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Dining Drama Eps 13

Day 1 Restaurant #2

We did it!! An upgraded second venue to host my Abuelita’s scrumptious meals. Another place to share my families joy of cooking. Another place to make new friends!

06-19-16_5-13-56 PM.png06-19-16_5-10-53 PM.png

Upgrade.It is overwhelming to think about working two different locations at the same time – however I am up for the challenge!

I relocated my faithful lilly’s and they also are trying to acclimate to their new home.

06-19-16_5-29-16 PM.png

HOWEVER – my patience is already wearing thin with these new employees! Janie and Lina are my new DRAMA LLAMAS and the guests haven’t even arrived…UGH!

06-19-16_5-49-06 PM.png

06-19-16_5-44-06 PM.png

Even with the desperate need for more training this new crew managed to stay in the green – yet, it was a miracle…

day one.PNG


A/N: I was pleasantly surprised the perk points stick with you into your second restaurant – That is an incredible gift!

PS – the builder of this Restaurant is under Gallery ID: Ms_Kamikaetzchen

Link to Restaurant here:

Dining Drama Eps 12

Day 15 Restaurant #1

Look who graced us with his presence…I had to remind myself to maintain my professionalism – because I almost unleashed the Spanish within me…

06-19-16_12-50-10 PM.png

Keenan gave us a five star – no thanks to him, and thankfully we didn’t skip a beat after he was fired, even with a brand new server. Louise was green around the edges but she caught up to the rest of the staff in no time. Thanks Louise!

06-19-16_1-01-36 PM.png

Also – didn’t we get rid of the clown-apocalypse?06-19-16_3-26-53 PM.png

Yes, one of the clown lovers often stares at the seat he and his ex used to sit at..Such a creep-monster! I hope he realizes there are other clowns in the circus!

For the last few weeks I ensured I upgraded all the appliances in the restaurant…seeing as I will be in a new location soon I wanted to leave ‘Abuelitas’ in good shape.

06-19-16_3-24-09 PM.png

I tended to the garden with much care…

06-19-16_5-05-35 PM.png

And painted about three times a day at the very least…

06-19-16_12-36-42 PM.png

PS – this was my first masterpiece Woozah!!

level 10 painting.PNG

All my efforts have paid off and I can now afford our second restaurant!!50k yes.PNG


A/N: Some miscellaneous observations for all of you who are currently starting out managing your very own restaurant(s) and/or this challenge…note that when you open your doors you will ultimately spend 3-4 hours everyday emptying your pockets in wages and no sales or profits . See what I mean below…

In 4 hours 0 customers were served and yet I had to pay four staff members for a total of 420.00 simoleans for that shift…

details 3_4 hours cost of wages.PNG

Other miscellaneous tips include the following items:

  • Always upgrade your menu as your staff level up – not doing so will send you in the red.
  • Always alter your training and promotions, meaning one day you train, another promote and never forget the praises and speeches.
  • Do not forget to raise your mark-up as you level your staff as well – not doing so will be simoleons lost.
  • Do not over extend your staff – opening for more than 10 hours may prove disastrous to your profits and staff loyalties. I only keep my doors open for a total of 8 hours a day.

Stay tuned, our next installment will be at our second lot and new restaurant!! I can’t wait to share the new place and staff members with you all ❤

Dining Drama Eps 11

Day Five Restaurant #1

I made a discovery. Keenan… is bipolar! One minute he is singing my praises and following me around like a lost puppy…

06-14-16_7-54-34 PM.png

The next he is kicking over garbage cans…

06-14-16_5-37-08 PM.png

And then this happens!!!!

06-14-16_7-18-51 PM.png


I sent him to training, I gave him like three promotions and now this?? Needless to say I fired him after that!

06-14-16_8-52-45 PM.png

He didn’t seem to mind, lol, what an ass-hat!


End of day report:

Rest perks day five.PNG

Even without Keenan’s salary wages cost way to much – luckily we are still in the green and now our service (despite the wack-a-doodle Keenan) is in the excellent category!

We managed to purchase the ‘Large Discount Perk’ and now are on our way to purchasing the ‘Well Managed Perk’…

what I want to buy.PNG

And we are sooooo close to getting it!

soo close.PNG


To help take my mind off this days fiasco, I made myself Abuelita’s special! Paella!!

06-14-16_5-52-49 PM.png

Secret Ingredient? Determination

A/N – Now I am just saving up for Restaurant #2 – so I will only update when I have some milestones to share regarding our savings. Of course, I will keep you up to date on all the drama that are my restaurants customer and staff LOL ❤


Dining Drama Eps 9

Day Three Restaurant #1

The training instructor called me regarding my team. He said they were satisfactory.

