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CBP – Chapter 7

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This time Mamie waved her hands and several bubbly spiked drinks magically appeared before them.

04-26-16_4-27-14 PM.png

Tatiana was grateful as she wasn’t used to drinking at all but her first one wasn’t doing the trick. This time the carbonation floated into her nostrils which made her giggle.

“I will never get used to that,” She pointed to where the drinks materialized on her tray.

Mamie giggled and promised her granddaughter, “You will get used to it all.Where was I?”

04-26-16_4-31-36 PM.png

Tatiana scratched her head and stated, “Oh yeah, we are descendants of a chick named Celeste who was a guardian angel…err. A Fea. They had one ‘Rule’ to follow because they didn’t want to trigger ‘The Curse’.”

04-26-16_4-31-07 PM.png

“Ah Oui,” Juliette adjusted herself in her seat to get more comfortable and began where she left off. “If a Fae where to wander off into the other dimensions within the Universe, outside of the Sanctuary, they would be faced with several negative side effects that Fae would not be able to reverse. You see, the Sanctuary is encircled by a powerful ancient force that are bound by enchanted crystals that make up the Sanctuary, these crystals keeps the Fea’s power ‘oly and pure inside the Sanctuary.

04-26-16_4-40-54 PM.jpg

Leaving the Sanctuary would cause an unbalancing within the Fae that cannot be corrected. The main essence of their power and pure nature would be made vulnerable to the elemental forces both good and evil.


First side effect involved aging to a teen. It is a curious thing aging for Fae on Earth because we are born immortal, yet we age like ‘umans but stop at the adult phase of life…Once an adult always an adult…The second side effect of leaving the Sanctuary involved facing ‘The Paths’.”


“Stop with the cryptic meaning, what the bunnies teats are ‘The Paths’ for the love of the Creator!!?”

04-26-16_4-31-44 PM.png

Tatiana was clearly juiced as she would never raise her voice to her grandmother. Mamie knew that, coupled with the fact that Tatiana was feeling guilty about Gunther, and school pressures were making Tati irritable. Mamie overlooked the disrespect and carried on with her story.

“‘The Paths’ mon ange, are a forced choosing for a Fae’s life, a weakened and diluted version of the wholly pure and powerful Fae. Remember Fae ‘ave no free will in the Sanctuary yet outside of the Sanctuary they are instantly corrupted, overridden with a level of capability to make one’s own choices in life.”

“Like a virus?”

04-26-16_4-30-40 PM-2.png

Oui, great analogy! Thus, if a Fae crossed dimensions into the universe they would instantly become a teenager and immediately ‘ave a path chosen for them. It is also important to tell you that the power infused crystals in the sanctuary exist in a lesser form ‘ere on earth they are ‘ighly rare but if we are in its presence it prevents us from performing any magical activity on this planet, it works like a diffuser. Every supernatural life form ‘as their own variation of this crystal.”

04-26-16_5-26-19 PM.png

“Huh, like Superman, these crystals are our kryptonite?” “Oui!” “Ok (hiccup) more about these paths, more deets S’ilvousplaît?”

“You need to practice your French mon ange that was ‘orrible. Very well, there are one of three paths chosen for a Fae once corrupted by the universe they can become a fairy which are mischievous beings but generally not bad individuals mostly like to have fun, play pranks,vanish into thin air, things like this. Fairies, can also manipulate the basic biological needs of humans in order to play tricks on them like make them sleepy, or ‘ungry, or need to use the lavatory you see?

04-26-16_5-38-19 PM.png

Second path is a Witch…”

04-26-16_5-38-49 PM.png

“A WITCH!!! Oh god oh god oh god oh…”

“It is not what the world ‘as perverted it to be Tati, witches are mostly good, and they are seers, protectors, and healers, not the green pointy noses and ‘orrible bad breath…”

“ Thanks for going there Mamie, I can almost smell the halitosis…but continue please.”

“Lastly, and most ‘orridly if the unbalancing becomes chaotic and more negative energy distorts the essential essence of the Fae they could become…a demon…which is all things bad…but do not worry only one in our lineage has ever been chosen for demonic purposes.”

04-26-16_5-39-45 PM.png

Tatiana shivered at the thought, Mamie had the incredible ability to make everything seem light and not as somber. But the simple word ‘demon’ brought her to gooseflesh immediately.

Juliette broke the grim atmosphere, “Guess which one I am mon petit chou?”

