51-35 PM_II.jpg

08-07-16_6-54-40 PM.jpg

…and so goes the curse of the Reaper…’e will visit us once in our life and partake in the exchange whether we like it or not. It is for ‘im ‘alf parts revenge and ‘alf parts necessity for it keeps ‘im young  & full of stolen fae magic. Magic that will fuel ‘is path of darkness & death forever…”

08-07-16_6-55-32 PM.jpg

“So, our curse is three fold?! We go through the Paths, we can only have one kid, and we have to partake in an exchange with Granpa death breath when we become an adult?!”

Oui, but Tati there is a forth part to our curse…”

08-07-16_7-09-39 PM.jpg

Tati stood up at her grandmothers last proclamation, she paced the ground and bit her nails…”You make me wanna jump off of the bluff and straight into Emily’s mouth you know that don’t you…”

Juliette remained calm for she knew nothing she said now would calm her grand-daughter, even still she tried. “You cannot die Tati you are immortal until the day of the exchange…”

08-07-16_7-10-34 PM.jpg

“Ah thanks for the reminder..ok…” Tatiana sat back down… “band aide it tell me, what is the fourth part of our curse?…”

08-07-16_7-11-50 PM.jpg

To Be Continued…