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Disappointed from his failed shoe purchase yesterday afternoon was written all over his face. After his disastrous date with his first Angel Jennie, he was hopeful to catch Amber before her shifts end at the retail shop. Only to find out his new friend was not only, no longer on her shift, but never worked there! He scratched his head and thought he perhaps dreamed the whole thing up because weird things like this have happened to him his entire life. For example;

Ergo, if Amber only existed in his head then it was what it was. He quickly diverted his attention to the small grocery list he created on a notepad app in his phone, and figured he would attempt cooking himself a nice meal for a change. He was used to the magnificent meals his daughter Kaliani would whip up, but now that he was on his own, he would have to get used to cooking for himself. The new found independence made him extremely proud of how far he has come.

03-19-16_7-35-40 PM.png

When his SIMber arrived at the grocery store he noticed the jungle of cars and carts strewn about the parking lot. He was grateful for not owning a vehicle any longer, one less thing to fight for. Parking space. Chuckling to himself he thought about an analogy his father once told him as a kid, “Son, women are like parking spaces in a lot, the good ones are taken, the ones left behind are either far away or handicapped.” The only thing his father ever said that actually made sense.

03-19-16_7-34-30 PM.png

He was hankering a nice fish meal, perhaps tilapia. He wandered to the sea food deli and immediately became overwhelmed at all the selection. Grossed out at all the fish eyeballs staring back at him.

03-19-16_7-37-04 PM.png
Dead Fish Thoughts: “What’s this fool staring at?”

“You don’t need to give the fish the ‘death stare’ Charlie, they have already met their maker.” That familiar voice brought warmth to every cell in Charlie’s body. When he turned to face the owner of the voice his smile widened with genuine happiness.

03-19-16_7-37-19 PM.png

“Amber! You’re real!”

03-19-16_7-38-33 PM.png

“Not the usual salutation I receive, but good to see you too Charlie. I am glad I ran into you again. How was your date?”


“Oh my, but I thought it was an ‘important’ date.”

03-19-16_7-38-51 PM.png

“Me too Amber, alas, here I am having a stare off with ‘Gilly the Fish’ here.” Charlie pointed to the very unfortunate looking victim in the display.

Amber laughed heartily. It made Charlie extremely proud to be the instigator to such a brilliant smile. He continued to ask her questions about tilapia and how to choose the best cut. Amber was gracious to Charlie and helped him select the best cut of fish for his meal. She even assisted him with the other ingredients on his list via his phone.

03-19-16_7-39-35 PM.png

“Dancing freezer bunnies Amber, I didn’t think this would be rocket science! Why do you need plants for fish?? Really??!! Basil??!! My daughter made this look so extremely easy, I have more to thank her for apparently. How in grilled cheeses do you know where everything is? This is mind boggling!”

03-19-16_7-44-38 PM.png

“Sweet, clueless Charlie, if you need assistance with any other purchases in your life, call me, I will be happy to assist.”

She gently slipped her business card in his hands, her skin momentarily touched Charlies and sent shivers up and down his spine…(yes, like the Peppermint Pattie Commercials from yesteryear). “Thank you.” ::gulp:: is all Charlie managed to say.

03-19-16_7-45-29 PM.png

He watched her body move as she walked away. It was feminine, genuine, holistic, and beautiful.

03-19-16_7-46-58 PM.png

Once out of view he was able to force his gaze to something other than her silhouette, her business card. Amber Williams – Forest Ranger – 555-221-4231 Yibbs Campgrounds.

CBP – Chapter 1

**If you’d prefer, you may listen and watch this chapter instead – click here**

Predictable and boring, that would be how Tatiana Thibodeaux would sum up her teenage life with these two trivial words. Nothing was ever out of order, which was just like she liked it. Same old sunny days, same old routine. Nothing ever changed, consistency pleased her.

03-19-16_9-47-38 AM.png

Tatiana was in control of her life, in fact, she had her whole life mapped out in front of her, she was going to go to the Llama U on a full paid scholarship and she was going to be top student exceeding all expectations within her science major.

03-19-16_9-49-29 AM.png

Then she would intern in Oragabba Science facility where her reputation would earn her the position of Research and Development Director.

03-19-16_9-52-54 AM.png

She would then, and only then, allow herself to fall in love and maybe adopt a kid or two because who in their right mind wanted to give birth…yuck.

Tatiana shook away her daydream and was finishing up her Science exam at school when her concentration was interrupted by her gum smacking best friend Bella Bachelor.

03-19-16_9-42-20 AM.pngBella was stunning but always very misunderstood by the masses in Tatiana’s estimation. While others found her to be a flirt and easy, she truly wasn’t. Generally speaking, she was all talk and very little of the gossip was true. However, Tatiana had the sneaky suspicion that most of the wagging tongues could be pin-pointed back to the ‘Queen Bees’ a group of uppity girls in school that were led by Eliza Newbie.