04-26-16_4-30-30 PM.png

“Let me guess…a fairy?”Tatiana said with slurred speech.

Oui you are the smartest shed in the tool mon amore!”

“You mean the smartest, pfft never mind.”

“I already know what path you are on mon amore, I have known for a few months now.”

“Oh really annnnd what is that?”

“Why a witch of course!”

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Snow White #5 – The Wedding Day

Such an amazing read!


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The castle is huge and rambling.  It is a very challenging wedding venue.  BUT Prince has this!  He has spared no expense on staff for the wedding.  There was so much hustle and bustle as everything was made ready.  It seemed that people were coming at him with questions from all directions!  Getting even this small ceremony underway was complicated enough to make Prince wish he could just run off and elope with Snow now.

01-03-16_12-54-58 AM

Finally it was time to begin.  Snow arrived wearing a simple crimson satin gown and very understated jewelry.  It was pure perfection.

01-03-16_12-59-19 AM01-03-16_12-59-58 AM

Snow held him with her eyes closed tightly … she feared she would awaken and he would disappear any moment. As she opened them he was still here and she knew they would live (as it is told) happily ever after!  Prince Charming could not take his eyes off his bride. She was…

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CBP – Chapter 6

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Just a few hours ago she turned Gunther into a figurine and her silly lie to her grandmother about Mono became a reality. Bella mentioned in her phone conversation that there were two girls kissing in school, she had a sneaky suspicion who ‘they’ were, she could sense it.To top it all off she was staring at her precious grandmother who was sporting a fairy costume with fluttering wings and all.The wings looked fragile yet exuberant and flit a million miles per minute like a hummingbird drinking honey from a water source.

04-19-16_6-01-01 PM.png

“Mamie what in the llamas whiskers are you wearing and where the heck did you get those?” She indicated pointing at her grandmothers wings. She hated to admit it but her already captivating granny looked spectacular in that get-up. Unsure when she had the time to change, but her priority was truly learning more about ‘The Paths’ and less about Halloween gear.

“I am about to explain everything to you, please sit down. Get comfortable.”

Tatiana grabbed a seat with great trepidation. She gulped her tea heavily, with trembling hands and an ungracious clanking to the tea cup and saucer she wiped her mouth and asked, “The Paths?!”

04-19-16_6-00-18 PM-2.png

Oui, before I tell you what this means I feel it is best to start from the beginning.”

“What’s the beginning? The fact that you are wearing wings is really frieking me out, so are you starting with that, your costume?”

Mamie chuckled heartily and every time she laughed her wings flit faster. Tatiana simply loved her grandma’s laugh, it filled her with ease and peace. The quickening of her wings made it all the more endearing. “No mon amore, ‘owever this is no costume and the wings are part of my ‘Path’. I start this account with our great great great great great great great great….”

04-19-16_6-03-30 PM.png

Tatiana interrupted, “OK, I get it! Our founder,” She exhaled exasperated.

Oui, you are so smart Tati…Our founders name was Celeste. She was an angel from the Mystical Sanctuary’s ‘eadquarters.”

Tatiana was not amused at the sound of this tale. It already was fantastical and unrealistic, “An angel? Really?” She asked sarcastically.

“Oui,” Mamie assured her, “Angels are the ‘uman word for our people but we are really, in the purest sense, Fae.”


Oui, Fae from the Sanctuary are wholly, good entities, immortal, powerful, beautiful, ‘owever they knew not of free will, you see they are guardians of many beings in the universe. They are programmed for a lack of a better word, to only follow instructions from their team leads. Their main purpose is to safeguard ‘umanity, they are given cases or charges to supervise and follow throughout their lives. They only intervene on very extreme circumstances and solely to maintain balance but they are always watching.”

04-19-16_6-13-07 PM.jpg

Tatiana suddenly needed something stronger than tea so she sauntered to the bar and made herself a drink. She was not of legal age yet her grandmother did not protest as she knew this was a hard pill to swallow, “That’s better, continue please.” Tatiana sat down next to her grandmother with drink in hand. Every time she sipped her carbonated drink the fizz bubbles kissed her nose, which strangely brought her solace in her current state of affairs.

04-20-16_5-39-12 PM.png

Once Tatiana settled herself Mamie continued her tale, “The Fae look like children even though they are millions of years old and they are only of female persuasion. Because of their childlike bodies and immortality they cannot bear children…In the Sanctuaries ‘eadquarters they only ‘ad one rule to follow in order to maintain guardian status but at the time it was of no importance because the Fae always followed rules, always obedient and never curious, it was all work no play.”

