Odd Job Challenge

General Rules:

  1. No needs cheats
  2. Start with 0 simoleans
  3. Lifespan will be your choice as it doesn’t really matter, the challenge took an hour and 45 minutes for me to complete!
  4. It’s easiest if you live in Sulani, but I playtested in Windenburg and mostly was not inconvenient.

Challenge Objectives:

  1. Get a 5 Star ‘Odd Job Rating’ in five (5) Sim days or less!

That’s it! Have Fuuunnnn!

**I got my five-star rating on the 5th Sim day, can you do it in four?

2nd playtest recorded in this 10-minute video!

Lifestyle Legacy Challenge

Summary of Challenge (You will need most EP’s/GPS to complete this Legacy)

(This legacy challenge is largely inspired by the Differences in the Family Tree Legacy Challenge a Sims 4 adaptation created by Arrowleaf)

Each generation lives in a different world with a different lifestyle focus and one main aspiration to complete. Lastly, having children to take up the charge of continuing the legacy.

General Rules:

  1. Have a blast with this
  2. No Major cheats like motherlode. However, Buy Build Mode cheats and CAS cheats allowed. 
  3. Lifespan set to Normal
  4. CC is allowed and encouraged
  5. Spouses may be employed 
  6. Next Gen begins when heir turns into a YA

Legacy Objectives (Each bullet/mission tied to a generation is 25 points):

  1. An Agriculturalist/Farmer **Rustic Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Oasis Springs) – This generation wants to give back to earth, their main focus is to create an environment and lifestyle that is simple and rustic.
    • Buy a plot in any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & Start a farm
    • Master a Nature Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
      • Each unique seed planted
      • Living off the grid
    • Have children & select an heir
  2. A City Slicker **Industrial Lifestyle** (Recommended World: San Myshuno)(requires City Living) – This generation is tired of living in the sticks and isolated. Their main focus is to surround themselves with a rich culture in a fast-paced world.
    • Rent the Landgraab VIII apartment in San Myshuno
    • Join A City Living Career
    • Master City Native Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
      • Any city food recipe learned
    • Have children & select an heir
  3. A Painter **Bohemian Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Willow Creek) (Freelance career encouraged) – This gen is sick of the inconvenience of living in the city. They want to pursue the beauty found in suburbia, then capture it for the world to appreciate.
    • Buy a plot in any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & build or Download a Suburban Home
    • Join the Art Critic, Painter, photography or Digital Artist Freelance Career
    • Master the Painting Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
    • Have children & select an heir
  4. Armed Forces **Militant Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Strangerville) (requires Strangervile GP) – What’s so strange about Stangerville? This generation is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime…
    • Buy a plot in any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & build a Secret Bunker
    • Join the military career
    • Master the Body Builder Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Killing the Mother Plant (Solving the Mystery)
    • Have children & select an heir
  5. The Super Star **Modern Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Del Sol Valley) (Requires Get Famous EP) – Being an Army brat has its advantages but this generation wants the world to notice them…Stardom here we come.
    • Buy a plot in any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & build or Download a Modern Home
    • Activate the Spotlight and Begin the Popularity Journey (Allowed to have any career that doesn’t conflict with the ones already designated for the other gens)
    • Master the World Famous Celebrity Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
      • Completing the Storyline/Killing Mother Plant
    • Have children & select an heir
  6. The Mad Scientist **Eccentric Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Windenburg)– The lavish lifestyle and popularity may have broken this generation, with a bit of a God complex this gen believes anything is possible with a few beakers and a microscope!
    • Buy a plot in any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & build or Download a home with a secret lab in it
    • Join the Scientist Career or Register with the Ministry of Labor and Become a Rocket Scientist
    • Master the Nerd Brain Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
    • Have children & select an heir
  7. The Tech Prodigy **Reclusive Lifestyle** (Recommended World: New Crest)– :boop boop boop beep bop: This generation is a willing participant of the world of tech and nerdgasms.
    • Buy a plot any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & build or Download a home with a Gaming Room in it
    • Join the Tech Guru Career or the Programmer freelance Career
    • Master any Knowledge Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
    • Have children & select an heir
  8. The Island Dweller **Tropical Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Sulani) (Requires Island Living EP) – Enough with the introvert lifestyle! let’s get back to our roots and relax in a world of eternal beauty.
    • Buy a plot in Sulani & build or download a tropical getaway home
    • Begin by living off the grid (after offspring are children you can turn the ‘off the grid’ trait off)
    • Join any Island Living Career(s)
    • Master the Island Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
      • Turning into a merperson
    • Have children & select an heir
  9. The Archeologist **Academic Lifestyle** (Recommended World: Brindelton Bay) (requires Jungle Adventure GP) – Being raised on an island, this generation has a deep appreciation for culture and history, time to begin a journey of their own.
    • Buy a plot any world (reminder each gen has to live in a different world) & build or Download a Gallery in it
    • No need to join a career but can get a partime job to start off with if desired.
    • Master the Archeology Scholar Aspiration
    • Master the Jungle Explorer Aspiration
    • Extra Points for:
      • Each skill mastered
      • Additional Aspiration Completed
      • Any Collection Completed
    • Have children & select an heir
  10. The Occult (Waiting for Realm of Magic to Complete)


Play List for Game-Play linked here:

Generation 1

Generation 2


Vet & Home Challenge w/ Side Challenges

Vet & Home Challenge w/ Side Challenges:

Must have Cats & Dogs Expansion to complete the Main Challenge

Must have San Myshuno Expansion to complete one of the Side Challenges


  • Build a home worth at least 50k simoleons 2 beds and 2 baths (this amount subject to change after playtesting this challenge) – Completion = 1000Pts
  • Have a 5 star vet clinic on a different lot – Completion = 1000Pts
  • Have 16 perfect dragon fruit plants (ok to harvest from spice festival in fact, encouraged!) – Completion = 1000Pts
    • EXTREME CHALLENGE – graft the dragon fruit yourself
    • ALTERNATIVE – plant another high simoleon plant (like the sixam kind)
  • Complete the ‘Friend of Animals’ Aspiration – Completion = 250 Pts per milestone
  • Level Vet Skill – Completion = 1000Pts
  • Level the Pet Training skill to 5 – Completion = 100Pts per level
  • Level Handiness to at least level 5 – Completion = 100Pts per level
    • Purchase two cheap rumbas and upgrade all items – Completion = 100Pts per Upgrade
    • Keep all plumbing parts scavenged/harvested in your inventory, not allowed to sell them
  • Complete the feathers collection twice! (more details below) – Completion = 500Pts per collection
  • Have a pet gain 1500 followers via the simstagram addition – Completion = 1500Pts
  • Additional Side Challenges Below!