Satisfactory. I need them to be excellent. I am sure that with a little encouraging and a lot more training they will be. I just need to have patience. I can’t give up on them now. While I weeded the plant bed I thought of an unorthodox idea.

06-11-16_8-40-30 PM.png

Let’s give them all a raise…It will put me in a little bit of a pickle financially but maybe that will be the motivation they need. I called them all right away…

06-11-16_8-39-14 PM.png

…Look who was in better spirits after the phone call?!

06-11-16_8-42-29 PM.png

And this guy…what a keeper!

06-11-16_8-42-55 PM.png

Mila came in as soon as the doors were open – she wanted to ensure I wouldn’t tell her husband she was in with Fryers the other day. She claimed it wasn’t really anyone’s business. The tried to bribe me with an invite to the Upper Crust Club! Unreal!

06-11-16_8-43-43 PM.png

The clown lovers came in separately today… and with other people!

06-11-16_8-44-30 PM.png

06-11-16_8-45-43 PM.png

06-11-16_8-52-19 PM.png

Do you think they broke up for good? Poor sad non-juggling clowns 😦

…I found out Rylan has a little bit of a crush on Bella…who doesn’t? Ha!

06-11-16_8-48-01 PM.png

Although, in my humble opinion, she needs a little more dress from the dress department – she can be a bit of a hoochie momma.

The worst part of the day was when we flubbed Mortimer’s order…Mortimer was so enraged he kicked the garbage can and walked away without paying…

06-11-16_8-58-21 PM.png

Literally, we barley made any money today. A bit above 300 simoleans is all. I was so so stressed!

06-11-16_8-57-35 PM.png

Poor Keenan always catches me in the bathroom…today I was crying. He comforted me and said it would all turn-around for the better. Abuelitas recipes would be a hit. Thanks for the support Keenan…

Here is how we ended the day:

day 3 rest 1.PNG

Will tomorrow be a better day? Goodness I hope so.

06-11-16_9-02-09 PM.png

Dining Drama Eps 8

Day Two Restaurant #1. 

After a much needed rest…06-11-16_6-43-55 PM.png

I grabbed another of Abuelas yummy cheese tostatas…and geared up for a new day…06-11-16_6-41-53 PM.png

I bought a surplus of fruits and veggies from the farmers market this morning for a really amazing price! (A/N also unlocked the tidy tippers perk from our perks point queue). I set my profit markup at 175% [super aggressive I know] and ensured the local paper knew we were a casual restaurant…To many folks came by looking like they just got out of a quinceañera on our first day! I want people to feel at home here.

First thing on the agenda was to inspire my staff with a speech. It’s all I could think of to brighten the morale and get them pumped for our second day.

06-11-16_6-48-37 PM.png

Anaya was having none of it though ::sigh::

06-11-16_6-48-12 PM.png

In fact she told me if I talked to her at all that day she would walk out…She is a challenge but I can deal with her as long as she keeps on cooking…and does it well…

06-11-16_6-49-22 PM.png

Challenge. The day went from awkward to stressful because as soon as we flipped the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’ – the first patron that appeared for a seat was a restaurant critic!

06-11-16_6-50-20 PM.png

The staff, unfortunately,  was so distracted by this hot-dog guy to notice…

06-11-16_7-05-01 PM.png
Seriously Joaquin – what are you doing??!!

…that they forgot to sit her promptly! She went from ‘patiently waiting’ to – ‘not impressed’ in no time…UGH!

Her rating for Abuelita’s was underwhelming:

3 star review.PNG

To say I am disappointed, is an understatement.

Half hour later, I noticed the top chef  of the Llama Spit & Grille graced us with her presence! I will poach her one day – she is the best in the business! I am hoping she will fight to be a Sous Chef for me ❤

06-11-16_7-00-10 PM.png

Our clown lovers were back on the second day. When I went to check up on their table they started sobbing uncontrollably. Something about how the other won’t juggle for him anymore…06-11-16_7-01-43 PM.png

If that wasn’t enough, Keenan was upset Suzanne got the best tipping tables and kicked the garbage can out of frustration. I was not having any of it – so I put him on trash duty the rest of the day! Sending them ALL to training tomorrow – they will learn to be a team and apply effective customer service skills to their day to day! Just ridiculous!06-11-16_6-56-43 PM.png

Some more randomness on our second day

Ms. Caliente returned with a new boy toy…

06-11-16_6-57-05 PM.png

…and this guy booked us the entire day tomorrow!! GO RYLAN!