04-19-16_6-13-42 PM.jpg


Tatiana’s curiosity regarding ‘The Rule’ was growing stronger, “Well what was‘The Rule’?”

Juliette’s face grew profound and stated stone-faced,“The Rule, was simple. Never leave the Sanctuary under any circumstance.”

Tatiana’s love for nature, exploratory ways, and passion for all things‘free’ made her feel immediate rebellion against ‘The Rule’, “Well that bites! So,they were guardian angel prisoners basically…”

Oui, in a way, but they did not mind for they love what they do.”

“Why were they not allowed to leave the Sanctuary Mamie?”

“Because of the Curse…”

04-19-16_6-14-36 PM.jpg

Juliette emphasized the word ‘curse’, to ensure Tatiana understood the importance of ‘The Rule’.

“Oh boy…”

To Be Continued…


CBP – Chapter 5

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Tatiana’s head was swirling, her world changed in a matter of a few hours. What was her grandmother even talking about? Why was Juliette not disturbed by the fact that Tatiana was capable of disarming a foe with her pupils and able turn them into an inanimate object?

04-08-16_10-15-46 PM.png

“Please Mamie, my head already hurts so I am going to ask you to explain what‘The Paths’ means?”

Oui, mon amore you may want to sit down first.” Juliette motioned for them to take a seat.

“Holy carpet fuzz!If you are asking me to sit down this is truly serious!” Tatiana was on the verge of hyperventilating. Thankfully Mamie’s calm demeanor settled her a bit.

04-08-16_10-16-26 PM.png

“But of course mon petit chou when ‘ave you known me to be serious before?”

“Hungry cow plants! Fine I will sit down but should we do something about fart nuts on my dresser?!”

New American slang always through Juliette for a loop, “What is this thing you call ‘fart…nuts’?”

“Mamie! Pay attention…Gunther!” Tatiani motioned to her botched attempt at self-defense.

04-08-16_10-18-02 PM-2.png

“Oh Oui, we probably should. But you must know it is you who must do the undoing because if not, the energy of the spell will turn against you, thereby making you a figurine.”

“Leaping llamas!How do I do that when I don’t know how I did it in the first place?!”

“Sadly, I cannot ‘elp you in that department as my path took me down a much different road mon ange.”

“Lovely, so he is going to remain a doll forever? I don’t think I can live with myself if I can’t change him back.”

04-08-16_10-19-26 PM.png

“Tati if I may, it is probably for the best that ‘e remain uh confined. You may someday some’ow be able to bring ‘im back but you probably should also ‘ave a spell for memory loss as well because you do not want the world to know about your abilities.”


“Floppy frog butts I never thought of that, good point. What now?”

“This is probably a very good time to talk about ‘The Paths’. I will go make us some tea.”

Tatiana followed her grandmother into the kitchen for a fresh brew with great anticipation, when her cell phone rang interrupting the most awaited conversation.

04-08-16_10-19-51 PM.png

“Oh my Creator,where did you go after school girl? I was looking all over for you boo?” It sounded like Bella was eating as she asked her question.

“Uh …I went up to the Llama Lighthouse, I had to gather some seeds for my science project.”

“Well snooze fest! You could have texted me you ‘r’tard.Mamá had her Upper Crust club over and they were talking about the Goths and their grimmist ways ugh such hateful women.”

04-08-16_11-02-44 PM.png

“Did they say anything else about the Goths, did they talk about their boys?” Tatiana wanted to dig for intel on the Goths hoping to the Creator that no one knew of her impromptu get together with Gunther Jr.

“No, they focused their smack talk on Cornelia and her fashion sense, I think they are just jealous of her, you know how caddy women can be, you feel me?”

Tatiana sighed with relief and told Bella she had to go because her grandmother was waiting for her.

04-08-16_10-21-26 PM-2.png

“Ok, oh wait!! I have to tell you the newest school scandals.”

Tatiana nerves tensed up yet again, she thought for sure word got out about Gunther’s disappearance so soon. Did someone see anything at Llama Lighthouse?She certainly hoped not, “Make it quick Bella Grandma is waiting for me.”

“K, get this school camera’s caught two girls kissing in the backstage of the school theaters, they can’t make out who they were but one of them was a brunette and the other a blonde…Oh, also there’s bunch of exchange students in school now which includes a SUPER hot new guy in our grade,Yaaas!! Oh and mononucleosis is spreading like wildfire at the school, isn’t that awesome!!??”

