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Spirit Animal Blog Award

Thank you to all the incredible Simlit authors that nominated me for this award – I am honored beyond words.


My real name is Leesandra – but everyone calls me Lee. Online, I am Virtualee.

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I was born in Rochester, N.Y. to the most brilliant Hispanic-American parents a girl could ask for.

My dad relocated his business to Puerto Rico (where my mother’s originally from) when I was 15. Where I graduated high school and subsequently went to college. I changed majors like three times when I decided to head out into the world and traveled with a musical group called the Celebrant Singers out of California. We toured the southern belt of the US and Central America – it was an incredible experience.

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I grew tired of all the traveling and settled myself in FL…where I met the man of my dreams and became each other’s best friend. We were part of the same band for five years and never talked to each other. However, when we finally did – it only took us 7 months to plan a wedding LOL!


Now we have this beautiful bundle of joy – our new best friend – Bubby! He is all snorts, wrinkles and wiggles! We love him SO much.


Shortly after marrying my favorite person ever, we relocated North East where we currently reside. I went back to school and graduated last year Summa Cum Laude in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I now work for a logistics firm and am part of their Compensation Team.

I just recently became involved in the Simlit community and have been enjoying the creative process, and interaction with all my new friends. It has been so fulfilling and enriching – where else can you befriend folks from all over the world because of the love of writing/simming?!

I truly couldn’t think of an animal that I likened to – so I took a quiz and apparently I would be a…wait for it…a Beaver. Now, after you calm yourself from your fit of laughter allow me to explain why… Beavers are the workaholics, the fixers, the organizers, the committed, and the dependable ones of the world. I guess that is who I am most like ❤ 😉

Anyhoo, thanks for all the support and the nominations – this is truly an honor.

I think everyone has been nominated for this award but I will nominate my favorite blogs at the moment regardless of previous nominations as I feel they are worthy to mention (these are in no ranking order – just my fav reads right now):

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CBP – Chapter 9

If you’d prefer to watch click Here

Hours after Celeste’s escape, Charity Supervisor of the Division of Balance noticed her friend Celeste’s cases had been abandoned for weeks save for Adriel Grimme.

04-30-16_9-47-41 PM.jpg

She went to Celeste’s quarters to confront her on her perfunctory work but found her quarters were empty…

04-30-16_9-50-47 PM.jpg

She went by the lake, Celeste’s favorite place of rest and also found it void of Celeste’s presence.

04-30-16_9-51-38 PM.jpg

She searched for hours asking the other Fae if they had seen Celeste they all agreed they hadn’t seen her for hours.

04-30-16_9-52-40 PM.jpg

She hated having to interrupt their Manager with such news but she feared the worst and well the sooner they got to the bottom of it the better.

04-30-16_9-53-29 PM-3.jpg

“Peridot! Peridot! Celeste has been missing for hours!”

04-30-16_10-04-24 PM.jpg

“Charity, calm yourself whatever are you saying?”

“I noticed Celeste’s cases have been abandoned for weeks except for Adriel Grimme see here!”

04-30-16_10-05-02 PM.jpg

Charity pointed to the case files on her portable pad.

“Indeed this is troubling, thank you for bringing it to my attention, please keep this under wraps, if anyone asks tell them you are not at liberty to discuss there is no need to alarm the rest, I shall be back momentarily with news.”

04-30-16_10-05-18 PM.jpg

Charity became even more nervous for her friend, the thought came to her that she could have gone to earth but that was an impossibility, Fae were not programmed to think for themselves, no Fae ever did that in all the millions of years of their existence in the sanctuary…

04-30-16_9-53-31 PM.jpg

Later on earth Peridot was able to track her old friend by her scent, you see supernatural’s can smell each other from a mile away. Their DNA is different and therefore their capacity to sense such fantastic beings proximity that much easier.

04-30-16_10-09-35 PM.jpg

Peridot appeared at the location where Celeste was settling into. Peridots worst fears were confirmed. Her former colleague was a teen, already corrupted by the Paths and delegated to the worst path a Fae could be assigned to.

04-30-16_10-18-48 PM.jpg

Celeste was found drinking and seducing people for her ulterior motives. Her soul was visibly dark and twisted. It was painful to watch…

04-30-16_10-20-10 PM.jpg


Peridot was even more saddened because had Charity escalated Celeste’s case she would have helped and would have given her the elixir of protection that would have prevented the Paths from occurring at least for a few days.

04-30-16_10-16-45 PM.jpg

That would have given her enough time to help Adriel and come back home to the Sanctuary without any problems. But the corruption was rooted and there was nothing else she could do for her dear sweet Celeste.

04-30-16_10-13-49 PM.jpg

Before she left she erased Celeste’s recollection of the gateway back to their Sanctuary, and made it that if Celeste procreated on earth that she could only have one child. The world did not need to be overcome by immortals and powerful Fae it would be unbalanced and disastrous!

04-30-16_10-22-46 PM.jpg

Being that Celeste was an immortal Fae after all she would be prone to having females as that was their make-up.

After Peridot ensured her spells took hold she sealed the gateway to prevent anymore escapes or entries into the Sanctuary in the future.