YA possesses ‘Friend of the Animals’ aspiration and any three traits you desire them to have. Ok to turn off aging during this challenge.

After purchasing your home lot (any size lot is acceptable) ensure you lower your simoleons to 0. No cheats allowed after this point.

  • Can live anywhere and own a vet anywhere not forced to live and work only in Brindleton Bay.
  • Cannot own or adopt a pet right away.


General Gameplay:

  • Gain enough money to have small and cheap facility to live in (plot of land can be any size you want)
  • Must harvest/collect and sell harvestables/ collectibles within 24 sim-hours of collecting. Frog Breeding is allowed, and the only collectible your sim is allowed to keep in their inventory indefinitely, outside of their earbuds. (also not you are to keep all plumbing parts as read in the summary above)
  • **Exception – Allowed to keep one of every nip herb harvested if completing the side challenge. See below for more details.
  • Gardens are to be planted at your home lot ONLY 😉 –
    • Hiring a gardener is allowed after accomplishing a 3 star rating at your sims vet clinic.
  • Save enough money to buy a vet clinic.


Specific Gameplay:

  • If your sim has no Clinic or a One Star Rating Clinic your Sim may:
    • Purchase one check-in station, one cheap crafting table (crafting table should be placed on home lot), and one cheap exam station for the Clinic
    • Purchase a low quality, bed, plumbing and appliances for your sims home
    • Decorate Vet & Home to your liking no rules in this space
    • Purchase pet items to prepare for your pet adoptions


  • 2 Star Rated Clinic (and given enough simoleons) your Sim may:
    • Upgrade the bedroom at home
    • Add a living room at home
    • Add another exam station at the clinic
    • Decorate to your liking no rules in this space
    • Adopt a cat preferably a stray


  • 3 Star Rated Clinic (and given enough simoleons) your Sim may:
    • Upgrade your kitchen at home
    • If you have the laundry stuff pack – you may add a laundry room
    • Add a surgery station at the clinic
    • Adopt a dog preferably a stray
    • Decorate to your liking no rules in this space
    • Hire Services for home, i.e. gardener, butler or maid


  • 4 Star Rated Clinic (and given enough simoleons) your Sim may:
    • Upgrade your bathroom at home
    • Add one extra room build of any kind to your home
    • Add another exam station at clinic
    • Decorate to your liking no rules in this space.


  • 5 Star Vet Clinic, there are no limitations to upgrading your vet and/or Home lot.


Additional Items to Watch For:

  • Not allowed to replace appliances or plumbing – repair everything.
  • You cannot live on your vet clinic lot, although you may have a bathroom and a kitchenette at the location.
  • You are only allowed to physically work at your clinic M,W,F (you can open the clinic T, TH, Sat, however, your sim will manage it remotely).
  • Only allowed to work on your garden T, TH, S.
  • Sundays your sim will craft treats for the clinic, you can do whatever else needed except you cannot open clinic nor garden.
  • Once you level handiness to 5 you must buy two of the cheapest rumbas
    • One rumba for your home lot
    • One rumba for the office
    • Complete all upgrades required
  • You are not allowed to purchase upgrade parts on a computer.
  • Complete the feathers collection twice! – No feather selling until two collections are completed
    • Assemble an owl with one collection
    • Complete the item frames with the other
    • Once collection is completed twice you are allowed to sell all other feathers

Don’t forget!!

  • Level pet training skill,
  • Complete aspiration,
  • Build a home worth at least 50k
  • Gain 1500 followers on your pets simstagram!


Side Challenges:

These side challenges can be performed in conjunction with the main challenge.

Nip Herb Side Challenge Completion = 1000Pts: Your Sim wants to experiment with the fancy herbs they found in Brindleton Bay. What reaction do these herbs have on our furry friends?

  • Have your sim level all four of the nip herbs to perfection (only need one of each):
    • Napnip, madnip, nuzzlenip, and catnip
    • Give a fully leveled nip herb of every category to four of your pet patients

Every Recipe Side Challenge Completion = 3500Pts: Your Sim is a food connoisseur; they are wanting to impress their friends and family with the magical recipes found in the city of San Myshuno and Brindelton Bay.

  • Have your sim learn all 31 recipes from San Myshuno and Brindelton Bay’s Food Stalls.
  • Have your sim create all the pet meals for their household pets
  • Have at minimum 5 dinner parties to show off their culinary prowess

Sim Has it All Side Challenge Completion = 1000Pts: Your Sim has needs (many of them), having a mate is one of them.

  • Have your sim befriend at minimum 5 other sims
  • Have your sim date 5 sims
  • Have your sim marry the one sim they have the highest friendship & relationship bar with
  • Have your sim have at minimum one nooboo with them whether adopted or regular way.


Download Points Tracker – HERE


Tatiana was feeling the fatigue of carrying a vision for as long as this one had lasted. Although she enjoyed knowing the depth and breadth of the Queen Bee duo she was ready to call it quits when her vision decided on one last detour.

Finale pic 1.jpg


Eliza was at the mall looking for a dress for a party, no longer sporting frizzy hair or braces, it was the popular Eliza, leader of the Queen Bees in their Senior year. Her first wish transformed her appearance, and voice along with her popularity levels, “I think I am going to ask Bob Pancakes out, he will have to say yes because I am the Queen Bee” she tittered.

Finale pic 2.jpg


Sophia was jealous but tried to play it off, “Seriously, that buffoon? He can’t even think for himself without mummy dearests permission. What do you see in that gargoyle anyway?”

Eliza remarked, “He is the school’s star jock, and aren’t the schools top jocks and future prom queens supposed to hook up?!”

Finale pic 3.jpg


“I do not know about this century and their weird antics but if that is what you really want then wish it. You have two more wishes left you know?”

Eliza reacted quickly, “No!” She softened, “I mean, I can do this myself.”

Sophia picked up on the hesitation and questioned it, “What are you afraid of Liza?”

09-09-17_9-31-22 PM.png

Eliza sheepishly answered, “We don’t know what will happen to you if I consume the last wish…it could be bad, death even…we don’t know! So I will never use it. You are my best friend in this entire stupid planet and I don’t want to live my life without you.”

Finale pic 5.jpg


Sophia was completely moved, this was the first human that she had feelings for flaws and all. A human that had sacrificed their own ulterior motives just to be her friend…She never loved Adriel, or King Goth, that was just a power play, a strategic move for security.