06-11-16_7-03-35 PM.png

I finished the day at 3 1/2 stars and in the positive:

Day II Stats.PNG

We still have some opportunities in the service and meal quality arena but hoping to turn that around soon.

Oh and P.S – Abuelita’s Lilly’s are doing great – this will help me save up for our 2nd restaurant.

06-11-16_7-07-28 PM.png

Wrapped the eventful day up with Abuelita’s fruit salad recipe…secret ingredient – coconut water ❤06-11-16_7-10-38 PM.png

Dining Drama Eps 10

Day Four Restaurant #1

If waking up to a broken EVERYTHING was any indication of the type of day I was going to have then holy cats this was going to be a doozy…and it was…

06-12-16_12-00-38 AM.png

We dropped to a low of 3 stars all around rating very early that afternoon…sorry Abuelita. And also, look at the meal profit midday! YIKES! Pure EVIL!!

Evil money.PNG

Keenan (who promised me things will turn around) never showed up for work today…then this happened…

06-11-16_11-35-55 PM.png

When did Suzanne turn into a senior citizen??!! Will she be able to keep up with Keenan’s absence? (A/N I forgot to disable town aging in game UGH!) OMG this is a disaster!

Can you believe Keenan had the gall to jog by the restaurant at noon!!??

06-11-16_11-46-09 PM.png

Stay professional Lee, and keep your crap together, he and I would have a chat and SOON.

Crap. Meanwhile, Rylan came to work in a HORRIBLE mood. I don’t know what the heck his deal was but he was having some harsh words with Bella. Good lands this place is a zoo…and it’s feeding time.

06-11-16_11-38-28 PM.png

A few more pics of crotchety Rylan…Seriously kill me now!

06-11-16_11-39-16 PM.png

06-14-16_5-58-47 PM.png

The day shifted towards the positive when we received a visit from a VIP! Yes, that host from the Bachelor Challenge arrived to eat with one of the producers from the show! He was so friendly and cheery, I loved his accent it reminded me of Abuelita!

06-11-16_11-46-53 PM.png

06-11-16_11-47-09 PM.png

I have his autograph now Eeeeps!

Here is how we ended the day:

Day four rest 1.PNG

Back up to 3 and 1/2 stars and our net profit was slightly better too! I was able to save enough points to buy the ‘large ingredient discount’ perk end of day. I am hoping that will help us cut costs in the future!

Rest perks day four.PNG

Now for four stars and more profitable days!

06-11-16_11-57-34 PM.png


Dining Drama Eps 7

Opening Day…

Shenanigans, and we weren’t the culprits of it this time! This time the drama came from the patrons…I think the whole entire town is having an affair…Mostly, with the same Clown! See for yourselves…

Exhibit A

06-08-16_8-36-42 PM.png

Exhibit B

06-08-16_7-40-37 PM.png

Exhibit C

06-08-16_8-36-42 PM.png

Then there was some more ‘clowning around’ excuse the terrible pun…

06-09-16_5-44-39 PM.png

OK so no clowns here – but isn’t Mr. Landgraab married to Nancy?

06-09-16_4-46-32 PM.png

Mort makes his rounds let me tell you…a breakfast affair and a lunch affair – yikes!

06-09-16_7-05-39 PM.png

Lastly, Fryers was caught red-handed…omg what would my poor Abuelita think?

06-09-16_5-15-26 PM.png

She would probably say – “Chin up ‘Princesa’ you can’t control the worlds actions, but you can control your own…” 

For heavens sake, let tomorrow be a day with less crazy and more of a family friendly environment…I don’t want the townspeople to get the wrong idea of what this establishment is supposed be about.

OK, so it was our first real day, and weird things were bound to occur right? Also, would like to make a profit at some point.  I need more patience…and this yogurt isn’t helping – I need one of Abuelita’s tostatas that will make me feel better!

06-09-16_6-57-54 PM.png

Dining Drama Eps 6


Nerves. They where getting the best of Lee – she kept thinking, what IF she failed? What IF she embarrassed her family name? What IF she let her Abuelita down? she kept running these morbid scenarios in her mind when she heard a throat clear behind her…

06-10-16_7-50-11 PM.png

“Not bad for a little shack Ms. Lee! “

06-10-16_7-54-41 PM.png

“As I live and breathe! Is that you Jonathan Pruett?”

“In the flesh chica!”

“I didn’t recognize you without the earwax salad all over your apron!”

