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CBP – Chapter 12

News Casters: Breaking news, Willow Creeks influential billionaires Gunther Sr. and Cornelia Goth have both perished in an inexplicable fire, Officials claim that the deceased parents filed a missing persons report for their son Gunther Jr.  the night prior. Is this an act of terrorism? More at eleven….

“Mon petit chou, your friend Mortimer must be devastated. I am no witch but I could tell his ‘eart is genuine, ‘e will be lost without ‘is family.”

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Tatiana’s heart sank, the thought of not having any immediate family scared her more than anything. She knew she was to blame for Mort’s brother’s disappearance but had no idea how to make that better. Yet, now she somehow knew about his parents dying in a fire too – what’s the correlation  -in fact why would she see it?! “I feel like I am to blame Mamie. I can’t believe I saw the fire while it occurred!. What good is having visions if I can’t prevent them from happening? Also, am I not supposed to have foresight that was more like now sight.”

“You are not to blame for the fire mon ange. You will be able to leverage your resources better with time, but know this…sight is temperamental, not everything is as it seems. Tell me, where is Mortimer living now?”

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“He is living with his Aunt Agnes Crumplebottom and her boyfriend Mr. Darling, until further notice I guess. He is still within the school district so he will still go to our school, or so I heard from his girlfriend Nancy on Simbook.” Tatiana stuck out her tongue, she could care less about Nancy’s social status updates but it was like a train wreck, sometimes she couldn’t tear herself away from the damn app on her phone.

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“That is good I suppose, ‘e will need ‘is extended family now more than ever. Oh, and I do think ‘e is much adorable.” Juliette had no shame in sharing when someone was easy on the eyes even if they were her grand-daughters age.

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“Yeah, lots of girls think so.” Tatiana herself couldn’t deny his handsome appeal but she just never saw him in that way. In fact, no one really appealed to her at this moment in her life. Besides, why would anyone want to be in a relationship with someone like her? A witch of all things?!

“Oh? Do tell!” Juliette loved to hear all her grand-daughters school gossip. She felt she could live vicariously through her since her youth was much different than Tatiana’s.

“Well there’s Nancy Landgraab, his girlfriend for one…”

“She would like a broom dressed in slacks, especially if those slacks ‘ad money!” Juliette and Tatiana both giggled.

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“Yeah, truer words have never been spoken Mamie. Oh and there’s one of the Caliente sisters…” Tatiana scratched her head in deep thought, “… also Bella…but, I don’t want to talk about school, could you tell me more of Celeste and Adriel?”

“But of course my child, where did we leave the story?” Juliette knew exactly where they left off she just wanted to ensure Tati was paying attention.

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“Um, oh yeah…Adriel was devastated because his trollop of a wife left him…”

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“…and Celeste became a demon.” Juliette nodded in appreciation of Tati’s capability to retain information.

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Oui, Celeste’s ‘unger for blood became unbearable she would engage men and women to do ‘er bidding and feed off of their blood. It was ‘er source of sustenance.”

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Oui, the world calls them vampires but they are truly in its purest essence…demons.”

“We descend from vampires!!!???” Tatiana was shocked, speechless, outraged!

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“No, ‘ave you not been listening this entire time, we are earthbound Fae! Fae with paths that are distinct and clear, it just so ‘appens that Celeste became a demon upon her Paths initiation that is all…”

07-14-16_7-34-32 PM.png

“That is all??!! That doesn’t make me feel any better, but answer me this…Celeste came to earth to help Adriel, when did they meet? Because it sounds like she perpetually went grocery shopping at the blood bank instead.”

07-14-16_7-37-28 PM.png

“Ah oui, Celeste forgot about ‘er original plan when she came to earth because the corruption was all consuming. It was years before she met up with Adriel. ‘e was an Adult…She was a young adult the first time they ‘appened upon each other on earth.

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Adriel was heading back home from a medical conference in Oasis Spring. ‘e was about to board the train when ‘e was caught off guard by the daring public display of a raven ‘aired temptress. You see, back then women were not allowed unchaperoned and never should be caught in a compromising position if unmarried. It would be their societal undoing, she would forever be ruined if caught.

Yet, instead of being scandalized by ‘er behavior ‘e found ‘er boldness attractive. In truth, Celeste was enjoying her midday snack. But ‘e only saw ‘er seduction.

07-14-16_8-00-58 PM.jpg

‘e was bewitched by ‘er beauty…dark and mysterious…When Celeste ‘ad ‘er fill for the day she let ‘er ‘victim’ go…that is when she locked eyes with Adriel and she was equally as entranced and instantly remembered why she came to be on earth in the first place.