Finale pic 6.jpg


Sophia had grown to like her master but that was quickly overshadowed by this new emotion she was feeling for her Eliza…love

Finale pic 7.jpg


Sophia approached her friend and kissed her, no one and nothing else in the world mattered more to her than her Liza …and this felt right.

Finale pic 8.jpg


Eliza was caught off guard,”What was that for?”

Sophia acted as if it were planned, “I figured you should practice for when you have to kiss Bob, he will want a proficient kisser.”

Finale pic 9.jpg


“Oh, you’re so smart, Sophie…can we do it again?”

Sophia smiled devilishly.

Finale pic 10.jpg



Tatiana was removed from the mall scene and placed in the hospital where she was seeing herself lying asleep in a hospital bed. She was accompanied by Mortimer, he stole away a few minutes to silently pray for her to wake up. Not that he knew how to pray granted but he was willing to give it a shot if it meant Tatiana waking up. Closing his eyes he felt a presence.

Finale pic 11.jpg


Mortimer witnessed a horrendous stench and raised his head to where it was coming from. The Reaper was surprised a human could see his form without a loved one being harvested near them. Tatiana was still alive, ironically, he was ensuring it, then why could Mortimer see him?

You? You’re the one my parents are waiting for? Why haven’t you given them rest?”

Finale pic 12.jpg


“I do not need to explain myself to you, but I am interested in why you can see me…” Adriel floated ominously towards the human. “There must be more to the Goth’s lineage than one can see…even still you are a bother and I am now quite irritable…”

Finale pic 13.jpg


He pounced on Mortimer and drained some of his essences to prove his theory. Making Mortimer age slightly, “Interesting indeed…”

Finale pic 14.jpg


Mildly empowered and satisfied by his findings, he vanished into thin air leaving an adult Mortimer even more perplexed. He stumbled out of the room in search of Bella for support.

Finale pic 15.jpg


Tatiana was mortified, she didn’t know what led to this strange meeting in the first place but the fact that Adriel harmed her friend was heartbreaking. She was trying to figure out the connection between Mort and the supernatural world when Sophia and Eliza walked into the room silently.

Finale pic 16.jpg


“I don’t think this is a good idea, Sophia, I don’t think Tatiana is a witch, she would have proved it to us a long time ago if she was. Turned us into frogs or something. How does stumbling over each other at the dance prove that?”

“Nonsense, beloved, I should have known sooner. Her presence was telling, when she touched me at the dance I felt the supernatural connection. I should have known that fairy the other day was connected to Tatiana too. However, I was distracted by the dance, the Goths, the Bachelors, and you.”

Finale pic 17.jpg


Eliza stopped in her tracks, “Wait, did you have anything to do with their misfortunes?”

Sophia deceitfully denied her involvement and Eliza was appeased, “Well ok, but you aren’t going to hurt Tatiana, are you? I mean I hate her and all but she is my sister.”

Finale pic 18.jpg


In an instant, Enrique in his full Guardian glory walked in on the pair, “What are you doing here Sophia?”

“What in the…” Eliza shocked, was ignored by Enrique.

“I know about you, I know your hand in the Goths deaths, your attempted murder of the Bachelors, and I can only assume it was your hand that took Juliette from Tatiana.”

Finale pic 19.jpg


Sophia, was actually quite proud of her deeds, in her mind, it served them right for their ancestors imprisoned her so long without a care, “They were all so deserving! Now it is Tatiana’s turn!”

Finale pic 20.jpg


Enrique dashed to corral Sophia, she was powerless she knew this. He grabbed Sophia by the arm, with great force and began his heart manipulation procedure. His eyes and hands began to intensely glow. It was to replaced her hatred of so many with indifference instead.

Guardians know that hate and obsession is the most destructive of all emotions, this is their reason for existing, to thwart the damage and chaos it causes. Little by little Sophia was softening in very small doses…the transfiguration was painful, for the roots of hate ran profound.

Finale pic 21.jpg


Before Enrique was half-way finished with his work, Eliza not understanding what was happening, and thinking that Sophia was being attacked, in a panic commanded…”I wish we were far away from here, where Enrique can never find us!”

Finale pic 22.jpg


Sophia’s eyes bled translucent blue she laughed maniacally, “Your wish, my love, is my command.” Both Eliza and she were teleported to Windenburg. Enrique could never finish his transformation of Sophia’s heart, and he was never able to find her again.

Finale pic 23.jpg


Tatiana remained silent, heartbroken with the news of Juliette. Tortured by the fact Sophia remained on the loose, and weak from her dream-state. Last but not least, amazed at the realization of Enriques revelation and true state.

Finale pic 24.jpg


Just when she thought she was about to pass out, she felt a warm presence next to her, “Mon Ange when you awake you must ‘ide! Let the Guardian take you away from Willow Creek, move to Oasis Springs. There is a group of gypsies I know there, they will keep you safe. Promise me!!”

Finale pic 25.jpg

Before she could run to Juliette to hug her, she disappeared the same way she arrived, quickly. Her soul was sucked back into her body. Enrique was rattled to see Sophia won this round but was excited to see Tatiana stir in her hospital bed.

Finale pic 26.jpg

Learning they were soulmates was finally sinking in, he loved Tatiana, passionately. Always had since he saw her, she was all he ever wanted. The rest of it didn’t matter to him at that very second, he just wanted Tatiana well.

Finale pic 27.jpg


Enrique was thrilled to see her vitals stronger and color spilling over her fair face. “Thank the creator, querida…I can tell you everything now. Starting with this, te amo.”

Finale pic 28.jpg


Six years later…Bella and Mortimer…

Bella would get a call from her best friend once a month whilst they were on the move and only for what seemed like seconds. She was heartbroken at the fact she could never spend real time with her anymore, it was too risky. Mortimer had 24 hr protection for himself and Bella in case Sophia tried anything stupid. Which, she hadn’t thus far.

Bella gave Tatiana news on Eliza’s marriage to Bob Pancakes, and how Sophia and Charlie Briggans the recent lottery winner, were engaged in Windenburg. It made local news.

Finale pic 29.jpg



She and Mortimer became closer after the saga with Sophia, they even started to work on their family history together after Tatiana told them how they were linked in the past somehow.

Finale pic 30.jpg


Bella learned she and Tatiana were distant cousins and that pleased her so. Mortimer learned that the Goths lineage dealt with some secret society called the ‘S’ Hunters. Something about trackers of supernaturals, but that is a story for another day.

Finale pic 31.jpg


For now, know that the pair are quite smitten for each other. Bella stood by Mortimer through the whole aging ordeal, and was such an incredible young lady, he wished he’d noticed sooner. He was making up for lost time.