03-19-16_10-42-42 AM.png

Sophia Jinn, the Caliente twins and Nancy Landgraab were also part of the shameless club.

03-19-16_1-53-26 PM.png

Eliza was Tatiana’s bully growing up but it was ten times worse since that new girl Sophia Jinn enrolled in Freezer Bunny High and became her best friend. It seemed to have elevated Eliza’s status with the entire teen population. So much so, Eliza was considered the most popular kid in the entire High school, go figure.

Sophia was strange, thought Tatiana, and randomly smelled completely different than any other person she knew. It was a fragrance she couldn’t describe, because it wasn’t anything she could pin point. The aroma didn’t liken to anything on the planet she’d ever come in contact with. It wasn’t a bad aroma, just strong and different.

03-19-16_9-38-28 AM.jpg

Bella and Tatiana were friends since grammar school, when Tatiana showed up one day in one of her grandma’s psychedelic handmade pants from straight out of the 60’s and the entire 3rd grade made fun of her, especially Eliza.

03-19-16_10-06-15 AM.png

Bella intervened and stood up to Tatiana’s bully without a second thought. Thus, the sisterhood began, Bella stood up for her friend and gave her expert fashion advise, while Tatiana was her council and helped Bella out with her grades.

03-19-16_10-07-38 AM.png

03-19-16_10-08-23 AM.png

03-19-16_10-09-18 AM.png

“ Tati, you know he likes you, right?…” Bella interrupted her reverie.

03-19-16_10-16-45 AM.png

“ Who or what are you talking about Bella?”

“Duh…Mortimer’s twin brother Gunther Goth!”

03-19-16_10-57-01 AM.png

“Oh for the love of freezer bunnies, he is googly eyed and weird, not to mention he smells of urine all the time.”

03-19-16_10-16-27 AM-2.png

“Hahaha you are crazy but full of knowledge and truths for realz, he could use a shower. If only he was as cute as his brother Mort, now he is dark & sweet, just like I like my chocolate…

03-19-16_10-58-34 AM.png

Too bad he is dating that trollop Nancy Landgraab, gross! But hey money and influence talk so I’d probably hook up with Gunther too, urine smell and all just for status points.” She silently giggled so as not to call the attention of Mrs. Pancakes their science teacher.

Tatiana whispered, “Ick Bella! I would rather kiss a toothless llama. I’ll never understand your affinity to that morbid duo…not to mention your mother Jocasta would never allow you dating a Goth, she thinks they are Grimmists!!”

“God Tati you’re such a prude, but so insightful! Mamá would kill me, then keel over herself…hey what’s the answer to number five on the test sheet huh?”

“Bella for the love of yellow llama teeth, will you ever study for your tests?”

“What? I’ve been busy! Simstrom was having a sale this week-end. The one you by-passed to study, barf. Pweeeaasssee?” Bella gave Tatiana the sad puppy dog face she knew she could never say no to.

03-19-16_9-42-21 AM.png

“Oh Eemm Creator, seriously Bella sometimes I wonder about you, don’t let Mrs. Pancakes catch you, we don’t need her getting wind you’re copying off of me, I really need my scholarship. Ugh….here copy this you fool…”

03-19-16_9-25-39 AM.png

“Yippee! Besides, Mrs. Pancakes is too busy staring down her son Bobbi” Bella and Tatiana broke into a silent giggle fit.

03-19-16_9-38-56 AM.png

After class the two friends made their way to the school cafeteria, when they were interrupted by Gunther’s lisp and whine…Bella was pulled to the other side of the hall to chat with Bob Pancakes.

03-19-16_10-23-16 AM.png

“Heya gorgeouth want to go to Llama Lighthouthe with me after thchool?”

03-19-16_10-21-05 AM.png

“Ehhhh…lemme think about this….ummmm…no thank you!”

03-19-16_10-21-40 AM.png

Gunther was not amused by her answer so he leaned his corpulent body towards her to ensure Tatiana alone could hear him. His body smelled of B.O. and sulfur, his breath of onions and bacon. It was all Tatiana could do not to vomit in his presence. He was covered from head to toe in a shiny red suit. He thought was the likeness to the main character of that popular vampire movie the kids were crazy over ‘Twinkle’. If only he knew how ridiculous it actually made him look he would of thought twice of his fashion statement.

03-19-16_10-23-49 AM.png

“If you don’t go with me I will tell the Printhipal you were letting Bella copy off of your tetht, and we both know he hathes cheaterth! Then bye-bye thcolorthip.”