‘er black soul stirred within ‘er in memory of who they once were. ‘er now cold heart began to beat violently in ‘ope of redemption. Could she still ‘elp Adriel, was ‘e still shattered by a broken heart? But who would save ‘er from ‘erself?

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To Be Continued…


CBP – Chapter 10

Mamie became aware of the hour and requested they pick up where they left off tomorrow. Her wings where tired and she could tell Tatiana needed to process everything she heard thus far.

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Tatiana hugged her grandmother and made her way down the hall to her room but realized that Gunther Goth was still in her room.

04-02-16_2-40-07 PM.png

The thought of Gunther’s inanimate form staring at her while she changed into her sleep wear was disturbing. She immediately back tracked and asked her grandmother if she could sleep with her instead.

“Uh Mamie? Would you mind terribly if I slept with you tonight? Gunther is…”04-08-16_10-20-27 PM.png

“But of course, come my sweet.”

04-19-16_6-03-19 PM.png

“Mamie? Would you sing me that lullaby I like?

Oui mon amour …”

Mamie adored her mon petit chou, she knew she would do anything for her, if she could, she would take her panic and suffering away and allow her to choose whether or not she wanted to be Fae. Alas, that was not a possibility. She vowed to tell Tatiana everything she knew in great detail because if any of Celeste’s descendants would find a way to stop the curse it would be her special angel.

They went into Juliettes room and fell asleep as soon as their beautiful heads hit the pillow.

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That same evening at the Goth’s estate, Gunther Sr. and his wife Cornelia where in a fit of hysterics when they realized Gunther Jr. did not come home after school. The Goths were old money and they pretty much owned the town with their power and influence. It was no surprise the police station began a missing persons search before the 24 hour rule. They told the police that they last  saw Gunther Jr. as he left for school that morning.

07-16-16_7-25-19 PM.png

The police officer asked Mortimer if he knew were his twin was, if he frequented any clubs after school?

07-13-16_8-14-36 PM.png

“No officer I honestly don’t know what his after school activities are as I am usually a part of a different circle. I’m mostly with my girlfriend Nancy.”

Yet there indeed was a something, a slight chance he actually paid attention to his brothers boasting after all…Just when the police man was about to excuse himself to search Gunther Jr.’s room Mortimer approached him with some information that could potentially help him. “Officer wait…I did overhear my brother brag about meeting with this girl in our science class after school. Her name is Tatiana, she is a hippie looking brainy girl in our class, I think she lives on Lavender Lane on the same street as the Bachelor’s.”

The officer scribbled the new information in his notepad, then asked, “Were they dating?”

07-13-16_8-23-55 PM.png

“No, no I don’t think it was like that, he wasn’t very popular with the ladies. He must of needed her help, maybe tutoring or something.” Mortimer hated to throw his brother under the bus like that but he was being honest. “That’s all I know.”

The cop thanked him for his witness report and asked them all to stay put until he searched Gunther Jr.’s room and heard back from the station.

Mortimer was the a chip off the old block, the brain of the family and all the girls in town thought him dreamy mostly because of his hoards of money but he was debonair and the fact that he was tall dark and handsome added to the mystery no doubt. Which made the girls label him as swoon worthy.

07-13-16_8-26-41 PM.png

He was dating Nancy Landgraab not because he was head over heels for her, don’t misunderstand, Nancy was stunning, but she was boring. All she ever wanted to discuss was hair, make-up, clothes and the latest school gossip. Mortimer had no interest in those topics. He knew he simply dated her because his parents approved of her and because she was one of the most popular kids in school. Lame he knew it, but wasn’t that the way of the world?

07-16-16_2-06-33 PM.png

Mortimer was truly suspicious of his twin brother’s sudden disappearance they were never friends but they also didn’t completely despise each other.

03-19-16_10-58-42 AM.jpg

When Gunther told him he had his eye on Tatiana he was decidedly disappointed as she was the only girl in school that could compete with him academically and was in his eyes the most attractive. His parents would never approve of him dating beneath him. Yet, he would gladly rebel if it meant being with Tatiana.

03-19-16_9-25-28 AM.jpg

However, his brother claimed her first and isn’t that the brothers secret code, don’t like the girls your brother likes, least you’re a douche which Mortimer prided himself in not being one. He was snobby perhaps but not a douche.

07-13-16_8-33-19 PM.png

There had to be some explanation to this story and he decided to go to Tatiana’s house in the morning to ask her questions of his own, he would find his brother Gunther, it was now his priority.

