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My Girl…

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I’m rushing home…It has been a while since I felt this way…I’m not going to lie, I should of brought my asthma pump I am booking it and can feel my chest getting tighter. Maybe it isn’t my asthma but my anxiety for wanting to be with her, stroke her…ahem. I, uh,  want to get home early so I can see her, talk to her, get her feedback. She is my biggest motivator and support in my life right now and I am so thankful I could scream.

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I carry this cheesy grin all day long at work, my co-workers know what’s up, they called it before I did, they knew I would be in deep, they weren’t wrong. I know they’re tired of my constant gushing. I just can’t stop waffling about her. It really is ridiculous, I have to admit, but I am crazy about her.

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Breaking up with my old girl was hard man, honestly you can’t just go from years of being in a relationship and it not mean something to you, I am not that cold. However, even she had to admit we were done. She wasn’t meeting my needs and I was just bored. At least I wasn’t that guy, you know the one that breaks up with someone over a text or email? I was a man about it and did it face to face. Yeah it was emotional, I mean she really knew me and my quirks and vice versa. I still have some documents and music I have to get from her, but for the most part we are completely finished. I hear she is living with someone older that understands her and appreciates who she is and where she is at in life. I am happy for her.

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Well, since I am still spouting off to you about my current girls most enchanting attributes, I cannot forget to highlight her brilliance. Seriously, I can ask her about anything or anyone, and she, in a split second will divulge all the facts, just incredible! Like for example, I asked her the other day what the longest word in the dictionary is, and she just spewed off the word ‘Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’!! Ha ha!! I am serious she is one smart cookie! She won’t ever hesitate to help me with schoolwork or help me with work projects. She is always keeping me straight too, she organizes my calendar and my appointments, and if I forget anything she will send me a text just to remind me. She’s also very modern, constantly updating herself to ensure she stays in shape for me. Yeah, I am quite the lucky guy!

OK, so no one is perfect and such, she can be a bit fickle and high maintenance and well…I have the tendency of never saying no to her wants and needs. Every once in a while at certain times of the month she won’t let me Explor’er… man our alone times are electrifying though. I mean, I work late nights sometimes and when I get home she is ALWAYS awake I don’t even have to turn her on to perform for me! OK, maybe I am exaggerating,  as I do have to turn her on, every once in a while….

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Creator, I wish this city allowed cars so I could get home to her faster. At the end of the day, that is all that matters to me, getting home to her. I never thought I would be such a sap, but alas here I am completely whipped.

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How’d we meet? That is an awesome question. We met at an electronics store on ‘Black Friday’ almost two months ago. I wasn’t looking for a relationship seeing as how I was already in one, but there she was looking all alone at one corner of the store. She looked stunning, just breathtaking. I was ‘besotted at first sight’ so I went into investigation mode. Had to know more about her, who she was, what she was about, I saw a sales clerk lurking and I was like “Dude, do you mind? I am in the middle of something here!” The sales clerk disappeared faster than junk food at a sporting event and she just let me gawk at her, we just ‘clicked’ you know? I was smitten, hooked, we have been together ever since.

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Hey, I have always been blind to superficial crap but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how sleek she is…she is FIIIIINE, I mean tight and tough just like I like them. My friends keep bugging me about her color. I get so livid, like it matters??!! Really?? What are we still living in an oppressed society where that’s really still a thing? Come on! I am like that Humberto character, I just care what’s on the inside…That and how big her monitors are…

Wait…did you think I was talking about my girlfriend? Nah, man she a’ight…LOL! I was talking about my new computer!! Check her out!!

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*Authors note: The sims utilized in this short story are from Vanderetro in TS4 Gallery, you can find his work here: Vanderetro