Tatiana was passionate about her grades in school and was working really hard to get a scholarship to go to college. She would not allow her grandmother to burden herself with such a cost. Being caught cheating would put a monkey wrench in her plans.

03-19-16_10-22-38 AM.png

“OK, fine! I’ll meet you at Llamas Lighthouse later you treacherous oaf but on my terms…this is NOT a date! I will NOT EVER be your girlfriend and don’t EVEN THINK we are going to make out, got it!!??”

03-19-16_10-21-19 AM.png

Gunther satisfied he got his way smirked and replied, “Whatever you thay thexthy!”

“Eerrrrrggg!” Tatiana did a 180° and left Gunther standing by the lockers feeling proud of his blackmail.

03-19-16_10-21-00 AM.png

Bella picked up on Tatiana’s annoyance with Gunther and was immediately concerned for her friend, “What did Lispy Mcgee want? Do I need to drop kick his red satin covered package?!”

03-19-16_10-28-26 AM-2.png

“No, let’s just grab our lunch, the sooner we get away from him the better I’ll feel.”

03-19-16_10-29-58 AM.png

To Be Continued…

Cursed Beauty Prequel Intro

Hello everyone and welcome to my tiny section of the internet. I am enthusiastic about sharing my new story with you which I am going to release in video and written formats for your entertainment. So, feel free to either listen/watch the story or read it at your leisure (or do both, whatever you fancy)!

This story is a continuation to the original Cursed Beauty video story/let’s play which is now completed on my YT Channel. Although you do not need to hear/see the original story in order to follow this one, I do recommend watching, as it is linked somewhat and inspired this new story-line.


My intent is to upload at least once a week Starting 03/29/16 – but I am going to really try for more posts a week if time allows.

Join me as we go back in time to find out the origins of the curse and the Fae legacy. I do hope you enjoy Cursed Beauty as much as I do and thanks for tagging along in Tatiana’s Journey!! ❤


She knew she had to find it before she was late for her speaking engagement. Her speaker notes, the highlights and bullets on radical feminism. She was passionate about teaching the young women of tomorrow what it was like to be prosperous in a man’s world.

03-01-16_8-34-51 PM.png

She was an extremist for the woman’s rights movement, hard-core, devoted. She was a successful director at a logistics enterprise. She prided herself on working like a dog, acting like a man, and looking like a lady, isn’t that what her mother taught her all those years ago?

She would have never allowed herself to be tied down to a man. She never let a man so much as come close to being in a relationship with her.  Intimacy? Never. She was proud to be celibate. She wore it like a badge of honor. She thought all men to be evil scum that were only out to get one thing…and that one ‘thing’ she kept under lock and key. It was easy for her to portray men as ‘disgusting icky’ things when she was raised watching her mom become a punching bag for her ‘high profile’ father.

03-01-16_8-41-02 PM.jpg

It was easy to hate men when, had it not been for her mother, she would have lost her innocence to…yes, it was all too easy.

03-01-16_8-39-39 PM.jpg

Yet, all of her prejudice against men vanished upon meeting him. They disappeared like snow on a warm spring day. Her, profound feminist opinions began its shift one glorious summer afternoon when she was invited to speak to young aspiring business students about capable and wealthy women in business.

Armed with the smartest suit she owned, she was ready to motivate. She wanted to impress these young women, it was important for her to inspire them to become anything they wanted to be in life. Added bonus, her best friend was a science professor at the University and they were scheduled for lunch after her speech.

Her speaking engagement went well as all the young girls sat wide-eyed and encouraged. She felt like a self glorified rock star, preaching about not conforming to be simple house wives and other plethora of feminist views. After her last ‘fan’ bounced enthusiastically out of the auditorium she made her way to her friends’ lab.

03-01-16_8-49-55 PM.jpg

Her friend was nowhere to be found at that precise moment so she started to snoop around to see what interesting gadgets and do-hickeys she could play with whilst she waited. As she snooped she realized how thankful she was she got into business instead, because all the contraptions and hieroglyphics did not make her heart dance like managing projects and people did. As she continued to pry in the lab she tripped on a chord that was connected to the most intriguing mechanism.  Her interest was piqued so she sauntered towards the machine mesmerized, perplexed. When she got dangerously close she heard her friends voice yell “No, don’t get any closer, you’ll…”

03-01-16_8-52-08 PM.jpg

She never heard her friends’ last words at that moment in time. Time… ironic, as she was being swept into the very fabric of it. It wasn’t painful so much as an extreme and unexpected jolt that coursed through her. It was incredible if she were honest, as she tumbled through the wormhole unscathed. Well, almost.

When she finally landed on the other side she landed in a very unladylike manner in what looked like a barn and into a heap of horse manure.