Finale pic 32.jpg


…Tatiana and Enrique…

Tatiana and Enrique were back from their trip to Sunset Valley. Being part of the gypsy crew was quite the lifestyle, they adored it. It gave them the freedom they desperately needed, the ability to stay incognito, and the time alone with each-other they yearned for.

Finale pic 33.jpg


The gypsy arrangement allowed Tatiana to utilize her gifts to help humanity under a guise which was also liberating. Enrique, however, was on borrowed time. They both knew he would soon be beckoned back to the Garden to continue his enlistment there. There was no way out of it.

Finale pic 34.jpg


It became harder now that they had a son together, that was all things good and pure on this dimension. The fact that Tatiana bred with a Guardian allowed her to bypass the curse of a female first born child. This was their hope, that the curse was broken. That the Grim Reaper would now be bested and his powers wain because he would not be able to exchange with a non-Fey.

Finale pic 35.jpg


Humberto, their son, showed no signs of supernatural abilities, this was a blessing to both Tatiana and Enrique. A child that could live a normal life was all anyone could ask for. A child that was not burdened by the trials of the Fey or the call of enlistment into Guardianship. Relief, peace, joy, it was incredible.

Humberto was a musical prodigy, he lived and breathed music even at such a tender age. His parents were quite proud of their little man.

Finale pic 36.jpg



Yet, there was one last heartbreak, one last tear to shed, one final goodbye. The day Enrique left to complete his draft with the Guardians, he left his heart with his family. He truly had no choice in the matter. Just like the ECD had no control over his love of them.

Finale pic 37.jpg


He hoped he would return, but he made no promises. The other dimensions were full of hate and corruption. Just like any soldier that enlisted in any war, it would be a miracle if he returned, and if he did, would he be the same?

Finale pic 38.jpg

Return…he did not…but a new story began…a story of a young girl who wanted all the attention in the world. A young girl who cursed her sister…A sister that Tatiana’s Humberto would love unconditionally…His very own Cursed Beauty…

Finale pic 41.jpg



You may be wondering about the souls trapped as figurines. What happened to them? Well, Adriel has them. He made a special trip to Tatiana and Juliette’s home and found them all tucked away in a chest…silly Fey…he learned of Tatianas early failed attempts at controlling her powers. How she accidentally figurined so many souls, and ironically it pleased him…

Finale pic 39.jpg


For it gave his wife Celeste new friends to commensurate with. If she could not find freedom, then he promised neither would they, besides he was a collector of many things…

Finale pic 40.jpg





CPB – Interlude – Enrique Revealed

Present day:

Bella, Mortimer, and Enrique were standing in the waiting room of Willow Creek’s hospital, waiting for word on their best friends condition. After Tatiana’s collision with Sophia at the dance, she fainted and was unresponsive.

She was rushed to the emergency room then sent to intensive care because her vitals were becoming increasingly weaker. Doctors couldn’t explain the events taking place, but the crew of friends were quite nervous for Tatiana and felt at a loss.

Interlude 1.jpg

Mortimer offered to get everyone some coffee whilst they waited, Bella decided to join him if anything for the change of scenery. The waiting room was becoming too stuffy and it represented so much ugliness for her at the moment.

Interlude 2.jpg

Just when Enrique thought he would have some alone time to call his boss and ask for a favor, he heard the waiting room door open. A foul stench filled the air. He was hopeful for a good report from the doctor.

Interlude 3.jpg

When he turned around to see who walked in, he was surprised to see a Doctor by the doorway, simply because he was a former Dr. and not the one he was expecting. “Adriel, I should have guessed by your smell, what are you doing here?”

Interlude 4.jpg

“You question me being here, but isn’t that obvious, for this be a perfect place for harvesting souls my little cherub. Besides, I have a family member to concern myself with. I have a special interest in her surviving until adulthood.”

Interlude 5.jpg

“I am not your little anything, and your presence will be of no help to Tatiana, I suggest you leave.” Enrique was losing his cool but was quickly able to reign it in.

Interlude 6.jpg

The Reaper laughed maniacally, “I find it humorous that you believe I would listen to anything you said. You minstrels forget that you have no lordship over the likes of me. Tell me, Enrique is it? Does your team know you are here? Or is disobedience the way of things in the Garden of late?”

Interlude 7.jpg

Enrique wanted to pull Adriels head clear off his decrepit body, but the truth is, he had no jurisdiction in the dimension Adriel currently resided, infuriated he continued, “Did you have anything to do with the loss of Juliette?”

Interlude 8.jpg

“Le gasp,” he pretended to act surprised at the news that Juliette was no longer a part of the living, “… has she departed to the Garden little cherub? Let me guess, you arrived to the scene too late? Well, ’twas not I who seized her life, I assure you, however, know this valiant warrior, the Thibodeaux’s are not the only supernaturals in town.”

Interlude 9.jpg

Enrique was completely caught off guard, of course! Why didn’t he catch on sooner? He had sensed a different supernatural scent since his arrival, but he was so wrapped up in finding Buddy, then completely distracted with Tatiana. It was all he could do to pay attention to anything else.

Interlude 10.jpg

Adriel amused at the show of emotion Enrique was reflecting grabbed a stool and drug it to face him. Then sat down front and center, “I would have thought you Guardians of the Emotions and Conduct Division (ECD) were a bit, what’s the word I’m looking for…ah yes, brighter.” He emphasized the last word caustically.

Interlude 11.jpg

Enrique’s eyes started to lose their hue and were immediately replaced with vivid pink color, he clenched his jaw and furrowed his brow. There was so much he wanted to say and do, but Adriel was encompassed by a dark dimension he didn’t want to penetrate, for he would be lost forever.

Interlude 12.jpg

Adriel gracefully stood placing the stool back in its place, “Awe, little cherub, do not fret over me, I truly am harmless to you. Unless of course, Tatiana passes on, then you would do nicely for my exchange. However, I have had a particular taste for Fey essence for what seems like an eternity, it suits me well.  Don’t know what Guardian essence would do to me. Yet, do not misunderestimate, I would be willing to find out.” He meant that whole heartedly, and then stated the obvious by saying, “It looks as though you are vested in the Fey as well, albeit for personal reasons, cherub?”

Interlude 13.jpg

Adriels probing and the disparaging nickname was irritating Enrique. The correlation with Tatiana was grating not because his feelings weren’t genuine but because he was wearing his heart on his sleeves and this abomination was quick to the draw. The fact that he could do nothing about it was maddening, “You would have to leave the comfort of your dimension to exchange with a Guardian Grimme, I encourage that, fully.”

