CBP – Chapter 5

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Tatiana’s head was swirling, her world changed in a matter of a few hours. What was her grandmother even talking about? Why was Juliette not disturbed by the fact that Tatiana was capable of disarming a foe with her pupils and able turn them into an inanimate object?

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“Please Mamie, my head already hurts so I am going to ask you to explain what‘The Paths’ means?”

Oui, mon amore you may want to sit down first.” Juliette motioned for them to take a seat.

“Holy carpet fuzz!If you are asking me to sit down this is truly serious!” Tatiana was on the verge of hyperventilating. Thankfully Mamie’s calm demeanor settled her a bit.

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“But of course mon petit chou when ‘ave you known me to be serious before?”

“Hungry cow plants! Fine I will sit down but should we do something about fart nuts on my dresser?!”

New American slang always through Juliette for a loop, “What is this thing you call ‘fart…nuts’?”

“Mamie! Pay attention…Gunther!” Tatiani motioned to her botched attempt at self-defense.

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“Oh Oui, we probably should. But you must know it is you who must do the undoing because if not, the energy of the spell will turn against you, thereby making you a figurine.”

“Leaping llamas!How do I do that when I don’t know how I did it in the first place?!”

“Sadly, I cannot ‘elp you in that department as my path took me down a much different road mon ange.”

“Lovely, so he is going to remain a doll forever? I don’t think I can live with myself if I can’t change him back.”

04-08-16_10-19-26 PM.png

“Tati if I may, it is probably for the best that ‘e remain uh confined. You may someday some’ow be able to bring ‘im back but you probably should also ‘ave a spell for memory loss as well because you do not want the world to know about your abilities.”


“Floppy frog butts I never thought of that, good point. What now?”

“This is probably a very good time to talk about ‘The Paths’. I will go make us some tea.”

Tatiana followed her grandmother into the kitchen for a fresh brew with great anticipation, when her cell phone rang interrupting the most awaited conversation.

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“Oh my Creator,where did you go after school girl? I was looking all over for you boo?” It sounded like Bella was eating as she asked her question.

“Uh …I went up to the Llama Lighthouse, I had to gather some seeds for my science project.”

“Well snooze fest! You could have texted me you ‘r’tard.Mamá had her Upper Crust club over and they were talking about the Goths and their grimmist ways ugh such hateful women.”

04-08-16_11-02-44 PM.png

“Did they say anything else about the Goths, did they talk about their boys?” Tatiana wanted to dig for intel on the Goths hoping to the Creator that no one knew of her impromptu get together with Gunther Jr.

“No, they focused their smack talk on Cornelia and her fashion sense, I think they are just jealous of her, you know how caddy women can be, you feel me?”

Tatiana sighed with relief and told Bella she had to go because her grandmother was waiting for her.

04-08-16_10-21-26 PM-2.png

“Ok, oh wait!! I have to tell you the newest school scandals.”

Tatiana nerves tensed up yet again, she thought for sure word got out about Gunther’s disappearance so soon. Did someone see anything at Llama Lighthouse?She certainly hoped not, “Make it quick Bella Grandma is waiting for me.”

“K, get this school camera’s caught two girls kissing in the backstage of the school theaters, they can’t make out who they were but one of them was a brunette and the other a blonde…Oh, also there’s bunch of exchange students in school now which includes a SUPER hot new guy in our grade,Yaaas!! Oh and mononucleosis is spreading like wildfire at the school, isn’t that awesome!!??”

04-08-16_11-02-52 PM.png

Tatiana was flummoxed that her ‘mononucleosis’ lie actually occurred. She wondered how life got so odd so quickly, “Bella! What’s so awesome about that?”

“Duh!! I have an excuse not to go to school on Monday hahaha, Say hi to Mamie for me, love you girls, muah!”

“You’re sick you know that right? Later.” Bella hung up her cell phone and yet again relaxed her shoulders from relief that none of the ‘school scandals’ involved her at this time.“Mamie you’ll never believe what Bella just told me…”

When Tatiana walked into the kitchen, her grandmother was waiting for her with tea at the ready. She was covered from head to toe in sparkles, a fairy costume and sporting the most beautiful wings you could ever imagine…

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To Be Continued…

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