03-01-16_9-05-44 PM.jpg

“Who goes there? Answer me!” Even with the undertones of anxiety he sounded kind and warm. He carried a shotgun with him as his dog ran up to her and licked her face.

03-01-16_9-07-09 PM.jpg

“D…don’t shoot please…I mean you no harm…I am just displaced…I think…” She said, almost in a murmur and in between the sweet mauling of his dog. She tried to keep it together but the dog was overwhelming her. Smelling her crotch, poking her bum with his cold nose, his helicopter of a tail kept whipping around her so fast, it was all she could do to gather her emotional bearings…So she started laughing uncontrollably. The laughter was so contagious he began chuckling with her. If the dog and barn animals could have, they would have all joined in, heartily!

After what seemed like hours of snorting, guffawing, and inappropriate affections from ‘Pervy’ the dog. He finally, looked at her with amiable eyes, and a thoughtful smile. He was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. Was she in Greece and this one of their gods?

03-01-16_9-13-02 PM.jpg

“Whatever are you doing at this hour in someone else’s barn, and in such…a state? Are you running away from someone, a brothel, a debt?” His accent was perfect. He was almost ripped from a period piece now that she thought about it.

“Run-a…Broth…no no, I am just lost.” She was known for thinking fast on her feet, it is why she climbed the ladder at work so quickly. She understood right away she wasn’t home, wasn’t even in her era. It was another time and place previous to hers. She could tell by his garb, accent and the old tools that hung in his barn. His concern for her lack of ‘acceptable clothing’ noted. “I was on my way home. I seemed to have lost my way. Would it be too much of an imposition if I rested in your barn tonight, I do promise to get out of your hair tomorrow. It’s just… I am tired…”

“Say no more, and no young lady will be staying in the barn, there is a room inside the house you can sleep in ifn’ you don’t mind ‘Pervy’ as you so curiously called him, sleeping with you. He seems to be keen on ya. I’ll stay in the barn tonight.”

“Thank you, ‘Pervy’ can sleep wherever he likes, I don’t mind.”

“I will um, get some water from the well and warm it up for your bath, you smell like a heifer M’am.” With that, they all rolled on the floor howling yet again, tears and all.

03-01-16_9-07-52 PM.jpg

One night, turned into six months of pure euphoria with him. She learned she was in the mid 1800’s and he was a young widower. His wife died while giving birth to their first son, a son that died soon thereafter. He was able to finally talk about it after almost a year of silence and depression. ‘Pervy’ became his companion after the passing of his wife,“…he came from nowhere” he said, “like a guardian angel.”

“A guardian angel that likes to smell lady bits!” She proclaimed and sent him in another fit of hysterics. He was now getting used to having those, with her around.

“I ain’t never met a lady that talked like you.”

“That’s because you have never met a lady yet.”

“Trust me, I am looking at one now.”

03-01-16_9-16-16 PM.jpg

She never told him her story, how she came from the future. However, she took advantage of her time with the sexy old-world farmer. She even taught him a thing or two on making deals with the trading post for his agricultural merchandise. He, in exchange, taught her how to fish, and gut the recent catch. Subsequently, cook their victims of the lake for sustenance. Yes, everything was done in a much harder way, but it was simpler at the same time. The juxtaposition of this lifestyle was unforeseen. Had someone told her she would enjoy it, she would have argued against it, especially, the part of catering to a man. Not that she was mind you. Catering that is…she was helping a new friend, a tenderhearted, competent, diligent, beautiful man, and he was helping her. She knew she filled his empty heart, and he broke her of her deep-rooted predispositions.

Her charming new friend, was by far her favorite person in the world. He had been a gentleman her entire stay. Never once did he pressure her to do anything outside of what she wanted or desired to do. She loved his gentle spirit. One radiant night, they confessed their intentions, they became vulnerable with one another and shared a most intimate kiss. The kiss sent a shock through her body, an irreversible and sudden surge…

03-01-16_9-49-14 PM-2.jpg

When she opened her eyes she was surrounded by present day doctors and nurses with a defibrillator at the ready.

“We almost lost you young lady. The electric shock of that contraption you touched was almost fatal. Thankfully, we brought you back.”

“Where is he!?”

“He? All we found with you were these speaker notes.”


A month later her best friend invited her to the new art gallery. The theme was ‘Yesterday’.  The exhibit was remarkable. It brought back so many eminent memories. The ironies of having history become her present. Who would have thought anyone could fracture her tenacious notions?  Who would have known her heart would be forever trapped in the past?

03-01-16_9-55-27 PM.jpg

**Sims Courtesy of the following Incredible CAS creators**

Cowboy by Vanderetro

Business Woman by Official Girly Simmer