Interlude 14.jpg

If the reaper were to leave his dimension to perform an exchange of power with a Guardian it would leave him susceptible, the thought pleased Enrique. “Oh no my little cherub, I won’t give you the pleasure of such an act just yet, besides, Tatiana isn’t going anywhere I will make sure of it.”

Interlude 15.jpg

Adriel looked deep within Enrique. A trick he picked up the many years he’d been harvesting souls, and realized Enriques true depth of innocence to his involvement in this story, “Incredible, you did not know cherub, that Tatiana is your soulmate?”

Interlude 16.jpg

“Your words are not amusing.” Enrique was not so sure Adriel was lying to him. He was many things, but not so often a liar.

Interlude 17.jpg

“Believe what you will cherub.” The Reaper dismissed, “You see I have friends in low places, they tell me many things. That golden nugget being one of them.

Interlude 18.jpg

Your partner, Buddy is it?” Enrique flared his majestic wings at the mere mention of his partner, “Ah yes, there you are,”

Interlude 19.jpg

It pleased Adriel to know he struck a chord, amused at his achievement he continued, “He was sent to arrange a new relationship for our budding little Fey. When your boss found out you were her partner he quickly arranged another less supernatural companion.  ‘Twas Mortimer who was to replace you. That was Buddy’s mission. The reason why he was sent to this dimension without you.”

Interlude 20.jpg

Enrique was so enraged and so worked up he couldn’t stop his body from reverberating, “If you are lying to me…” He whispered in pain.

Interlude 21.jpg

Adriel disregarded Enriques threat, “Your boss knew the moment he saw your file that if you were to ever lay eyes on her, you would be besotted. Of course, the E.C.D. could not allow such a union. Two supernaturals together? Nonsense, they would never allow such an offense! Not since my dear Celeste and I…well, you know the rest of the tragic story.”

Interlude 22.jpg

“Enough, with your deceptions!” Enrique pleaded more than demanded.

Interlude 23.jpg

“Buddy had already hexed Mortimor with the love sap you Guardians use to manipulate the heart.”

“We do not manipulate Adriel, we set the worlds on a righteous path to avoid violence, pain, and destruction that can only be triggered by things of the heart.” Enrique defended his alliance, his commitment.

Interlude 24.jpg

“You do not need to share your boy scout pledge with me cherub, I believe you. Sadly, the day that Buddy was to hex Tatiana, she turned him into a tiny plastic form instead. Witches are crafty that way.” Adriel remembered Abigail’s betrayal and was promptly incensed.

Interlude 25.jpg

Silent and tortured, Enrique was torn by this news, his partner was harmed by Tatiana, but why? On the other hand, why did Buddy or the Division not tell him about the mission, about his hand in it all? Everything was becoming clear, but his heart was growing clouded.

Interlude 26.jpg

“Oh bother, I sense the presence of a human. ‘Tis time for me to take my leave, humans bore me so, but I have a feeling our paths may meet again. After all, you are my great grand daughters beloved are you not?”

Interlude 27.jpg

Before the Reaper left he pivoted to face Enrique one more time, “Oh, by the by, stop delaying the inevitable and do something about our common pest, Sophia. While I appreciate her attempts to keep me energized with all the souls she is hurling my way, it is not their time to depart just yet. There simply isn’t enough of me to go around and she can be so trifling can’t she?”

Interlude 28.jpg

To Be Continued…







CBP – Chapter 37

Tatiana’s head was reeling, Sophia Jinn was a supernatural! Banished into another dimension by her own ancestor Abigail?! The Goths are descendant from Kings??! Bently was also linked to all of this, was he connected to her best friends lineage somehow, but wouldn’t that potentially make her and Bella family?

Ch 37 Eps 1.jpg

HOLY wiggling honey badgers she thought to herself, I am going to need a drink when I get home!! Instantly she was teleported to her time. Technically it was her time only it was the beginning of the school year, she was in Eliza’s bedroom.

Ch 37 Eps 2.jpg

Eliza was the way she remembered her before becoming a Queen Bee. Mousy, braces and scraggly hair. She was talking to herself in the mirror about a necklace she found in the flea market in San Myshuno during her last trip there.

Ch 37 Eps 3.jpg

She dusted it off and cleaned it, when Sophia was released from its prison…She looked at her surroundings and immediately started to sob. She was no longer ‘home’, she was somewhere else and someone other than King Goth was her master.

Ch 37 Eps 4.jpg

Sophia seethed, she tried to turn Eliza into a lizard but couldn’t tap into her powers since they were for her own selfish motives. Something Abigail removed from her abilities long ago.

Sophia surrendered to her newest lot in life and sank in a chair, “You have three wishes, so make them good.”

Ch 37 Eps 5.jpg

Eliza’s wide eyes were full of joy and hope, “What do you mean like a Jeanie?”

Ch 37 Eps 6.jpg

“No, like a Jinn you freak of nature, creator what year is this?” Realizing the young lady in her presence spoke and dressed differently.


“Nevermind I do not care to know.” She dismissed.

Ch 37 Eps 7.jpg

Sophia was not amused, she forced herself to calm down and take in the fact that she had been trapped in the necklace for a very long time. What happened to King Goths promise? She may never know.

Ch 37 Eps 8.jpg

Eliza not realizing Sophia’s melancholy continued, “What is a Jinn?”

Sophia answered catatonically almost robotically as if she had practiced this definition a million times before.

“The Creator made four beings The Guardians, The Fae, The Jinn, and Humanity which include humans and aliens…Jinn are not as strong as Guardians or Fae but they have more power than humans. Jinn were created from fire and smoke to be the Creator’s worker bees. They performed all of his micro level projects such as ensuring the flora and fauna do not go extinct and pools of water and air are never polluted. Regrettably, Jinn became selfish, they cared little for such matters and slowly separated themselves from the Creators control…He grew exasperated and wiped out the majority of the Jinn’s save for my family line…for my founder was ever faithful, and now here I am to serve thee.”

Ch 37 Eps 9.jpg

Eliza not believing her ears, “Wow, Holy Creator!! That is such an amazing story, what’s your name?”

Ch 37 Eps 10.jpg

She still possessed her husband’s surname, Grimme, but refused to share it for she left that old life long ago for her lover Goth, the King, the man that abandoned her and allowed the witch to imprison her in the necklace for centuries…”my name is Sophia Jinn.”

Ch 37 Eps 11.jpg

Eliza couldn’t help but be bug eyed and truly excited. She loved fairy tales and this was her very own fairy tale come true…three wishes, oh boy! She thought of all the boys she could have Sophia magically like her, or all the money in the universe! This was going to be epic, and she couldn’t wait to show off her very own Jeanie to the world. Eliza was bursting with questions so she decided to just cut to the chase with her new found friend.