04-08-16_11-02-52 PM.png

Tatiana was flummoxed that her ‘mononucleosis’ lie actually occurred. She wondered how life got so odd so quickly, “Bella! What’s so awesome about that?”

“Duh!! I have an excuse not to go to school on Monday hahaha, Say hi to Mamie for me, love you girls, muah!”

“You’re sick you know that right? Later.” Bella hung up her cell phone and yet again relaxed her shoulders from relief that none of the ‘school scandals’ involved her at this time.“Mamie you’ll never believe what Bella just told me…”

When Tatiana walked into the kitchen, her grandmother was waiting for her with tea at the ready. She was covered from head to toe in sparkles, a fairy costume and sporting the most beautiful wings you could ever imagine…

04-08-16_10-25-09 PM.png

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 4

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Tatiana was caught red-handed communicating to the now motionless Gunther Goth due to a most unfortunate and inexplicable event. How would she get out of this one? She wanted to help Gunther become normal again whatever normal was for Gunther the pickled face llama, but how would she explain to her grandmother that she was the doer of the deed that turned Gunther into a doll!!??

04-02-16_3-29-40 PM.png

“Oh ummm nothing mamie, um…I am practicing for a…uh school play, yeah that’s it!”

“Really you? I ‘ave never known you were interested in acting?”

“Well, not really. I um, just need that extra credit for college you know?”

04-02-16_3-30-36 PM-2.png

“Uh huh, what is the name of your school play mon petit chou?”

“Oh well, its called Freezer Bunny Turds…it’s all about the magical qualities of bunny poop.” She tried to sound nonchalant, but as soon as the words escaped her mouth she knew how silly it all sounded.

04-02-16_3-30-38 PM.png

“Tatiana Gabriel Thibodeaux in all the years that I ‘ave known you I ‘ad not realized your interest in such things as plays, but what I do know for certain is that you are lying to me at this very moment. Now, come out with it.” Although annoyed, Mamie was not mad in the slightest, merely concerned.

04-02-16_3-31-38 PM.png

Tatiana felt a tragic urge to sit down whilst she thought of how else to cover her most recent lie. “No really Mamie, Eliza Newbie and Sophia Jinn dropped out of the school play this year, something about mononucleosis, you know the kissing disease? Anyway, Bella and I where approached so we gladly took over their role which is why you caught me having to unfortunately witness my failed attempt at acting.”

04-02-16_3-31-43 PM.png

“That is where you are wrong mon ange, you are acting now in trying ‘ard to come up with an excuse. ‘owever, your conversation with the figurine was not an act, so out with it.”

04-02-16_3-32-45 PM.png

“Your right Mamie, I am lying but the truth is bizarre and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. So, can we drop it?”

04-02-16_3-33-41 PM.png

“Tati, my patience is wearing flat.”

“Thin you mean?”

“Stop changing the subject out with it I say.”

04-02-16_3-34-01 PM.png

“Fine, Gunther Goth blackmailed me into going on a date with him. He got all creepy and was forcing me to kiss him when I got super weird and then my eyeballs and then these lasers and I turned him into a little statue version of himself…I thought I was dreaming, I don’t know how I made it home without collapsing and all I wanted was a hot bath…” Tatiana began to sob, “…and please don’t think I am crazy even though I am, because it all seems so real and I don’t know what to do! Maybe it’s the pressure at school, that’s it I am cracking, I really want that scholarship and I really want to go to the ivy leagues and if I don’t get into llama U I just, I just…” She continued to break down into a violent fit of blubbering and wailing.

04-02-16_3-33-38 PM-2.png

Mamie face softened and hugged her granddaughter tightly, not caring in the slightest that her new sweater was soiled by the after effects of Tati’s crying, “There there, that is more like it mon amour. It is ok to feel the pressures of life, it is part of your ‘umanity to feel this way. I appreciate your story and believe it wholeheartedly, you are not remotely crazy, you are not normal either, but that is because of your legacy…”

04-02-16_3-39-12 PM.png

Tatiana ripped herself away from her grandmother in shock, “Legacy?..Mamie you won’t believe me when I tell you I am part of a school play but you will believe this?! LASERS SHOT OUT OF MY EYEBALLS…and into a pathetic excuse for a boy thereby turning him into…oh my Creator am I Medusa!!???”