04-30-16_10-26-38 PM.jpg

04-30-16_10-27-20 PM.jpg

The Entire Sanctuary mourned for the loss of their beloved Celeste…

04-30-16_10-30-23 PM.jpg

CBP – Chapter 8

**If you’d prefer you may listen and watch this chapter instead – click here**

A million prickly needles where trying to murder Tatiana’s head all of a sudden, at least that is what her migraine was feeling like. In all of the years of her life and in all of the fables she has ever witness whether via books or the big screen, she had never heard of such a fantastical tale.

04-29-16_4-50-31 PM-2.png

Fae that are angels, Fae that could become diluted and corrupted outside of a Sanctuary – was her precious grandma, the very Farie flitting her beautiful wings in front of her pulling her leg? Was this all a big joke on her? Hungry cow plants, she hoped so more than anything. She didn’t have time to deal with this now, she had a scholarship grant to earn, exams to pass, college applications to write…

04-29-16_4-51-44 PM.png

Mamie noticed Tatiana was growing tired, stressed and more confused by the moment. “Do you want to continue tomorrow mon petit chou?”

“No please, I will brew (she caught herself)… no pun intended, some coffee. Please tell me more.” She was obsessive compulsive when it came to information gathering and this new tale affected her future, she simply had to know what more to expect.

04-29-16_4-50-31 PM.png

“Very well, now let me further clarify the work of the Fae. It was to the benefit of the Fae to ensure a balanced universe for all beings. They were keepers of the environment, overseers of ‘umanities lives, only intervene to ensure there was no major imbalance in there charges lives, or no-one ‘indered another’s destined path in life.”

04-29-16_4-54-54 PM-4.png

Tatiana felt confused, “Major imbalance, do you mean too many deaths and diseases or something?”

“No, Fae cannot prevent that, but interesting fact, ‘umanity never truly died centuries ago…they simply stopped existing on the Earth, there was no pain involved, no suffering, and their body and soul never separated.

Their entire existence would be teleported to and protected in the ‘Garden of Life’, which is also overseen by the Fae Guardians.



Moreover, on Earth the memory of the person was replaced by one beautifully cut rose that never wilted, representing the fact that they were now in the ‘Garden of Life’ for all eternity. The families were able to hold on to this keepsake in remembrance of their loved one.”

04-29-16_7-08-40 PM.png

“Wow, that sounds beautiful, oh how I wish that was the way now!

04-29-16_4-54-39 PM.png

One more question, what do you mean by hindering another’s destined path, like falling in love with the wrong person?”

“No mon ange, the Fae are not overseers of the ‘umanities heart, passions or feelings. Emotions are worked by another department of beings altogether and that is a story for another day. Today, we focus on the Fae….and for the most part the Fae just ensured justice and balance in lives they were responsible for.”

Tatiana had so much to think about, “Mamie mind if we take this part of the story outside I need some fresh air.” Tatiana was getting antsy being cooped up in the house and needed a change of scenery she felt it would help her focus on the next part of the story.

Once settled in their new location within their home Juliette asked, “Is that better mon amore?” Tatiana replied by simply nodding her head.

04-29-16_5-00-02 PM.png

Juliette continued, “One day, centuries ago a most diligent Fae by the name of Celeste..” Tatiana interrupted, “Our founder?” “Oui, Celeste was given a charge, a young man named Adriel Grimme, ‘e was beautiful and a gentle soul, funny and very good. Celeste ‘ad a special place in ‘er ‘eart for ‘im because ‘e made ‘er laugh like no other case did and she appreciated him for it. Adriel was interested in science and excellent in biology.”

04-29-16_5-04-30 PM.jpg


“Like me!”

Oui, ‘e became an apprentice to the top medical figure of ‘is time. While training during ‘is fellowship he met ‘is first love and they married…

04-29-16_5-45-38 PM.jpg

…but ‘e was not a Doctor fast enough for ‘er liking, she wanted more clout more prestige in the community. ‘is wife was so upset, so tortured by the lack of status in their lives that she ran away with another who did, leaving Adriel broken ‘earted.

04-29-16_5-47-27 PM.jpg

‘e spent the rest of his days focusing on ‘is career and while ‘e enjoyed medicine ‘e started to feel a dark void of nothing in the pit of ‘is soul. This void was threatening a major imbalance in ‘is life and Celeste felt anxiety over this. Celeste having proclaimed that Adriel was ‘er favorite of all ‘er cases decided she could not lose ‘im to despair.

04-29-16_5-03-58 PM.jpg

Celeste coordinated a meeting with ‘er friend and supervisor named Charity to plead ‘er case of intervention for Adriel. Charity did not think the case a priority and let the request fall through the cracks.

04-29-16_5-33-34 PM-2.jpg

Celeste was so desperate to ‘elp Adriel that ‘er programming short circuited thereby committing the first non-free will act ever taken place in the Sanctuary.

04-29-16_5-34-52 PM.jpg

Celeste forged a plan of escape to the earth to ‘elp ‘er favorite of all ‘er cases.

04-29-16_5-37-01 PM-3.jpg

When Celeste arrived to earth she was immediately overcome by the battle of good and evil elemental forces.

04-29-16_5-51-02 PM II.jpg


She aged to a teenager and was quickly taken through ‘The Paths’.”

04-29-16_5-51-20 PM.II.jpg

“Don’t tell me… she became a witch like me!?”  “No mon amore, she tragically, became a demon…”

04-29-16_5-56-56 PM II.jpg


To Be Continued…