Ch 37 Eps 12.jpg

“When can I start wishing, and can I wish for more wishes, and will you go back into your necklace to sleep at night, oh and why do you have the lion the witch and the wardrobe accent, do you know the lion the witch and the wardrobe? Oo do they live in the necklace too, can I go in there with you sometime huh? Can I tell people about you?”

Ch 37 Eps 13.jpg

Sophia was dizzy, “ENOUGH you insulant peasant…mediocrity hovers over thee and I already hate that thou art my new master…If thee must know I have an accent because I am technically royalty. This is how we spoke during my time. Also nay, thou cannot wish for more wishes, thou cannot tell a soul what I am. I have no idea who ‘lion the witch and the wardrobe’ is and if I ever see a witch again I shall scratch her eyes out…as for the necklace, no one will ever set foot in it again as far as I am concerned. Thus, put it away.”

Ch 37 Eps 14.jpg

Eliza thought the entire thing was wondrous, a new magical friend, wishes to plan for and did she mention a new friend? “Ms. Sophia you are welcome to stay with me in my home. I assume if you aren’t going to go back into the necklace to sleep you are going to need a place to stay, right?”

Ch 37 Eps 15.jpg

Sophia was overcome with warmth, a feeling she seldom felt. Especially while she was trapped in the other dimension she loathed so much. She pretended not to be touched by Eliza’s outreach and simply nodded acceptance.

Ch 37 Eps 16.jpg

Elizas curiosity continued, “Hey, what happens to you when the wishes are gone?”

Sophia knew there was more to her story and she regretted Bently not allowing Abigail to finish the rules tied to this current situation she was in, “I do not know, the witch that sent me away never said, I guess we shall find out together.”

Ch 37 Eps 17.jpg

Tatiana was silenced by the privilege to see into Sophia’s history, it made her understand them more and even felt a twang of compassion for the pair. As she was watching the exchange her present vision was swapped for a new one.

Ch 37 Eps 18.jpg

Same time frame but this time they were at a park. A park that Tatiana remembered being in not that long ago, in fact there she was fishing with Bella Bachelor in the background, seeing the past version of themselves was eerie…her observations of herself were interrupted by Eliza and Sophia’s conversation.

Ch 37 Eps 19.jpg

Sophia asked Eliza, “Why are you watching those girls so intently?”

Eliza pointed, “See that girl by the water source?”

Sophia confirmed, “Yes, good heavens why people fish in those germ infested waters I shan’t ever know. I should have rid the world of fish had I had a second chance at selfish powers.”

Ch 37 Eps 20.jpg

Eliza frowned, “You really should work on ridding yourself from that accent it makes you stick out like a sore thumb, you are going to start school tomorrow and people will ask too many questions, if you want to remain incognito, then fix it.”

“Well, I shall try my best but go on…what about those girls…which by the by, seems most familiar to me.”

Ch 37 Eps 21.jpg

Eliza bowed her head in grief, “One of them is my sister, I found some pictures in my dad’s office and questioned him, my dad hit me for snooping and told me to keep it a secret. I hate her because she is prettier than me and has friends…If only  I was more popular than her…”

Heart racing, Sofia was compelled to question, “Tis this yond’s first wish?”

Eliza still staring at the pair of friends fishing stated, “I think so.”

Ch 37 Eps 22.jpg

“Then, thy wish is my command…”

Ch 37 Eps 23.jpg

To Be Continued…



CBP – Chapter 36

Tatiana witnessed the most outrageous theme, a conversation between a king and his adviser, regarding a mistress that was ruining the kingdom with her powers…powers that only a witch could stop. Curiously, the mistresses name was very much the same name that belonged to one of Tatiana’s biggest tormentors back home…

Ch 36 1.jpg

She was growing increasingly concerned for her propagating translucence. The more time she spent in this place, whatever this was, she was growing physically fainter, and could not reverse the effects. The fact that she didn’t know what that meant for her dimensionally speaking, was overwhelmingly distressing.

Ch 36 2.jpg

At once, Tatiana was taken to the room where Bently, the King, Sophia and the witch were preparing for the banishment.

Abigail was at attention in the presence of the king and looking past him as a sign of respect. Looking in the eyes of someone in such a high station was frowned upon. Bently, the king’s adviser was making introductions, “Your highness, may I present the witch, Abigail, daughter of Celeste and Adriel Grimme.”

Tatiana was elated she was seeing her family member, who would have guessed that she would witness her thrice great gran in action?

Ch 36 3.jpg

“Ah, thou art the daughter of the good doctor, yes, yes very good.” Having a prestigious family connection was important in this era. Tatiana remembered from her ancient literature course in school.

ch 36 4.jpg

Once the king addressed her it released her from the impersonal stance. Abigail humbly responded, “Aye, the very one King.” Abigail bowed her head, she did not seem pleased with the connection, but it allowed her to do her work for the kingdom, which Tatiana could tell was a thing of pride for Abigail.

ch 36 5.jpg

Without a moments hesitation the royal guards brought in Sophia, kicking and screaming, “Unhand me thee metal clanging buffoons!” She glared at the King demanding he did something about her freedom…She noticed the guests in the room, then focused on the King, “What is this, mine love, why have I been treated so poorly in your presence?”

ch 36 6.jpg

“Please, fair one, I doth this to protect mine people, and protect thy well being. thou has’t runneth a muck in mine kingdom and now we art the target of many nations. This young lady, is the valorous doctors daughter, Adriel, the lady wilt…”

ch 36 7.jpg

Sophia screamed, “ADRIEL!!?? Does thee not see mine liege, Adriel is mine former husband, ’twas he I hath left for thee! Thy King musn’t trust this peasant with me, surely the lady is colluding with her father to beest mine undoing! Please mine love I beg of thee.”

ch 36 8.jpg

The King grew anxious, if this was true, Sophia claimed to have suffered whilst wed to the very same Doctor. His mixed emotions were observed by everyone in the room. Troubled Abigail whispered to Bently, “The King should really not be in here, I can cease Sophia’s magic but the King is her link and is captive to her charm. Please remove him.”

ch 36 9.jpg

“I heard that witch! it does not surprise me Adriel had a witch for a daughter, the venomous snake!” Sophia flicked her wrist in her attempt to harm Abigail but multiple Jeanie crystal diffusers spread about the room were preventing Sophia from performing her magic. Sophia became angry and tried to walk to the door when Abigail charmed her to remain rooted for the spell ceremony to take place.

ch 36 10.jpg

Sophia plead one more time in a most intimate and desperate manner, “Darling, please, save me?”