04-02-16_3-40-05 PM.png

Mamie chuckled out loud, “I doubt you are Medusa, you would need snakes growing out of your ‘ead for that. Sounds to me like you were protecting yourself and the world from this vagrant…let me grab you some tissue. ‘ere you go, would you like for me to brew some tea for you too? A tea and some of my jokes to make you smile. I learned a new knock knock joke,  I know it will make you feel better.”

04-02-16_3-40-29 PM.png

“Sure, sounds…hey, why are you acting so calm about this? Wait a flea flicking minute here, what aren’t you telling me huh?” Tatiana mocked Mamie, “Let me get you a tissoo, let me make you some tea and some jokes…now it’s my turn Mamie out with it!”

04-02-16_5-32-13 PM.png


Mamie certainly knew this day was fast approaching, she had rehearsed it all in her head to ensure Tatiana would be able to understand. At least to ensure she would feel comfortable in addressing the depth of her legacy. Juliette closed her beautiful old wise eyes, took in a deep breath and said, “Very well, I shall tell you! I am calm because I was sort of expecting this day. I was deeply ‘oping it would delay itself from arriving but alas you are a teen and your day of ‘The Paths’ was inevitable.”

04-02-16_3-40-32 PM-2.png

“My day of ‘The Paths‘?!”

04-02-16_5-45-38 PM.png

To Be Continued…

CBP – Chapter 3

**If you’d prefer you may listen and watch this chapter instead – click here**

Once she turned the corner to her street Tatiana realized  for the first time ever how much their home represented her Mamie with its vibrant colors and eclectic style.

04-02-16_2-21-56 PM.png

There was clutter everywhere which depicted Mamie’s whimsical personality  but it was open and airy which embodied Tatiana’s love for the outdoors and all things nature.

04-02-16_2-23-10 PM.png

They had several fire-pits and a grill area where Mamie entertained her comedian friends and neighbors. There were even mannequins outside the home, a very bizarre decor but something Mamie wanted to help her practice her comedic routines on.

04-02-16_2-24-01 PM.png

A guest caravan, where they would house overnight guests. An artists nook, where Mamie created her masterpieces she often sold to the local gallery. A pond for Tatiana to fish. An herb garden to help her in her biology class and something she was secretly very good at caring for.

04-02-16_2-24-21 PM.png

Tatiana quickly decided to go in through the side door, and tip toe to her room. She could hear her grandmother trolling the forums as she loved to do. She could tell by the hysterical snickering as was Mamie’s habit when having fun on the internet. Thankful for the distraction she diverted any contact with Mamie, Tatiana just couldn’t deal with that right now. She had to figure out how to get help for Gunther. He didn’t deserve such benevolence, but he also didn’t deserve to remain a figurine forever. Besides, his parents and brother will be looking for him and she would feel guilty if anyone suffered his disappearance because of her and whatever the heck it is that she did… she silently prayed to the Creator, asking for help, asking what the hell just  happened, how it happened, and most importantly…how to undo it?!

04-02-16_2-28-49 PM.png


Tatiana’s room was all things feminine and romantic, she couldn’t help the juxtaposition of being a compete nerd but completely feminine in many ways. When her Mamie build their home she truly captured the essence of their personality in every nook and cranny and she was so thankful for her home and her life with Mamie.

04-02-16_2-31-53 PM.png

Tatiana threw the backpack on the ground and immediately ran for her bathroom. A hot warm bath is what she wanted, an escape from this twisted reality and hopefully her nightmare would be just that, a nightmare. One she could wake up from and forget it ever occurred seconds later. But that never happened.

Once she hit her restroom she upchucked violently in delayed response to her current predicament.

04-02-16_2-35-48 PM.png

She brushed her teeth with trembling hands all the while refusing to look at herself in the mirror fearing her reflection.

04-02-16_3-25-49 PM.png

She tried to unwind in her porcelain capsule filled with warm water that hugged her and made her feel comforted. However, even the flowery aroma of her bath water did not ease her swirling mind. She tried to retrace her steps, science test, helped Bella cheat, Gunther’s blackmail, Llama Lighthouse, lasers, collectible…Yes…she was losing her mind, the evidence was so clear.

04-02-16_2-36-26 PM.png

Where does one even begin figuring this out?! Is there a, ‘HAVE YOU EVER SHOT LASERS OUT OF YOUR RETINAS’ hotline? Moreover, who knew she was going to Llama Lighthouse with that wretch? Bella certainly didn’t know she was sure not to tell her for fear of her getting expelled for fighting again. The real question was…who did Gunther tell?