To Be Continued…



CBP – Chapter 11

Mortimer heard of the unusual home Tatiana lived in, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine such a colorful dwelling place.

“It’s like butterflies, unicorns and rainbows threw up and died on this lot, good grief…” Mortimer muttered.

04-02-16_2-22-00 PM.png

His senses were overwhelmed as he was used to dark and somber colors back home, which was his preference. He made his way to the door and hesitated for a moment. How was he going to approach this sensitive subject with his classmate. Would he be blunt about it and ask her when she and his brother last saw each other? Did they go out on a date? Were they studying? He gathered his nerve and proceeded to knock on the recently refurbished door frame. He heard shuffling of feet from the other side of the doorway…

07-13-16_8-48-53 PM.png

He was half expecting Tatiana to answer the knock when a delightful elderly woman opened the door instead. She was wearing a hysterical purple t-shirt that bore a chick with a book and glasses.

07-13-16_8-49-52 PM.png

Oui, can I ‘elp you?”

Mortimer belabored his response. He was studying the elderly lady. Quickly deciding that she must have been a beauty in her youth. He could see the family resemblance, “Yes Ms. Thibodeaux how are you? Um, is Tatiana home by any chance?

Oui, she is not feeling well though, can I relay a message?” Mortimer really loved this elderly ladies accent. He decided he could listen to it for hours and never tire of it.

07-13-16_8-50-12 PM.png

“Yes please, would you kindly tell her that I really need to talk to her about my brother Gunther? He’s been missing for almost an entire day now and I think she may be able to help me.”

Juliette eyed Mortimer up, he seemed like a very nice young man, not at all like the brother Tatiana turned into a figurine. This kid was respectable she could feel it in the pit of her stomach. She instantly felt a bit of remorse for him she could see the pain he held in his shoulders and eyes for missing his brother. His family would have to endure Gunther’s departure from this world, it was a bitter pill to swallow. It made it worse knowing they were to blame, “Of course I will tell ‘er but.. only if you shake on it…” Juliette couldn’t help but be a little mischievous.

Mortimer confused by the request ‘shake on what exactly?’ he thought to himself. Yet he took her hand only to find that she zapped him with a hand buzzer.

07-13-16_8-52-28 PM.png

“Holy plum samples what the heck!” Mortimer rubbed his had vigorously.

Juliette laughed uncontrollably, “Sorry I could not resist, come on in young person. Tatiana is out back, do watch your step .” She sang with her incredible French accent.

Mortimer didn’t like surprises but something about Tatiana’s grandmother was settling even her weird sense of humor was agreeable…

07-13-16_8-52-50 PM.png

He walked through the colorful array of furniture and knickknacks and was even more thankful for his parents sense of style versus this one, it was just too….’happy’ for his liking.

07-13-16_8-53-42 PM.png


Tatiana was in her garden her most favorite place in the world, she loved planting things and watching them grow, they were her babies and she even once told her grandmother when she was a little girl that she sensed they loved her back. She made every effort to sing and talk to them, dotting over them every opportunity she had.

07-13-16_8-54-07 PM.png

Mortimer was transfixed watching Tatiana elbow deep in dirt. She was graceful and treated her garden with such delicacy and nurturing. He was so used to prissy girls who had everything handed to them. Watching Tatiana work in her garden was refreshing. He shook his head to focus on the task at hand…

07-13-16_8-55-09 PM.png

Mortimer cleared his throat before he spoke to his classmate, “Tatiana, hello.”

Tatiana was startled, she did not expect a visitor, especially not Gunther’s brother for heaven’s sake! Something about his voice triggered an episode that immediately sent her head spinning, her eyes yellowed and the world went completely black.

07-13-16_9-08-30 PM.jpg

In place of her current reality, were dark images like photographs…Mortimer’s estate burning down with his parents trapped inside, she could feel the pang of the burn and was almost choking on the dense smoke when she was snapped out of it by Mortimer once again…

07-13-16_9-12-21 PM.jpg

Mortimer never saw her retinas change color but while she was having her ‘vision’ she shook fiercely. He was sure she was having a convulsion from the fright of surprising her in her quiet place. “Bloody plumbobs are you ok Tatiana?! I didn’t mean to startle you.”

07-13-16_9-03-44 PM.png

Tatiana was shaking, out of sorts and confused…she simply replied…”Mortimer, I think your house is burning!”

07-13-16_9-28-08 PM.png

To Be Continued…