The King looked away as Bentley urged him to take leave. Before he left the chamber he stated,”I promise thee mine love, I taketh no joy in what I am allowing these kings servants to do. After a fortnight, I shalt free thee and thee wilt beest safe in mine arms forever more.”

ch 36 11.jpg

Bently pledged, “King, thy first priority is thy kingdom, thy musn’t forget, Abigail is doing thee and the entire country a favor. Please just step outside until it is completed.”

The King recognized the truth in his words, however painful. “Forgive me Sophia, very well, do what you must.”

ch 36 12.jpg

He removed himself from the room and planted himself outside the door…praying to the creator that his mistress, however horrible, would be spared from death from an incantation gone wrong, for forgiveness for such pagan utilization and for ignoring his kingdom in such a manner for his own passion and selfishness…

ch 36 13.jpg

Inside the room, Sophia was seething, “Did Adriel marry a Fey in my absence? He always worked beneath his station. ‘Tis why I truly left him you know? He was too focused on the village and their disgusting people. Working for free, how was he going to support me that way?”

ch 36 14.jpg

She paused and assessed Abigails pained look at the mention of Adriel, “You wouldn’t know about that, would you? I can sense he was not part of your life, was he?” She hoped the probing would distract the witch from continuing the incantation. And, it worked, albeit temporarily.

ch 36 15.jpg

“I seem to remember it is the Jinn that are beneath our station. Were you not selected the worker bees of the Fey before the betrayal? Is your family not the last descendants of the Jinn lineage because of said treachery? The only reason you are still alive is because of your grandmother’s last favor to the Garden of Life, never forget your frailty.” She never spoke of Adriel, however, her testimony was enough to quiet the quivering lips of Sophia.

ch 36 16.jpg

“Bently, did you invite anyone to witness this event?” Abigail whipped her head directly at the wall where Tatiana was currently located.

Ch 36 17.jpg

Bently answered while eyeing Sophia to ensure she didn’t do anything stupid, “No, mine love, just you and I.” His affection was not lost on Sophia nor Tatiana. What worried Tatiana more was being seen. So far she thought this was just a vision, did her thrice great grandmother know she was there?

Ch 36 18.jpg

“So, you two are in collusion? Adriel put you up to this, did he? Trust me witch and faithful adviser Bentley Bachelor,” She declared the latter sarcastically, “I will come out of this unscathed and I will kill thee, and if thine plan should have me enslaved for longer, I shall obliterate every one of your descendants from this planet, mark my words!”

Ch 36 19.jpg

Abigail did not seem frightened by Sophia’s foreboding, she commenced her ritual without hesitation. In three seconds a blue substance was removed from Sophia’s body, “Sophia, please know that what just transpired has eliminated the potential for you to make magic for yourself, forever.”

Ch 36 20.jpg

She held an elaborate necklace in her hands and recited, “Inside these prisms aging wilt halt and when thou art released thou will be bound to the one that finds the necklace. Once released from thy new home thine powers will lessen to but three wishes and only at thy masters request.”

Ch 36 21.jpg

Sophia’s eyes developed a deep blue hue, the color of her otherworldly essence. With a knot in her throat, she bristled, “That will be my King and he will release me tonight, I know it!”

Ch 36 22.jpg

Abigail gave Bently a concerned look and continued her set of instructions. “Understand, that once the third wish is granted…”

Bently interrupted her, “Mine love, enough with the details…Do it now before King Goth repents and kills us both!”

Ch 36 23.jpg

To Be Continued


Simtation Island Challenge Rules

Simtation Island Challenge – (inspired from the original TV show ‘Temptation Island’) four random couples are struggling to make their relationships work for different reasons, all get invited to the magical island of Simtation to confront their issues with their significant others and either grow a stronger bond with one another (highly encouraged), find love with another on the island (this is irrationally also encouraged) or forever separate (if this happens…we are so despicably sorry).

Create A Sim Rules

Create or borrow 4 couples, the wackier the better with absolutely no skill points or aspiration/reward traits linked to the sims. Recommend a variety of traits to make your sims interesting, however, we endorse the romantic trait as a commonality. Couples should arrive at the island at the same time. Challenge begins immediately upon arrival. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, cheating is kinda the theme here so money cheats are also allowed!

Island Set Up 

You can download the ‘Small Island Home’ created by SophSims HERE. You will need to add several items to ensure the challenge is achievable and entertaining (boring sims that eat cereal and poop all day is not my idea of fun, seriously). Firstly, I added flirty lamps all over the island. If you don’t have access to that you can utilize the ‘VIP bucket’ from buy/build mode hidden objects items (you can find the tutorial on how to HERE).

The intent here is to ensure all your sims are annoyingly and disgustingly flirty all the time, seriously pixelated beings, get a room. Oh, speaking of rooms…add rooms in the basement 3 bedrooms if you want more misfortunes to occur (and let’s be honest…sleepy Sims are hilarious to watch amiright?) , 4 bedrooms for less misfortunes to occur (booorrriiinnng).

Also, you will need to build a ‘time-out’ room to place the Sim that loses the weekly skill up mini-challenge or a sim that has obnoxious interactions like fighting or a mean interaction that was totally uncalled for (but rib-tickling to observe), your call as the MC. The isolation room should only have a toilet/bush. This will prevent your naughty little Sim(s) from skilling up that day, tsk tsk they should be better at virtual life, just saying. If you’re a nice MC you could put a plate of food in there if you feel compelled to…damn your moral compass!

Additional items to add for skilling setup.