A few hours after her bath, she walked over to her backpack slowly, cautiously removing the cold plastic figurine from the depth of its current prison, placing it ever so carefully on her dresser. A dresser that she and Mamie bought at a garage sale and refurbished together.

04-02-16_2-40-22 PM.png

She felt as though she was desecrating the furniture with Gunther the figurine, but where to put him in the meantime? She then stepped away from the doll, wide eyed as if the transformation had just occurred and she was reliving it.

She stared at the figurine and had the most awkward conversation she ever had in her life. Mostly because it was with an inanimate object…

04-02-16_2-44-35 PM-3.png

“Red Plumbobs Gunther! What in the llama snot where you thinking getting me all mad like that? Don’t you dare look at me with those googly eyes…now stop it! That’s what got you in this pickle in the first place you hairless llama!!”

While she was carrying on her one sided communication to Gunther, Mamie walked into her bedroom, she was amused at finding her teenage granddaughter yelling at a figurine as if it owed her something.

04-02-16_2-49-58 PM.png

Tatiana was Mamie’s most adored being on the planet, she loved everything about her granddaughter. Outside of the beauty that she was, with her captivating eyes and contagious smile, she was brilliant and possibly the sweetest person alive. Mamie would do anything for Tatiana, but her current behavior was unorthodox so she simply had to ask.

04-02-16_2-50-21 PM.png

Mamie questioned with her thick french accent, “Tati? Whatever are you doing conversing with a figurine mon petit chou?”

To Be Continued…

Higher Cause

Bug bites, chapped lips and my ashy legs were all I could see at night. I could have probably played checkers on my legs with how cracked they were. I remember laying back down to relax and stare at the moon. I could feel its company as it lit up the sky in all its full glory while I settled for the night. I never knew the moon was quite so exquisite, with its various grey swatches and its fathomless craters. Sometimes I swear it bled for me every once in a while, a promise for me of better days to come.


No, I knew I would never get used to living like that. My mind kept going back to my old life before Laandgraab Industries stole it from me. I was their scapegoat, their patsy. One hideously gullible guy that allowed the corporate goons to pull one massive scheme over on me. Creator, I was such an idiot.

The former years were filled with comfort and security. I had a handsome salary that would pay all of my bills and a little extra for all the hobbies I so enjoyed. Some of those hobbies included traveling, fine dining, the theater, golfing, fishing, cycling, and camping. The only traveling I got to do after the scandal was the occasional lift in someone’s work truck from one end of town to the other.

4239003_orig (1).png

See, I had to rotate my location so as not to get all the citizens up in arms about the homeless population and what not. Instead of lending a hand, they looked the other way and judged me. If they only knew I possessed a double Masters in Business and Communications. Not that it did me any good since the Landgraabs made it so no one would want me to work for them after the travesty.

It was the simple things that unnerved me the most. I couldn’t even afford to fish like a normal person anymore what with the fishing license fees and needing a permanent address to file it under. I remember my second day as a destitute. I wandered through a park and settled by a creek to contemplate my state of affairs. When I heard the most familiar and pleasant sound I’d heard since my trauma. A slick spin and pop of a reels handle as it unleashed the glistening line from its spool, a “tick tick tick tick”,  followed by a “woooosh” and finally a “kerploop” as the bait and hook hit the water…Then I too was mesmerized by the floating bobber.

I could have sworn I was back at the theater listening to a renowned orchestra play my favorite concerto, between the soothing sound of the breeze, the ballad of the birds, rustling of the trees, and the occasional yet eloquent dance of the float. The guy fishing was unfazed by my staring. He simply became one with nature and looked free from his weekday burdens.


‘Free’ is a funny concept when you are a drifter. You aren’t bound to the same rules as when you are part of the working society, there are no bills to pay, no one to answer to, no one to rush home to…all very true. However, one isn’t necessarily unimpeded. There is no freedom in not owning anything tangible. There is no freedom in loneliness. There is no freedom when you are being burnt alive by the scorching sun. There is no freedom from the common cold when you have no medicine to tend to it. There is no freedom from the rain as it soaks you to the bone without shelter or a change of clothes. There is no freedom from the stench that claims you. There is no freedom when you’re being eaten alive by bugs at night.There is no freedom when your stomach squabbles with you due to hunger.