“Ha! I almost didn’t recognize you with out scrambled eggs all over your face! ”

06-10-16_7-51-55 PM.png

“You, always the class clown! How is Skyla and the bebés?”

“They’re great! I am so lucky to have them.”

“Yes, you are! If you ever forget I will hit you upside your head with my Abuelita’s skillet! “

Saying the words ‘Abuelita’ put Lee back in a state of contemplation. “No joke, I was seriously about to call you today, such a cool coincidence! I needed to glean some inspiration from you friend. All of this is so overwhelming I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a success at it.”

“Lee, I know what it feels like to not know how things are going to get done…trust me. And I also know what it’s like to want to make my family proud. But most of all I know that when you’re passionate about something, everything will turn out right because you will have people in your corner cheering you on. I know I am!”

06-10-16_7-51-15 PM.png

You have always been such a wonderful friend. Your message is very timely. Thanks so very much. I know you have plans for your own restaurant, and well, it is unorthodox to be supportive of another restaurateur but please know that I too will be there to support you, Skyla, and your children too.”

Jonathan continued to encourage Lee that evening. She was in sore need of a friend and a listening ear. Jonathan and his wife had been a big support to Lee throughout their culinary school endeavors and her year in hiatus from school. That evening they promised to keep in touch and swapped recipe’s. They ended their visit on a high note… Abuelita’s Southwestern Scramble!

Saying goodbye to her dear friend was bittersweet, because Lee knew her opening was a few hours away, and that scared her anew.

06-10-16_7-50-47 PM.png

A/N: All of Jonathan’s dialogue was written and approved by Jes2G!

This installment was a collab with the most wonderful Simlit Author of the Pruett Legacy!

Jes2G’s Stories can be found here:

** Thanks Jes for entrusting this precious Sim to me for this crossover story!**

Also note, she is the creator of the Restaurant Challenge – the rules and forum thread can be found here:


Dining Drama Eps 5

It’s a miracle! Finally feel like I found a chef with strong wrists! Her name is Anaya and I am so excited to groom her for this role! She doesn’t have a lot of kitchen experience but with some coaching tips and praise from me, I know she will excel! Errrmmm, I have no idea why she has the ‘resting bitch face’ though…note to selftalk about the effects of smiling in public with Anaya06-09-16_9-47-55 PM.png

Update. Julie the server and Tricia the hostess quit before the restaurant officially opened…so I hired…Suzanne Crabtree and Rylan Rasmussen for said positions. God help me I have a band of misfits working for me don’t I?

06-09-16_9-48-03 PM.png06-08-16_6-57-13 PM.png

Tomorrow is the official opening! Eeeps!! I may call my good friend from Culinary School for some advice before the big day. He always knew how to inspire me…Holy cats this is happening Abuelita!

06-09-16_6-21-42 PM.png

A/N: I have no idea what to call this restaurant but am leaning towards Abuelita’s or something lame like that.

Also Note: The next chapter will feature a collaboration with a super incredible Simlit Author. I cannot wait for you all to see!

Dining Drama Eps 4

It is no surprise Madelyn quit the next day – she said the restaurant was “full of rats” I think she was talking about Julie…This was her text message to me the very next morning:

I Quit I.PNG

I decided to keep Julie on board for a little while and hired a guy to replace Madelyn by the name of Keenan as part of the waitstaff as well.  He seemed like a hard worker and had a lot of potential, fingers crossed.06-09-16_8-00-41 PM.png

He was horribly quiet most of the interview. Yet, what I was able to extract from him made me hopeful he would do a good job. Then this happened…20 minutes before our second dry run…

06-09-16_8-00-21 PM.png

Awkward. God kill me NOW! How does this happen?! I feel bad for the guy, now he won’t even look at my face…I can’t blame him, I can’t look at his. UGH…

During our second pre-opening we learned the circus moved into town…LITERALLY…LOL (A/N: Seriously what the heck happened to this town/save?! I couldn’t stop the clowns from spawning)!

06-08-16_7-27-08 PM.png06-08-16_7-38-27 PM.png06-08-16_8-04-33 PM.png06-08-16_7-36-54 PM.png06-09-16_4-45-59 PM.png06-09-16_4-50-09 PM.png06-09-16_4-50-32 PM.png

My all-time favorite, was this couple…

06-09-16_9-19-56 PM.png

They broke up with each other three times that night, but went home together. Ha!

This restaurant thing will be a major undertaking but hell if I won’t be entertained through it all!

BTW…Did Keenan go home for the day? I just need to hide out for a little bit.

06-09-16_6-57-54 PM.png