  • observatory – in case they want to see the stars or act like one hehe (devlish smile inserted here)
  • easel – in case they want to paint a nudist or paint in the nude…or both…awkward!
  • gym object – for more gun flexing opportunities
  • chess table – really? Does this object have to be everywhere? Who even plays chess anymore?
  • yoga mats – STRETCH IT
  • microphone – everyone’s a comedian amiright?
  • dance floor – ‘raising the roof’ is not just a builders prerogative anymore
  • a stereo/boombox – how can one dance without music?
  • bookshelf – …I got nothing
  • an instrument of choice – listen a Sim that can play an instrument well should auto-win in my estimation.
  • a bar – This challenge should be played whilst juiced irl anyway soooo
  • any other skill up item you can fit in your destination

**we recommend not having a computer but a tv on the island is ok, if you absolutely must. Also note you can create your own paradise of sorts if you’d rather.**

Point System:

Any skill points earned = 10 pts each

General Accomplishments (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = 20 pts each

Misfortunes (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = (-)15 pts each

Whims completed (found on sims stats panel within the simology queue) = 10 points each

Romantic relationships (get you some)= 25 pts each

Friendly relationship = 10 pts each

Enemas, I mean, Enemies = (-) 15 pts

I created a Points Tracker you can utilize HERE

Club Set Up (because virtual life is uneventful without this system)

**you may bypass this section if you do not have the Get-Together Expansion Pack**

  • Create 2 clubs one for the men and one separate club for the women. These clubs run all the time.
  • Club activities should include romantic, hug, kiss, and woohoo. The last activity is completely up to you and optional.
    • ensure the club only performs the activities with the opposite club members.
  • Perk, Vibe, and Club Management Selections: we recommend the following perks
    • Romance Bonus
    • Flirty Club Vibe
    • Rally The Troops and Networked club are allowed
  • If you decide on selecting a skills perk, ensure the other club has them too (Just because cheating is the theme of this challenge doesn’t mean we need to be unfair, Wait…that made no sense…moving on…).

Challenge Gameplay

Cannot control any of the couples, (THOU SHALT NOT INTERVENE), except for the date events, and completion of whims. Which is a perfect segue to the next gameplay rule…

Must complete at least one whim per sim every day. Can only complete whims between 12 – 4 pm, But be fair and complete whims for each sim (I know we all have our favorites, that one sim that can do no wrong, but spread the love, I’ll be watching).

Sim with the least collective points for the week will be at a disadvantage and placed in the penalty room for an entire sim day the following week, you choose when.

The Sim with the most points at the end of the sims week, will win an opportunity for a date out on the town and the player can choose to allow friends to help vote/poll who to date (must date a sim that is part of the challenge) or can take the next sim with the most points to an outing, up to the player.

Winner at the end of 8 Sim weeks gets 500,000 simoleans! They can share it with their significant other, whether current one or new love (sharing is caring people) or keep it for themselves (that would be so deliciously selfish and hilarious).

Last but not least…HAVE FUN


This challenge was created by my sis in law and myself during the 4th of July weekend this year (2017). We had the best long weekend playing the sims together. Couldn’t ask for a better P.I.C.!

I am currently play-testing this challenge, I am going to go for an eight-sim-week trial to start with and see how this goes. will update the rules as we progress.

If you decide to play this challenge please tag me on any social media platform. I am excited to see how your stories/challenge plays out.

Virtual Hugs



CBP – Chapter 35

‘Such beauty no one has ever seen’, she knew castles existed but this…this was just out of this world, beautiful. This structure was so high she could swear the towers could reach the Garden of Life without hesitation. Tatiana was never told witches could travel to different places, she was to be a seer, not a teleporter, and this was….an abrupt surprise!!

ch 35 1.jpg


Noticeably, her flesh started to become a bit translucent, not understanding what this all meant, she became frightened.

eps 35 2.jpg


Without a warning, Tatiana was sucked into the castle walls like a vacuum and found herself listening in on a conversation with what looked like a king and an adviser!

eps 35 3.jpg


Both these people had an air of familiarity but she could not pin point where she had seen them before. Her vision was becoming more complex as she started to smell the humidity within the castle walls and feel it’s eery chill.

eps 35 4.jpg


“Thy Highness, if truth I am allowed to speak, thee has trusted my council for many moons anon. ‘Tis with wondrous haste that I urge an audience of thee. Tis a most delicate matter.”

eps 35 5.jpg


“Of course Bently, whatever could be the matter that you have rushed this conversation so?”

“Tis in regards of thine mistress.”

“Hath something happened to her Bently!?”

eps 35 6.jpg


“Nay king of course not, tis not what harmeth hast cometh upon h’r but what harmeth the lady is causing the kingdom sir.”

“Art thee inf’rring yond mine own love caused anyone harm, the mistress is sweet and quaint! what possible evil can a lady cause a state Bently, thou art trying mine own patience?” The King was quite irritated, Tatiana feared for the poor adviser.

eps 35 7.jpg


“My liege, I have proof of the varying incidents. Because of her jinn nature and want of constraint, sir, the lady hast single-handedly (clears throat) ceased all the seasons saveth for summer from occurring, made every animal disappeareth saveth for birds and insects and hast obliterated spiral staircases from the existence as well…your most sov’reign king…”


eps 35 8.jpg


The adviser continued, “The seasons have ceased because I quote “All other stations ruins my hair”, she rid herself of all the animals because “they smell” her words my Lord…she removed the spiral staircases because “the incessant loops made her queasy”, also her words…”

eps 35 9.jpg


“But without the seasons the crops will die? Without livestock we will starve as well, I do agree about the staircases, however. Bently, Jinn are tricky creatures; the ladies mother was one as well. They are selfish, narcissistic beings, but so fair to behold, it is hard to say nay to them understand, I share with thee my weakness towards Sophia because I trust thee and trust you have a wise solution to this problem.”

eps 35 10.jpg


“We do My Lord, we need to put her hence until it is safe, until we can, ahem…fix these problems…There is a witch that knows much about the Jinn and their weaknesses. The Lady can make it so that Sophia’s powers are thwarted.

The Lady shall never be able to utilize her powers for her own selfish motives again. The witch can even make it so that she will be banished temporarily until it’s safe to bring her back…”

eps 35 11.jpg


“Witch!!??! Banished!!!?? We are Simtians Bently our kingdom cannot be associated with hags there art laws against such paganism!!”

“My liege, tis either that or die, our neighboring kingdoms are plotting against thee they know thy weakness, but know this witch will take very good care of her and banish her in the most comfortable place imaginable your highness until the time is right. But know that this spell, the witch will cast, will only allow her to be released by the finder of her new home.”

“Stop speaking in riddles valorous one, what does yond mean?”

eps 35 12.jpg


“The witch will expel her within a costly piece of jewelry. It will look like a mere necklace to others but within its prisms is the dimension the witch will be sending Sophia for ah, safe keeping. If anyone finds it, touches it, she will be released, thankfully with only the ability to grant the finder of the necklace three wishes and then the ladys powers will be exhausted forever more.”

eps 35 13.jpg


“The plan is, thy highness, to have thee set her free within a fortnight so we can sort out the neighboring kingdoms and then by thy hand have the Ladys spells annulled.”

eps 35 14.jpg


“Ah Brilliant Bently! So this witch will make it so I will be able to release her and make me her master?”

“Of Course my Lord…”

“Brilliant, so let it be written, so let it be done.”

eps 35 15.jpg



eps 35 16.jpg

To be Continued…