That reminds me of my first meal I received when I was sent to the streets…it was the same park I watched the guy fishing in. An earthly angel, named Annie, decided to grill some hot dogs and feed the community in the park that day.


I didn’t think I could partake, but I was called over and handed a plate. That was probably the best day of my life in a while. My first bite of that wiener was as if I just cut into a tenderloin, so mouthwatering, so satisfying.  At least there was one night I didn’t feel my insides were indignant with me because of its neglect. That very day Annie educated me about the ‘Hot Meal’ program that fed the vagabonds in the area. Yet, low funding made it so they were only able to serve food twice a month. Better than nothing.

I found myself never missing one of ‘those’ days though. Hot meals were monumental when you lived on the streets. Sadly, half of us faint before the meals were even served on our trays. Others were too weak to carry the trays. All of us smelled like garbage day. The best parts of those meals were that they brought in special guests to perform for us or talk to us. Sometimes they even brought medical help to ‘band aide’ some of our problems. My favorite was the local performers that came by to play or sing for us. It lightened my spirit and made me forget my predicament if only for that occasion…


Annie also worked the soup kitchen. She never treated us like anything less than people. Always found time to sit with us and chat. Our ‘aroma’ never bothered her. She was one of those special people that were not just punching the ‘volunteer’ card. She was sincere about the cause. Sometimes Annie would meet me in the park and bring me a sandwich then challenge me to a game of chess. She was serious about the game, it was adorable to see her furrow her brows, squint her eye and become strategic.


I let her win every time, and I’d make a big deal about her winning too, it’s like my gift to her for all that she did for me and the community. If I had a grand-daughter like Annie I would be so proud. She asked me one day what I missed the most about my past, when I worked, before the Landgraabs betrayal. I chuckle at what I told her, but it was the truth. I said, “Annie, I miss being invisible when I walk into a public place. I miss going to the library and just picking out books and having a library card with an address linked to it that allowed me to borrow said books. Simple things like that.”

Would you believe two weeks later Annie showed up at the soup kitchen with some new clothes for me along with a temporary library and gym card!  She instructed me that I was to go shower and change clothes at the gym then have fun at the library. I hate to admit, I broke down in tears. It was a blessing that I gratefully took advantage of.

When I walked up the stairs of the regal looking library I felt invigorated, the concrete steps welcomed me, beckoned me to continue my journey. The cold bronze handle of the ancient looking door sent a shock to my fingertips acknowledging my presence. When I entered the establishment, I thought all eyes would be on me, but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. The smell of books wrapped their arms around me, and gingerly pulled me forward. I was normal again. I wore the cheesiest grin. No one looked up at me, no one noticed my presence, not by smell nor by wardrobe, it was just another seeker of books, that’s all, and it pleased me so.

I planned to stay at the library and read as long as their doors were open. I wanted to go to the periodical section to see what ever happened after the debacle. As I headed towards my destination I ran into the Laandgraab’s wife and son. Their blonde crowns and stealthy frames were unmistakable. They never noticed me as their backs were turned to me.


I felt a strong desire to make my presence known to them. Tell them what their family did to me, what I was living through because of them. Alas, I did not. What good would it have done? Would they even have cared?

After I calmed myself, I took residence in a station within the periodical section and strained my old eyes as I read all the current happenings. While I perused the archives I found out that the company I worked for was under investigation. I found out that even though they had a ‘fall guy’ the audit turned up even more compelling information against the Board and the President of Laandgraab industries. Turns out the Corporate and Criminal Fraud (CACF)  division agents were looking for me, to interview me as a witness against the financial schemes and charges brought against the company! Eureka! It was what I needed to clear my name and start anew. I didn’t stay as long as I wanted to given the fresh news I acquired. I ran to the soup kitchen to tell Annie and celebrate.

When I arrived Annie was still serving and had a doggie bag set aside for me. I told her what I found out and she said as soon as she cleaned up she would take me to the divisional offices. We were so overjoyed we took a picture to commemorate the occasion. The first day of my new life!


The interview with the CACF was exhausting and labor intensive. I helped them locate files that they were unaware of and filled in some gaps during my tenure there. In turn, they filled me in on how the company were able to pin everything on me. I volunteered to be a witness in the court case against the firm and they promised to keep me safe in the meantime.

Today, I am living life anew. I am now an agent of the CACF taking down corrupt businesses like the Landgraabs. I donate to the soup kitchen monthly and now they are able to feed the homeless every day of the week. Many weekends I end up cooking and serving with the volunteer staff. We were even able to hire Annie as a full time employee for the charitable organization. More people in the community were stirred by my story and not only help fund the cause but volunteer to help run things smoothly.

I have always believed things happen for a reason. Had I not lived through that ordeal, I would not have been able to see the need in the community, would have never known of this opportunity to help. Everyone has their own story, some are more tragic than others but I do feel we all need an ‘earthly angel’ every now and again. A genuine human connection that’s links one to a higher cause.





CBP – Chapter 2

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After her gym class, Tatiana made her way to meet the cretin who was blackmailing her. She didn’t care that she was sweaty and unbecoming. The less ‘cute’ she looked the better. No need leading the poor guy on if she didn’t like him in the slightest.

03-19-16_4-35-52 PM.png

Once she got to Llama Lighthouse she was reminded why she loved the place. The view there was nothing short of breathtaking.

The bright foliage made an impacting contrast to the fiery brick and stucco of the lighthouse.

03-19-16_4-43-43 PM.png

The pine trees always swayed to her as if to welcome her return. As if they were ecstatic to see her.

03-19-16_4-44-46 PM.png

The fish jump out of the water to catch glimpse of her, she was certain of it. How she adored this place.

03-19-16_4-45-09 PM.png

This was the local hangout for all the teens, a place away from the watchful eyes of their parents and teachers, away from the constant parade of demands and responsibilities. Tatiana often came here by herself to gather rare seeds or read her books. The fact that she had to mar her place of sanctuary because of Gunther’s threat was making her increasingly irate.

03-19-16_4-48-26 PM.png

“Are you an angel Tati?” Breathed Gunther Goth, this time his breathe smelled of garlic and feces.

03-19-16_4-50-17 PM.png


03-19-16_5-08-29 PM.png

“Becauthe I know you have fallen from heaven jutht for me…”

Tatiana had enough of his wily ways, “Gunther let’s make this perfectly clear…”

03-19-16_4-49-49 PM.png

“No, I am tired of girlth rejecting my intentionth! I know you don’t like me now but you haven’t even given me a chanthe, when you get to know me, the real me I know you won’t be thorry….”

03-19-16_4-58-50 PM.png

Gunther pounced on Tatiana, she yelled for him to let go, but he was persistent.

03-19-16_4-56-10 PM.png

His huge frame tackled her once again, she bit down hard on his hand, which made him even more intent on corralling her.

03-19-16_4-54-45 PM.png

Tatiana’s anger became unleashed and the more they struggled for control, the more he wanted to cause her harm to show her who was stronger, to make her his without her permission. He was tired of her rejections, of all other girls rejections before her. He was pathetically excited about Tati, he found her even more thrilling when she was angry…she would have none of it…somewhere in the struggle Tatiana’s eyes lost their green hue and became a complete vivid yellow color. She became infused with an extreme energy she didn’t know how to master.

03-19-16_4-54-37 PM.pngWith a blink of her eye lasers consumed the gargantuan psychopath of a brute and was replaced with a miniature statue in his likeness…

03-19-16_4-57-11 PM.jpg

03-19-16_5-02-34 PM.png

03-19-16_4-55-17 PM.png

Tatiana didn’t comprehend the exactitude of what transpired but she certainly understood that Gunther Goth, the slimy jerk that almost took advantage of her, was now an eerie looking doll! Before anyone else came into view she concealed the doll in her backpack and made way for her house…

03-19-16_5-02-48 PM.png

Adrenaline was what carried her, the entire walk home without collapsing from weariness and exertion.

03-19-16_5-09-35 PM.png

Tatiana’s thoughts were running a muck in her head. Was she having a nightmare and was she going to wake up any minute, but it was so real and the evidence was in her backpack she could feel him.

03-19-16_5-12-18 PM.png

She kept thinking about her grandmother, Juliette Thibodeaux, she could never lie to her, but how was she going to explain this? Her grandmother Juliette, whom Tatiana called Mamie, was a French spitfire who loved to play pranks on everyone she met, she was special to Tatiana since she had no recollection of her parents. Mamie was both mother, father and playmate to Tatiana growing up. Her first inclination was to run into the house put her arms around Mamie and tell her all that transpired, but Tatiana knew that would be a foolish move…

03-19-16_5-17-16 PM.png
Mamie Trolling The Forums

To Be Continued…